First wetting experiences

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I’ve always been into these kind of things since I was a kid, I know it’s been like that for most of you so I wanted to share one of the most significant experiences for me.

So this happened when I was 12, it was the first time I was left home alone, I was playing video games and I started having an urgency I didn’t want to get up so I just held it. After a bit it was getting much worse so for the first time in my life I started considering to wet myself on purpose in a situation that would have been much harder to hide. So I stood up to not wet the couch and started peeing into my shorts, I absolutely loved feeling it running down my legs all the way to the floor and my feet, and having the freedom of doing it out of choice while completely dry, all this while gaming.
Before this I had only done it in situations easy to disguise or on accident.

So what are your first wetting experiences?
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My first purpose wetting was as a teen, I used to climb into our loft (attic) and I had some clothes stores up there that I used for wetting and messing myself.

I used to love it, every time I needed a No2 I would climb in the loft and get changed, wet and mess myself and stay there for as long as I could.

I used to wash the clothes whenever my family was out and put them back in the loft to dry.
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I can not remember my "first" wetting but I know from around 6 on I was hiding and wetting some underwear and pants, and wetting the bed on purpose. The feeling is just as awesome today as it was back then.
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My first conscious wetting experience was when I was 5 or 6 yrs old. I had swiped a Kimbees diaper from my aunts house and managed to get it home undetected.
When I got home I took the diaper and ran into a grove of pine trees that has tall grass around it. I remember laying down in this grass and trying to put the diaper on me but sadly it was too small. So I sat up and pulled the diaper up between my legs and let loose with a long warm pee. The feeling of the warmth spreading in the diaper over my privates was euphoric.
That was my first conscious pee in a diaper. I used to pee my pants and shorts on occasions too.
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The first day that I had to wear it was a very awful weird feeling !! The front of my diaper was staring swelling up and sagging !!! It was so full that I was waddling with my legs slightly apart !!
I remember I was in music class in 2nd grade. I had to go potty but I was too scared to ask the teacher so I held it as long as I could but ultimately had an accident. This was the first one I remember but definitely not the only one. I had to wear goodnites to school for all of 3rd grade. At the time I wouldn’t intentially wet them and would still use the bathroom if it was an option. They saved me on several occasions.

I honestly think that the relief of having a diaper on is why I still love them to this day 14 years later
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The first wetting I can remember was when I was probably 4. I remember I had to pee and very consciously and deliberately wetting my diaper, feeling and watching it swell up in front. I'm not sure why I did that but considering I was four it remains a vivid memory.

I finally potty trained not too long after but I was still a bedwetter for years after that though and also quite regularly peed my pants until middle school. I'd get too focused on playing to prioritize going pee so I'd wait and wait. I was always convinced I could keep waiting and go later even when I already had a slowly growing wet spot. I still have a lot of trouble prioritizing things I don't want to do even when I know I have to.

Like your experience, video games were a frequent culprit in wetting myself. It never really bothered me to be desperate to pee or wet. Or at least it didn't until someone noticed and I eventually realized I really enjoyed it.

