First Timer - Fantasy Story About a Baby and Their Rockstar Parents


Adult Baby, Diaper Lover
Part 16

It's my Ubranian birthday! I've been in Ubrania for 8 years.

Daddy wakes me up, "Good morning, my little birthday boy!"

"Good morning, Daddy!" I say as I grab my paci to stick in my mouth.

"Mommy cooked something extra special for your birthday breakfast. Let's go!" he said.

He picked me up and took me downstairs to the kitchen. Chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and chocolate milk! Mmm. Daddy straps me into my highchair while Mommy puts a plate in front of me. "Good morning, my precious little birthday boy!" she says with a kiss on my cheek.

Today, Mommy and Daddy are taking me and a group of my friends to a place like Chuck E Cheese, then laser tag, then to the movies. Mommy and Daddy know that I know that most of their fans are good people, but they can make me scared sometimes with how overly obsessed they can be so Mommy and Daddy rented out all these places just for us.

I'm nursed, bathed, diapered, and dressed. Mommy and Daddy pack up the car, and we're off! My friends and their Mommies and Daddies are going to meet us at Chuck E Cheese. We pull up, and I see my friends! All of my friends are Earth humans too. The manager lets us in and says that we get unlimited tokens! Mommy and Daddy must have done that too. We play all the games, ride all the rides, and play on the jungle gym for hours. I won a lot of tickets and got a stuffed animal and some candy!

After a quick diaper check and change, we're off to lunch: a cheeseburger place.

After lunch, we have some time to kill before we can go to the laser tag place so we go to a park to play. Though, it's perfect timing because all my friends and I fall asleep so our mommies and daddies just let us sleep in our strollers while they have adult time at the park. They must have known that we would fall asleep after lunch.

Once everyone woke up, we all headed to laser tag. I didn't win, but I had a lot of fun. A couple hours of laser tag later, it's time for dinner. We went to a pizza place where we also do cake and presents.

Then, we go to the movie which we all slept through. It is getting close to our bedtimes after all, and we had a very busy day as babies.

I wake up in the car on the way home.

"There's the birthday boy. Have fun today, sweetie?" asks Mommy.

"Yes, Mommy. Did I miss the movie?" I ask.

"Yes, you did, but how's about we see it again later?" she says.


When we get home, Mommy nurses me and rocks me. Then, she changes me. While she was changing me, Daddy came in.

"Happy birthday, buddy. Mommy and Daddy love you very much, and we're so happy you're here with us." Daddy said.

"Yes, sweetie. We love you so much. You're so sweet, gentle, and loving. We're so proud of the little boy you are." Mommy said.

"I love you too, Mommy and Daddy. You're best parents I could ever ask for." I say.

I'm freshly diapered up and changed into some cozy pajamas. They tuck me into my toddler bed and read me a bedtime story as I slowly drift off to sleep.


Adult Baby, Diaper Lover
Part 17

Mommy, Daddy, and I have to go to the adoption agency again today. We're going to pick out a little sister for me today!

I roll over just as Mommy walks into my room to wake me up. She gently pats my cheek. "Good morning, little sweetie. Excited to pick out your new baby sister today?" I nod with my paci in my mouth yes. "That's a good boy. Let's get some breakfast." She picked me up to take me to the kitchen for some breakfast.

"Good morning, little buddy!" Daddy says. I take my paci out of my mouth and say, "Good morning, Daddy."

After being fed, nursed, bathed, diapered, and clothed, Daddy straps me safely into my car seat and we're off to the adoption agency. I fall back asleep on the ride over and wake up strapped in my stroller in the waiting room of the adoption agency. I see other little children there. "Mommy, can I get out and play?" I ask. "Of course, sleepy head!" She unstraps me and places me on the floor. I waddle over to another little boy and start playing with him. A few minutes later, it's my family's turn. Daddy comes over and says, "Buddy, it's our turn now. Let's go." I stand up and grab his hand and follow him over to the office with an agency worker.

We sit down in front of a TV. They're going to play videos of the little girls we can pick from. Some of them are really naughty girls which is what Mommy wants to help become a good little girl, but Daddy doesn't want one who is too naughty. After what feels like forever, we find a little girl who seems perfect for all of us. She can be a little stubborn, but she has a good heart. She likes music too! She might take a little while to become the little girl we know she is on the inside.

The worker comes back in to check on us and go over the details about how to get her. Mommy and Daddy are going to need to get permission from the government to go back to Earth to get her. I'm not allowed to go which made me a little sad.

"Why can't I go, Mommy?" I say crying.
"It's too dangerous for you to, sweetie. She might try to hurt you or me or Daddy because she might be scared of us." Mommy says holding me, rocking me, and rubbing my back.
"Ok." I say sniffling.
"You'll also need to stay with Grandma for a little while, ok? Just until Daddy and I can get your little sister settled in, ok?"
I nod ok.

Mommy and Daddy are going to do the same thing they did when they got me. They're going to meet her first and try to get her interested in coming to Ubrania. Then, if they're able to convince her, they're going to go back to pick her up. Ubranian adoption law requires the prospective parent to get the consent of Earth person to adopt.

We were done with our meeting so we got ready to go. Daddy checked my diaper, and it was wet. He took me to the bathroom to change me.

As he was changing me, he said, "Thanks for being such a good little boy and for opening your heart to having a little sister, buddy. Mommy and I love your sweet heart."
I nod, "You're welcome, Daddy. I'm excited to have a baby sister!"
"You're going to be such a good big brother." he said with a soft chuckle. "I know you know this, but I want to remind you that you'll always be our little boy, and we love you very much."
"I love you too, Daddy."

He pops the popper in my onesie and slides my pants back up. He picks me up and takes me out to the car where Mommy was waiting. My tummy grumbles a little bit. "Someone's hungry! Let's get lunch before your play date."

We stop for lunch at a burger place. Because I was good I got to have a milkshake!

We pull up to my friend's house. My friend's mommy opens the door, "Jenny! Charles! Hi, how are you? And, little Benny! How are you, young man?" My friend pokes his head around around his mommy's legs, "Hi, Benny!" I say hi to Joey.

"Mommy, can we play outside, please?" Joey asks. "Sure, sweetie."

Joey and I go outside to play in the sandbox. Our mommies and daddies follow us outside to watch us. Joey's mommy gives us sippy cups with lemonade in case we get thirsty.

Joey and I pretend we're monster truck drivers and play with his toy monster trucks. Joey is like me. He's a little boy who is also transgender from Earth too. We play in the sandbox for a while then we want to play on the swing set. Our daddies come over to push us on the swings so our mommies can talk. We start swinging, and Joey's daddy says, "Smells like someone needs a change!" Joey's daddy checks Joey's diaper. "Yep. Let's take you inside to change you, Joey." My daddy checks my diaper, and it was wet too. We we're playing for a while, and it was also Joey and my nap time. "Perfect timing. Let's get you changed and put you down for your nap, buddy."

"But I want to keep playing, Daddy!"
"I know, but you're going to get really tired soon. Joey's going down for his nap too."

Daddy takes me to Joey's nursery where Joey's daddy was changing him. While Daddy waits our turn for the changing table in Joey's nursery, Mommy comes in to nurse me. I get sleepy after Mommy nurses me. I start falling asleep just as Daddy lays me down on the changing table and undoes the poppers in my crotch. Next thing I know, I'm being woken up because it's time to go home. Joey is already awake.

"Say 'goodbye' to Joey, Benny."
"Bye bye, Joey!"
"Bye bye, Benny!"
"Say 'thank you' to Joey's mommy, Benny."
"Thank you, Mrs. Smith!"
"You're welcome, Benny."
"Good boy, Benny."

We go home, and Mommy puts me in my playpen while she cooks dinner. After dinner, we watch a movie before I'm put to bed. Mommy changes me into my extra thick night diaper, nurses me, reads me a story, and puts me to bed. "Good night, sweetie. Daddy and Mommy love you very much." she says with a kiss on my forehead. I drift off to sleep.


Adult Baby, Diaper Lover
Part 18

After spending a week at my Grandma's house, I can finally go home to see Mommy and Daddy and meet my new baby sister! Mommy is on her way to pick me up and should be arriving any minute. I'm playing in my playpen when I hear a knock on the door.

"Hey, Jenny!" says Grandma.
"Hey, Mom!" say Mommy
"How's your new little girl?"
"She's making progress settling in. She's acting out a little bit, but it's only because she's scared. Charles and I just have to keep reassuring her that's she safe. That seems to calm her down. How was Benny?"
"Oh, he's just been delightful all week. Although, he did cry a few nights ago because he missed you so much."
"Oh, poor thing. I better go get him."

I hear Mommy come over to the playpen.

"Hi, sweetie! How are you?" says Mommy as she leaned down to pick me up.
"Mommy!" I exclaim.
I start to cry a little bit because I missed Mommy and Daddy so much. This was the longest we've ever been apart.
"Oh, baby boy. It's ok. Mommy's here now." Mommy says sitting down on the rocking chair.
"Are you hungry? Would you like to nurse a little bit?" she asks.
I nod.
She starts to nurse me, and I start feeling better and stop crying. I missed nursing so much. Mommy's milk tastes so good and always helps me feel better.
As she nurses me, she talks with Grandma again about Julie, my sister.

"Remember when Benny came to Ubrania and we took him to the doctor and everything? We did that this week with Julie. She's on the de-aging pills too and everything. We caught her trying to throw away her pills because she doesn't want to take them so we now have to crush them up and put them in her morning juice so she'll take them. We converted one of our spare rooms into a nursery like Benny's. She still goes potty in the bathroom, but, since it's the only bathroom in the house that's her size, she has to climb up stairs every time she needs to go to the bathroom. She's so little, she's literally climbing! We think she'll get tired of having to climb the stairs so much and want to use diapers soon. At least, we hope. The school we're sending her to requires that their human students use diapers and doesn't even have a human-sized bathroom. We're hoping to avoid an embarrassing accident at school."

I finish nursing and can feel my diaper getting wet.

"All finished, little sweetie?"
"Yes, Mommy!"
"Good boy! Let's check your diaper before we go home and meet your sister, ok?"
I nod yes as she sticks her fingers in the crotch of my diaper
"You are a little wet. Let's get that diaper changed."