For whatever reason, my brain got wired into this wetting thing, be it pants or diapers, from almost literally as long as i can remember.
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i do not remember my very first experience, but there are a number or early wettings I remember - wetting so my white pants were very stained, then putting them in the washing as normal and getting quized by my mother; getting a girl playmate to pee her knickers to save her going indoors and breaking up the game we were playing; peeing my short trousers in front of a playmate; wetting my PJ's in bed (but trying not to wet the bed - all probably when I was 8 or 9
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Thank you for liking my post
Used to pinch terry nappies from airing cupboard and put them in my pants to pretend… I was about 6 or so I think….
I could never remember pooing myself as although I wore nappies to bed until I was 5 or so I never pooed a nappy after about 1 year old according to my mum… alwaysregular as clockwork so I was sat on the potty at the right time.
So I wanted to try but chickened out each time and moved the nappy away just in time, but one day I was just too slow so marked the nappy a tiny bit, so I could not put it back, so I wet it a bit and hid the nappy and the pants…. No waterproof backing…. In my bedroom cupboard
Kept doing that for a bit but stash was discovered quite quickly!! Got told off but can’t remember it being too bad….
Did it again and was again found out…. Threatened with having to wear to school….that then made me be much more careful…. These days looking back part of me wished I did it again…. But my memories of school in those days was that it was really quite a harsh place…
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another memory...not my 1st wetting but 1st as an adolecent. I must have been 16 as I had my 1st motorbike. I went for a ride, stopped for a break and decided to wet myself, soaking my pants and trousers. (Mistakenly) thinking that the wind as I was riding would dry me - no chance, when I got home I was still very wet....and it showed! But managed to avoid my parents as I went to my room for quick change!
I still ride, and have wetting and Poo "accidents" when out on my bike. But these days always wearing a pullup!
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I don't know exactly what the first one was as my chronological memory in early life isn't perfect. The first really clear one I had was when I was 5 years old at school. I was a shy and easily distracted child who even before starting school had a habit of delaying going to the toilet, and it all came to head one day at school during playtime when no amount of dancing could prevent the inevitable and I wet myself. Thankfully I was young enough that any teasing was short-term and limited and it was seemingly forgotten about. Had it happened even a year or two later I imagine it wouldn't have been as easy. Regardless it impacted me more than I'd realised at the time.

Fast forwards to when I was 11/12 and my first experience with deliberate wetting started after a dormant growing fascination throughout my childhood revealed itself as a fetish (not that I knew what a fetish was at the time, I barely even understood what I was doing was sexual until I was much older.) I've been deliberately doing small amounts in my pants for ages, enjoying the various ways it could happen and the sensations. Eventually the courage was summoned and I stood in the bath wearing a pair of old briefs and fully let go. Oddly enough I couldn't be sure if I wanted to ever do it again as the adrenaline and fear of being caught almost eclipsed the fun, but the fact I found myself doing it multiple times afterwards and quickly graduating to also wearing trousers and socks while doing so said it all I guess.

I guess the final first would be my first time wetting a nappy/diaper which was (discounting the obvious hundreds of times as a little kid) a few years ago when I got intrigued at the idea despite not having previously strong tendencies towards it. Turns out, actually rather fun and there are more connections to my little side through it than I ever thought there would be!
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My first wetting accident was at kindergarten when I was thereabout 5 and half, I can't remember there had been before this. After lunch we had to sleep in a big room, maybe 40 children. After we had gone to bed I felt urge to pee, but I tought I could manage it. I couldn't sleep, I was too shy to ask out because kindegarteners were angry to us if we did it. So tried to hold it. There was a clock on the wall, I knew the end of the sleeptime, and at the half of it I knew it's impossible to hold it. Pain was so hard, I sighed, I felt hot on my hole body, my heart was like a hammer so I had to do something. I decided to let a little bit in order to reduce pain, a small amount pee would dry untill the end of sleeptime, no one notice it.. I tought.. I was lying on my back and I let it.
So it was not uncontrolled, I did it. I let it flood for some seconds but I couln't stop it. I tried my best but I couldn't. When it worked to stop I was peed my whole front of my jeans and my t-shirts to my belly. I peek under the covers, I could smell the fresh pee, I felt the wet cloths on myself, pain hadn't passed and I had a very hard erection... I was just lying there blushed, scared of something new experience and afraid of the humilating situation. Because of the constant pain I tried it again. I let a small amount and couldn't stop, but my hard erection didn't let the pee easily, it was more painfull. So turned on my side, pulled my knees up and emptied my bladder. Listened the dripping pee on the floor, we got old military style camping beds so they got wet easily, I felt the warm liquid on my side and waist and hip, I was amused by pulsating erection and I didn't care about the aftermath...
A fetish was born.
Something that I have never really thought about before, but I don remember having a genuine accident - always wetting was very deliberate. It also became an important part of sex, I love golden showers and a g/f always carried a spare pair of knickers as I love her wetting herself.
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