She lays me down and changes me. I missed this so much.

After I'm changed, Mommy and Grandma pack up the car.

"Say goodbye to Grandma, Benny!"
"Bye bye, Grandma!" I say strapped in my car seat before sticking my paci back into my mouth.
"Bye bye, Benny! Grandma loves you!"

We head off to go home. I'm nervous-excited to meet Julie, and just regular excited to see Daddy again!

"Now, Benny, be a good little boy for Julie, ok? She's your little sister, and she's going to look up to you. Show her that we love her and that she's safe here, ok?"
"Ok, Mommy."

When we get home, Mommy puts me into the playpen in the living room. Daddy walks in with Julie.

"Hey there, little buddy!" he says.
"Daddy!" I say quickly taking my paci out of my mouth.
"I missed you." he says picking me up and kissing me on the cheek.
I give him a little hug back because I had my paci back in my mouth.
"This is Julie, your sister! Say hi to Julie!"
"Hi Julie!"
"Julie, this is Benny. He's your new big brother!"
"Hi, Benny." she says with a slight tone of frustration.
"Julie, Benny is a nice little boy. He wants to love you like Mommy and Daddy love you. Give him a chance."
"Ok, fine."

Mommy and Daddy go to the kitchen to start cooking dinner and leave me and Julie in the play pen.

I try to play with Julie, but she doesn't seem to know how to play. She just sat in the playpen.

"Are you ok, Julie?" I ask going into adult-mode as I do sometimes, especially when there's something serious.
"No. Do you actually like it here?"
"Yeah. I do. Mommy and Daddy have given me a second chance at having the kind of life that I want. My life on Earth wasn't all that great."
"What happened on Earth?"
"My Earth parents disowned me because I told them I wasn't their daughter because I'm transgender."
"Oh. I'm sorry about that."
"Thanks. It's ok now though. I have Mommy and Daddy."
"They really are good people?"
"Yes! The best."
"Do you like wearing diapers?"
"Yeah. It's nice to be able to go whenever I want and not have to worry about having to find a bathroom ever again. I also love how Mommy and Daddy take care of me by changing me. It's one way I know that I'm safe and loved."
"Do you, like, drink from a bottle and all that?
"Yeah. I do everything that babies do."
"Was it weird for you to start being treated like a baby?
"Yeah. It was. I was very independent on Earth. I also didn't know how to let other people care for me."

I could tell she needed some time to think so I went back to playing on my own.

Just a few minutes later, Mommy and Daddy came over to take us to the kitchen for dinner.

"Hey, kiddos! Ready for some dinner?" Daddy said.
"Yep, Daddy!" I said.
Julie nodded quietly.

Daddy sat me down in my highchair and Julie in a booster seat. Mommy sat down plates of food for the both of us.

"Th-thanks, Mo-Mommy." Julie said quietly.
"You're welcome, sweetie!" Mommy said rubbing Julie on her back and kissing her on the head.

Mommy and Daddy exchanged glances.

"So, Julie, now that the whole family is here together, how would you like to go out and do something fun together?" said Daddy.
"Ok...umm...can we go to dinner and a movie?"
"Sure, sweetheart! What movie do you want to see?"
"Do you have Earth movies here? What about Endgame?"
"Of course we do! Sure! Sounds great! That sure is a long movie though."
"I know. I'll be fine."

After dinner, Mommy took me to my nursery to nurse me and get me ready for bed. Daddy took Julie to her room.

"Benny, we heard you talking to Julie. Thank you for being so nice to her and for saying such good things about us. I think you might have helped her. You're such a good baby." she said while nursing me.
I nod
She kissed me on the head.
"Love you, baby. Let's read a story before I put you down, ok?"

After reading the story, Mommy changed me into my extra thick night diaper and pajamas and put me to sleep in my crib. Then, Daddy came in to kiss me good night. "Good night, my little dude. Love you."


Adult Baby, Diaper Lover
Part 19

Julie's room is right across the hall from mine, and I wake up to hear her crying. Shortly afterwards, I hear Daddy go into her room to check on her.

I can overhear the conversation.

"Hey, little girl. What's wrong? Daddy's here. Oh, you're all wet."
"I'm s-s-sorry, D-Daddy. I wet the bed."
"It's ok, sweetie. Let's get you cleaned up and in some dry clothes."
"Ok, Daddy."
"I'm also going to put you in a diaper so you can stay dry, ok, sweetheart?"
"No, Daddy! I promise I won't wet the bed again!"
"Julie, you wet the bed, and we don't want you to ruin the sheets or the mattress."
"But, Daddy!"
"It's going to be ok, sweetie. You're our baby and we love you. Since your sheets on your big girl bed are all wet, I'm also going to put you in your crib since those sheets are dry."

Julie starts crying while Daddy continues to try to comfort her.

Eventually, she falls asleep as do I.

I wake up to Mommy gently rubbing my back to wake me up.

"Good morning, baby boy. I hope Julie didn't scare you last night."
"No, because I know you and Daddy are here to keep us safe."
"That's good. We love you both so much. You're always so sweet, but be extra sweet to her today. She's having a hard time adjusting."
"Ok, Mommy."
"Good boy." she said kissing me on the head.

When she takes me downstairs for breakfast, I noticed that Julie was strapped in a highchair and had gloves on. I also could tell she had a diaper on because there was a bulge in between her legs.

"Good morning, Julie!" I say cheerfully.
"Morning." she said curtly.

"Good morning, buddy. Julie is upset because I found her in her crib without her diaper on, and she wet the bed again. Until we can trust her to keep her diapers on, she's going to have to wear these gloves so she can't take them off."
I nod and eat my breakfast.

Because Julie can't feed herself because of the gloves. Mommy and Daddy have to feed her, but she's putting up quite a fuss.

"Julie, be a good little girl and open your mouth for Mommy. You don't want to go hungry, do you?"

Eventually, Julie got fed, but, unfortunately, because she needs to calm down, she's not allowed to see the movie we were planning on seeing today so Mommy stayed home with her while Daddy and I went out. I'm sad that Julie couldn't come, but I'm excited to see the movie.

It's a long movie so Daddy made sure to check my diaper before we went in. It was just a little wet so I was going to be ok.

The movie wrapped up and Daddy took me to the bathroom to change me. I was soaked.

"What did you think of the movie, Benny?"
"I thought it was awesome! Thanks for taking me."
"Love you, buddy."
"Love you too, Daddy."

He carried me to the car, and we ran an errand before going home. I was getting sleepy, and it was getting close to my nap time so I didn't pay attention to what the errand was.

We got home and Daddy put me down for my nap.

When Mommy picked me up from my nap, she needed to ask Daddy a question. Daddy was in Julie's room across the hall. It looked like he was setting something up. Daddy was putting straps on Julie's crib.

"Charles, when you're done with that, can you help me with dinner?"
"Sure, honey."

Mommy took me downstairs and put me in the playpen with Julie.

"I'm sorry you couldn't see the movie today, Julie."
"Thanks. Are Mommy and Daddy really this mean?"
"I don't think they're mean. They're just worried about you and want you clean and safe. How has spending the whole day in diapers been?"
"It's ok, I guess. Kinda nice that I don't have to crawl upstairs to go to the bathroom. That was getting a little annoying."
"I've been peeing in my diapers for the whole time I've been here, but I don't like pooping in diapers so I still use the potty for that so, yeah, I know how annoying that can be."
"Mommy and Daddy are ok with that?"
"Do they wipe your butt?"
"Sometimes I'll let them do that. They have to be in the bathroom anyway with me so they know when I'm done so they can put m diaper back on me again."
"What if you have to poop, and both of them are too busy?"
"That's what crying is for! That really gets their attention." I chuckle.
"Maybe I can ask them if they'll let me do that."
"I think they're nice enough for that."

Mommy came over to get us ready for dinner. She was strapping us both in our high chairs when Daddy walked into the room carrying boxes.

"Honey, I'm going to throw these boxes out, and I'll be back to help you."
"Ok. Thanks, dear."

Once dinner was ready, Mommy and Daddy sat down at the kitchen table with us.

"Mommy? Daddy? Can I ask you something?" Julie asked.
"Of course, sweetie. What is it?" Mommy said.
"C-can I use my diapers just for pee pee and go poopy in the potty like Benny?"
Mommy and Daddy exchanged looks.
"Sure, sweetie, but Mommy or I need to be in the bathroom with you and check to make sure you're all clean and put your diaper back on, ok?"
"Good little girl! Now let's eat."

After dinner, Mommy nursed me. Then, Mommy and Daddy took us to their room for family story time before bed.

Mommy took me to my room, and Daddy took Julie to hers. Mommy and Daddy left the doors open to both of our rooms.

"Let's get your diaper changed, sweetie." Daddy said to Julie.
"Ok." she said slightly sad, but she didn't fight it.
"Good little girl. Which one do you want to wear tonight?"
"How's about the terry cloth one with these pretty pink pants?"
"Good choice. Very pretty for my pretty little girl. Love you."
"L-love you too, D-daddy."
"Aww. Good baby girl. Now, sweetie. I don't want to upset you, but we have these straps in your crib. Mommy and I would feel better knowing that you're strapped in at night so we know that you're not going to take your diapers off again. These straps will go around your waist and bottom but they leave your hands free so you can drink from your bottle, snuggle a stuffie, or use your paci."
"There's no use in me fighting this, huh?"
"Nope. Maybe, after a month or so, if you're good, we'll take the straps off, ok?"
"Good girl."

I could hear Daddy strapping in Julie, turning out the light, and closing the door.
"Good night, my good baby girl."
"Good night, Daddy."

Mommy diapered me, put me in my crib, turned out the lights, told me good night, and closed the door.

As I was drifting off to sleep, I could hear Mommy and Daddy talking to each other.

"Wow, that went better than expected, Charles! I thought she was going to fight you on the straps."
"Same. And she's agreeing to using her diapers! Did you hear the way she's starting to talk now? She's becoming the little baby we know she needs to be, and I think, deep down, she's learning that she needs to be our little baby too."
"Yes! Our children are truly amazing, aren't they?"
"Yes. They are. Now that kids are in bed, how's about you and I have some grown-up time, huh?"
"Oh, Charles..."

And they started walking down the hall, and I fell asleep.


Adult Baby, Diaper Lover
Part 20

It's been a few months since Julie came to live with us. She's been a good girl mostly, but she still gets into trouble sometimes. Her teacher at school caught her trying to take off her diaper one time so Mommy and Daddy had to put the locking pants on her for a little while. She was NOT happy, but it's for her own good. She's becoming more incontinent now.

As for me, it's my big boy day. In Ubrania, little humans who have graduated from school are allowed to go out unsupervised with their parents' permission because Ubrania knows we led adult lives on Earth and we'll never be able to completely forget that. We get a license at graduation that lists our Earth date of birth, our Ubrania age, and who our parents are. Mommy and Daddy let me have a big boy day once a month as long as my nanny is nearby to change me. For my big boy day, I'm going with my friends to play mini-golf, drive go-karts, see a movie, and hang out at a bar. Yes, we can also buy alcohol too. Going to a bar and getting drunk is so fun when you have a diaper on. You don't have to worry about wetting yourself or having to find a bathroom. My nanny makes sure she has plenty of diapers when she takes me out for my big boy days.

My nanny showed up to the house to pick me up.

"Hey, Benny! Ready for your big boy day?" said Linda, my nanny.

Julie was finishing up her breakfast. She started to cry.

"Why does Benny get to go out but I don't?!?!"
"Sweetie, you're too little to go out, but we'll have lots of fun at home!" says Mommy
"I'm a big girl! I can go out by myself!"
"Aww, sweetie. You're still a baby! When you've graduated school and can prove to Daddy and me that you can be a good girl, we'll let you go out by yourself too."
"This isn't fair!" Julie yelled throwing her bottle.
"Julie, this is not how good little girls behave." said Mommy sternly
"I don't care!"
"Julie, you make one more outburst like that, I'm putting you in timeout!"
"Fine! Do it!"
"Okay. Timeout for you then! You're going to sit on the Naughty Stool in the corner for 5 minutes."

Mommy picked Julie up out of her highchair and sat her down on the Naughty Stool in the corner.

"So sorry about that, Linda. She's still testing her boundaries here, but she's getting better." said Mommy
"It's ok, Jenny. Another family I used to work for had a little boy who was doing the same thing. Poor thing. His Earth parents were abusive to him so he didn't know how to react to gentleness and love. Just keep being the gentle, loving people you are. She'll understand soon how loved she is here."
"Thanks, Linda. That's so kind of you to say."
"Of course!"
"So, I've got Benny's diaper bag all packed up. I've also packed a bottle of water and an ibuprofen for after his time at the bar. I don't want to have to deal with a hungover little baby boy tomorrow. Oh, and here's his phone."
"Thanks, Jenny. I'll be sure to text you with updates during the day."
"I really appreciate that. His big boy days make me so nervous. Hold on...Julie! Don't get off that stool yet! It hasn't be 5 minutes! I'll talk to you later, Linda."
"Bless your heart. I hope your day with Julie goes well!"
"Thanks, Linda."

Mommy went to take care of Julie, and Linda took me out for my big boy day.

"Alright, Benny. I think your Mommy has had her hands full all morning. I hope she didn't forget to change you. Let me check."
Linda stroked her finger on the side of my crotch to check my diaper.
"Nope. You're wet. Let's change. Then, we'll go, ok?"
"Ok, Miss Linda."

She took me to my room to change me. Then, we left.

We had to stop and pick up my friends on the way. We picked up my friends AJ and Tommy. With all three of us strapped safely into our car seats, we went out to have some fun.

"This is going to be fun, guys!" I say.
"Yeah! Cool to be around my bros!" AJ said.
"Dudes, we're gonna get so drunk tonight!" Tommy said.
"I actually sneaked a few mini-bottles from my dad's fridge to pre-game!" AJ said.
"Awesome, bro!" I say.

AJ passed around the mini-bottles of rum.

AJ is the son of one of Mommy and Daddy's band mates. AJ has always been a little mischievous so they're a little nervous about me hanging out with him, but they hope I can be a good influence on him. Little do they know that my baby side is good and well-behaved, but my big boy side likes a little excitement too. This is our little secret with Linda and me. Linda is a chill nanny. She's not a narc. As long I don't hurt myself or others, she keeps what I do on my big boy days just between us.

Tommy is the son of the band's manager. He's a little quiet, but he knows a lot of club and bar managers because of his dad's connections so he can get us VIP service. You think my being the son of rockstars gets me access everywhere - and it does get me access a lot of places - but being the son of a band manager has more access because the manager is who books the shows.

AJ came to Ubrania about 10 years ago, Tommy came about 9 years ago, and I came about 8 years ago. AJ's Earth age is 33, Tommy's is 27, and mine is 29. AJ's Ubrania age is 3, Tommy's is 4, and mine is 3. We all wear diapers full-time.

We pull up to the mini-golf course. Linda checks our diapers before we go play. All mostly dry.

"Ok, boys. Go have fun, be safe, and you know I'll be nearby if you need anything!" said Linda. Linda walked over to a nearby bench and opened up a book.

"Let's go!" I say.

We have a round of mini-golf, and we head to the park bar.

"Let's keep these juices flowing, boys! A round of drinks is on me!" I say.
"Fuck yeah! Thanks, bro!" AJ and Tommy say.

We finish our drinks and head over to Linda to have her drive us to the go-kart track.

"Have fun, guys?" she asked.
"Yep!" we say unanimously.
"Great! Diaper check."

All of our diapers were wet. She took us to the bathroom to change us.

"Did you boys drink at the bar at the mini-golf course?" asked Linda amused.
"Uh huh." I say.
"And you want to go drive go-karts?" she asked.
"Yeah. That's the plan!" I say again confused.
"Benny, that's drinking and driving. We're stopping for lunch first so you can sober up, ok? Your mom will kill me if you get into a crash on the course and hurt yourself." she said.
"Oh...ok." I say.

We stop for lunch at a pizza place. We ate so much pizza and drank our weight in water so we could sober up a little bit, but that backfired because now we have food comas.

"What do you guys think if we went to a move instead then hit up the go-karts later?" I ask the boys.
"Genius, dude. Let's do it." AJ said.

We pull up to the movie theater, Linda gets us out, and we head in. We get a diaper change before the movie.

After the movie, we finally head over to the go-kart track for a quick spin around the tracks before heading to the main event of the day: the clubs.

Tommy got us into this amazing club with VIP bottle service. The de-aging pills I still take gives me very little libido since I've been on it for years - I am supposed be a baby after all, but it doesn't take away my attraction to girls. I met this super hot girl there. A girl from Earth named Claire. We dance together, and she gives me her number. I kind of miss having a libido at times like this. Would be nice to have sex, but I know I wouldn't be able to get my penis hard. The last time I had sex was a year or so after I came to Ubrania. The de-aging pills hadn't taken full effect yet so I still had a libido. Sometimes I think about growing up so I can have sex again, but I love being a baby. Also, I wouldn't be able to be a baby again if I grow up on Ubrania. I would have to become a full Ubranian, and, even though Ubrania is so advanced with science and has so much magic, their magic and science with de-aging doesn't work on Ubranians. Their science and magic with aging is about being nearly immortal. Ubranians can live for thousands of years. It's one of the reasons why Ubranians pick Earthlings to be their children.

It was getting close to my, AJ's, and Tommy's curfew so Linda came to get us and change us before taking us home. We were so drunk. When Linda put us in the car, we fell asleep. I only woke up when I got home.

"Oh, he's waking up." Linda said.
"There's my big boy. Did you have fun today, buddy?" Daddy said.
"Yeah, Daddy."
"Atta boy." he said giving me a fist bump and ruffling my hair.
"You're all sweaty, baby boy. Let's get you a bath, ok?" Daddy said.
"Ok, Daddy." I say still a little drunk
"I'll also go get Mommy so she can nurse you. I bet you're still drunk, huh?" Daddy asks with a chuckle.
"Yeah." I say giggling
"Thank you, Linda." Daddy said to Linda
"You're welcome, Charles." Linda said to Daddy
"Be a good boy, Benny. Get some rest and drink lots of water!" Linda said.
I nod.

Daddy took me into the living room where Mommy is.

"Jenny, look who came back after their big day!"
"There's my sweet baby boy! Have fun?"
"Yes, Mommy. Can we nurse though? I'm kinda hungry and drunk." I said slightly slurring my words.
"Of course!"

She sat back down in the chair and started to nurse me. She nursed me longer than usual, and I loved it. I started to feel more sober and less hungry.

"Good boy." Mommy said after we were done. We cuddled for a while.
Then Daddy said it was getting late so he took me to my bathroom to give me a bath and get me ready for bed.

"Daddy? Can I ask you a question?"
"Of course, buddy."
"Would you still love me if I grew up?"
"Absolutely, son. Why do you ask that? Do you want to grow up?"
"No. Not yet at least, but, sometimes I miss being a full grown-up. There was a really pretty girl tonight at the club. I wanted to have sex with her, but I knew I couldn't."
"I can see how that could have been difficult."
"I want to stay a baby though. I love how you and Mommy take care of me."
"We love you so much, buddy. More than you'll ever know."
"Love you too, Daddy."

After the bath, Daddy put me into a fresh, thick nighttime diaper, and some cozy PJs. He then took me over to the rocking chair in my room and read me a story. After he did that, he cuddled me a little more. With that, I was fully back in baby mode. Daddy stuck my paci in my mouth, tucked me into my crib, and set a bottle with water beside me.

"Good night, my sweet little baby son. Daddy loves you so so much." he said before kissing me on the forehead and turning out the lights.
With my paci in my mouth, I just nodded back.

I fell quickly asleep.


Adult Baby, Diaper Lover
Part 21

It's the morning after my big boy day. After my big boy days, Mommy and Daddy know I'm going to be a little hungover so they let me sleep in. They check on me regularly for when I wake up.

I finally wake up, and I lay in bed for a moment thinking about when I'd like to grow up. I've been in Ubrania for 8 years, and I've been missing Earth less and less. In fact, my memories of Earth become fuzzier every day. Being a baby in such a safe, loving environment has helped me heal from the traumas I've experienced on Earth, and Mommy's magical breast milk has almost cured my depression and PTSD. I feel truly happy for the first time in my entire life. But there are some things about being an adult that I miss like having a job and having some autonomy over my life. I keep plenty busy as Mommy and Daddy's baby running errands with them, going on their tours, hanging out in the studio, and playing with my toys. But sometimes I wish I could have a job or go to big kid school in Ubrania.

My age in Ubrania is 3, and I did the year of baby/toddler school that Ubrania requires all new Earthlings to do. Baby/toddler school in Ubrania teaches you a little bit about Ubrania, what Earthlings are allowed to do, and, if we need it, how to be a baby like how to use diapers and to nurse. One thing Earthlings aren't allowed to do is have jobs because we're supposed to be little babies after all. The only way an Earthling can have a job is if they grow up and become full Ubranians. Growing up in Ubrania is a long process. The oldest Earthlings are on Earth are around 100 years old. Ubranians can live be 5,000 years old so to be the equivalent of a legal 18-year old Earth adult you would have to be close to 1,000 years old in Ubrania.

Mommy's magic breast milk makes me half Ubranian, but the de-aging pills I take prevent me from becoming full Ubranian so my lifespan on Ubrania is about 2,500 years. On the outside, I'm a baby, but on the inside my organs are aging like an adult's. Mommy's milk is just slowing down the aging process a lot. Even if I stay a baby all my life I will still die. I'm not immortal. If I become full Ubranian my lifespan will be like a regular Ubranian.

The positive part about becoming a full Ubranian is that I will eventually be able to grow up and get a job, but I will never be able to go back to being a baby like how I am now. Ubrania is accepting of ABDLs obviously, but being an adult baby isn't the same as being an actual baby because you're still the same size as a full grown adult and can't feel little.

The positives about staying a baby in Ubrania is just that: being a baby. Not having any responsibilities and being able to play and have fun all the time. The downside is that you can't go to big kid or adult school or get a job.

I was lying in bed thinking for about half an hour until Daddy came in to check on me.

"There you are, little buddy! Good morning! Sleep well?" he said leaning down to pick me up.
"Uh huh, Daddy."
"That's good. I bet you're ready for some breakfast. I can hear your little tummy grumbling."
"Yeah, Daddy."
"Ok. Mommy's been keeping your breakfast warm. Let's get you downstairs."

I got some breakfast and Mommy nursed me. She then took me back to my room to give me my morning bath and to change me which was good because I was soaked from all the alcohol I drank from the night before.

After I was changed and dressed, Mommy took me back downstairs and sat me down in the playpen to play with Julie.

"Hi, Julie." I say to Julie
"Hi, Benny. How was your big boy day yesterday?" she asked
"It was so fun. I rode go-karts, played mini-golf, saw a movie, and went to a club that Tommy got me and AJ into."
"That's so cool. I'm so jealous you can go out by yourself sometimes. I can't wait to do that."
"Yeah. It's fun, but you'll get your big girl days soon after you're done with school and can be a good baby for Mommy and Daddy."
"I know. I thought coming to Ubrania and being their baby would be easy, but it's not. I try to be good, but I'm not used to being so dependent. I was so independent on Earth. I had a job, my own car, house, everything. I had to be so independent. My mom and dad on Earth abandoned me when I was 11. Foster care on Earth is a big joke. I was just moved from one foster family to another. Eventually, when I aged out of the system, I was determined to make something of myself though. I went to an Ivy League school on a full scholarship and became a Vice President of a Fortune 500 company."
"Wow, Julie. That's really cool how you overcame all that."
"Do you think Mommy and Daddy know that about me?"
"Well, I know they know some of your life story because the Ubrania adoption agency collects that kind of information, but they might not know all the details."
"Do you think I should tell them?"
"I think they'd like to hear it, but it's up to you."
"Mommy and Daddy are big on letting you do things at your own pace and on your terms...well...within reason. You still have to go to school and be a baby."

We kept playing for a while longer. Then Daddy came by.

"Hey, kiddos! Mommy and I have to go to the studio today, and, since Linda is off today because of Benny's big boy day yesterday, you two get to come with us."
"Yay!" Julie and I say at the same time.
"Aww, look at you two. You are both becoming brother and sister. What good babies. Ok...let's check your diapers before we head out."
"Julie, you're a little wet this time! Good little girl! At this rate, you're going to be wet all the time pretty soon! Benny, I know you're wet, my little hungover baby boy. You're such a little rockstar going into the studio hungover, you know that?" he said chuckling. "Let's get you both changed."

Daddy loves going to the studio. It always puts him in a good mood.

We get to the studio, and we see AJ and Lucy in the playpen there. You already know AJ, but Lucy is AJ's little sister. Lucy's Earth age is 37, her Ubranian age is 2, and she's been in Ubrania for 6 years. They did not get along at first because of the difference in their Earth ages. Lucy didn't want to be the little sister of someone who was younger than her in Earth years, but she eventually mellowed out.

"Hey AJ!" I say as Mommy sits me down in the playpen.
"Hey Benny!" AJ says
"Daddy and I will be nearby if you need us. Be good babies, Benny and Julie, ok?" said Mommy firmly.
"We will, Mommy. Love you." I say to Mommy
Julie nods
"Aww, Mrs. Jenny! They won't get into trouble!" said AJ mischievously.
"Of course they won't, AJ, and I'm sure a good little boy like yourself isn't going to tempt them, right?" said Mommy cleverly.
AJ blushed.
"I thought so." she said as she walked off. Mommy sure knows how to handle AJ.

"Benny, what's your mommy got against me?" AJ asked
"You know, AJ. Remember at Tommy's Ubranian birthday party when you and I climbed up on top of table and pushed his birthday cake to the ground?" I said.
"Yeah...that was amazing. It splattered everywhere! I can still taste the cake on my face!" AJ said proudly.
"It made Tommy cry, and Mommy was upset that you got me mixed up in trouble." I said.
"Yeah, but you wanted to do it too." he whispered
"I know. It was so fun." I whispered back
"Good thing we're babies, and babies are supposed to get into some trouble, right?" AJ whispered with a high five.
"Yeah." I said quietly chuckling.

We realized that both of our sisters were listening.

"You two have to swear to not tell our parents, ok?" AJ said quietly to Lucy and Julie.
They looked at each other.
"On one condition." Julie said meaning business
"What?" I said nervously knowing that Julie was a VP at a big company on Earth.
"You have to let us come along to one of your big boys days out." Julie said
"Yeah!" Lucy said nodding in agreement.
"But that's defeats the purpose of our big BOYS days out!" I say
"Then, call them big KIDS days out." said Julie matter-of-fact.
"You know what you didn't think about, Julie? You're still in school. You don't have your license yet! So, ha! This isn't going to work!" I said proudly
"You're right. I am still in school, but I graduate in a few months. The first big boys day out after I graduate will be a big kids day out, ok?" she said
AJ and I look at each other rolling our eyes.
"Fine, but just one big kids day out, ok?" I said.
"No, 5 big kids days out." said Julie staring me down. She means business. I can see how she got so successful in her career on Earth.
"5??? Are you joking?" I say trying to keep my voice down
"Do you want me to tell Mommy and Daddy?" she asked.

Just then, Daddy leaned into the nursery room of the studio, "You, babies sure are being quiet in there. Everything, ok?"
Julie quickly stuck her pacifier in her mouth and looked at me raising her eyebrows
I quickly said, "Yes, Daddy! Everything is fine. We're having a staring contest!"
"Ok, then. Good little babies!" said Daddy
"Love you, Daddy!" I say
"Love you too, son. Daddy's gotta go back to work, ok? Be good, kiddos!" Daddy said.
"Ok, Daddy!" "Ok, Mr. Charles!" we all say after popping out our pacifiers
"Phew. That was close." AJ said
"Fine, Julie. You've got yourself a deal, but only 5 big kids days out, you go it?" I say
We all shake hands
Lucy and Julie happily start playing together.
AJ and I sit down in defeat.

"Damn, Benny. Your sister is not to be messed with. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, bro." AJ said
"It's ok, AJ. Maybe it won't be so bad having our sisters along sometimes. Besides...hold on." I motioned to AJ to go over to the other side of the playpen to try to get out of earshot of Julie and Lucy
"Besides...I'm worried about Julie not graduating school. I want this to be a motivator for her." I whisper
"What do you mean, dude?" AJ asks getting rarely serious
"I've heard Mommy and Daddy talking about how she's struggling in all her classes."
"What? Really?"
"Yeah, and you know what they do to babies who fail school?"
"I've heard rumors of what they do...." he said with a shudder.
"Exactly. You gotta help me help her become a better baby, ok, bro? Her life story is so sad, but I want to respect her privacy, ok?" I say
"Of course, man. I got you." he said. He's a troublemaker, but AJ has a good heart.

Earthlings who fail baby/toddler school are sent away and never seen again. The Ubranian adults won't tell us exactly where they go, but it seems like a really bad place. One rumor is that they get sent back to Earth with no chance of transitioning back to an adult so it's, like, *poof" back on Earth partially or fully incontinent with no one to even change them because, sadly, their friends and family reject them. Another rumor is that they are locked up in an institution for the rest of their shorter, fully human lives never to be seen or heard from ever again. Either way, it's an awful place.

After a while, I start to feel the need to go poopy. I start to cry for Mommy and Daddy to take me to the bathroom so I can go poopy.

Mommy came rushing over.
"What's wrong, sweetie?" asked Mommy concerned
I keep crying.
"Are you hungry?" she asked carrying me over to the diaper bag where our snacks are. I push them away and keep crying.
"Are you thirsty?" she asked again handing me a bottle that I threw down to the ground still crying. I gotta go poopy really bad so I start crying even more.
"Do you have to go poopy?" she asked rushing over to the bathroom.
I nod yes still crying
"Ok, sweetie. It's going to be ok. Hang on."
She starts to undress me, popping off my pants, then my onesie, and then unfastening my diaper and plopping me on the potty.
It's a grown up potty so Mommy has to hold me so I don't fall in it.
I slowly stop crying as I start to poop. When I'm done, she wipes my butt all clean and changes me into a clean diaper.
"Good boy, Benny. You went poopy in the potty!" she said getting me dressed again.

Julie was starting to get fussy herself. We've been at the studio for a long time. Mommy and Daddy decide that it's time to call it a day. Julie and I are strapped in our car seats, and we head home where we have dinner and are then tucked into bed freshly diapered of course.