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So I've been browsing ABDL websites for a while, but I've never joined one or discussed it with anyone else. Nor have I ever worn a diaper, except when I was an actual baby. I've fantasized about it a lot though. Here's one of the biggest fantasies I've had. It was sort of inspired by the story "Kidnapped To Be A Toddler." I'm sure many of you have heard of that story.

Background about me: I'm a queer genderfluid person DFAB (designated female at birth) so you will hear gender-neutral language.

So here goes...

I'm sitting in a park by myself and a couple of strangers sit down on a bench next to me. They're both dressed in very trendy clothes. We get to making small talk, and, after a while, they say quietly, "We know who you are. We know what you think about." Surprised, I say, "What are you talking about?" They say, "We see what you look up on your incognito browser. If it's ok with you, we'd like to take you to our planet and make you our little child. We promise we're good people and will keep you safe." I hesitate for a moment. Sensing my hesitation, they say, "Tell you what. You come to our planet and try it out for a year. If you don't like it, we'll bring back to Earth. Time will pause for you on Earth and no one will know you were ever gone. You can go back to your normal life on Earth with no interruption." I think for a moment to myself then say, "Well, I guess I could give it a shot." They say, "We're so happy to hear that! You're going to love it, sweetie. We'll give you a month here on Earth to get your affairs in order, and we'll come back to pick you up."

A month passes, and it's the day they're supposed to come pick me up. I'm waiting at my apartment for them. I hear a knock on the door. I open it up, and it's them. They give me a warm hug. I instantly start feeling myself feeling like a little child. We let go, and they say, "Hi, honey. You ready to go?" I say, "Yeah." Then I hold their hands, and we're whisked away like wizards in Harry Potter are when they apparate. In just a few seconds, we land on their planet, my home for the next least. It doesn't look that much different from Earth, but everything is way bigger. Houses are three times bigger. I hear some grunting behind me, and I turn around to see what it is. My new parents start changing before my eyes. They start growing much taller. On Earth, they were the same size as adults on Earth. They did that to blend in. Now, they're at least twice as tall as I am. I'm amazed, and I reason that, since I'm from Earth, I did not change. I'm ok with that though. I start to feel even more like a little child.

They take my hand and walk me into the house, helping me up the steps because they're much bigger than steps on Earth. They give me a tour of their house, and I start to learn more about them. I see pictures on the wall of them on stage at rock concerts. I also see musical instruments around the house. Apparently, they're rockstars on their planet. Because I'm a musician too, this really excites me. Then, they take me to my room. In it, there is a bed with low rails on both sides like a toddler bed, a crib, changing table, and rocker. I also have my own bathroom with everything sized just right for me. They take me into the kitchen where there is a booster seat on one of the chairs around the dining table and a highchair. They ask me which I would like to sit on, and I choose the booster seat. They pick me up and sit me down on the booster seat. They sit down with me and talk to me about what's going to happen and about the new planet.

They explain, "This planet is called Ubrania. We're not that much different from Earthlings, but, as you can see, we are much taller. Sometimes, we like to adopt Earthlings instead of having children of our own which is what we chose to do with you. Does that make sense?" I nod yes. "We're so glad you chose to be our little child, and we want to make you safe and happy. We'd love for you to call us Maddy and Paddy." I say "Ok, Maddy and Paddy." Smiling, they say "Now, we know this can be overwhelming so we're going to let you make the transition at your own pace. You may have noticed you have a crib and a regular bed in your room. You're welcome to choose whichever bed you want to sleep in from here on out, and you can wear whatever you want, including underwear. We only have two requests for now. We have set up an appointment for you tomorrow to have all of your pubic, leg, and underarm hair permanently removed, and we have these pills we'd like you to take. You'll stay the same size you are now, but these pills will gradually age you back. You will sort of go through puberty in reverse. You'll gradually stop having periods, and your breasts will slowly shrink down. We know how much you've hated having periods and breasts so we know you'll like that!" That does make me excited because having periods and breasts has given me a lot of gender dysphoria, and I say "Ok, Maddy and Paddy! That sounds awesome."

Maddy and Paddy get up and start making dinner. I'm really hungry and can't wait for dinner. Maddy gives me an iPad, a little present from them, to watch videos and play on while I wait. A short while later, dinner is ready. They made pasta, one of my favorites! They bring me my dinner with a sippy cup of soda, and we eat. After dinner, we decide to watch a movie. I crawl up onto the couch, and they both sit on both sides of me. Maddy brings me my sippy cup in case I get thirsty. Paddy leans down to kiss me on the head and rub my back. "Love you, honey.", he says and presses the play button on the remote. Halfway through the movie, I feel the need to use the restroom. I go to my restroom and use my little toilet. I wash my hands and go back into the living room and crawl up on the couch.

After the movie, I start to get sleepy and decide to go to bed. Maddy and Paddy walk me to my room. They tell me they'll give me a few minutes to get dressed, brush my teeth, and get into bed. After I do all that, they come back to tuck me in. Paddy tells me, "To make sure you're safe, we have a camera with a microphone in here that we can watch on our iPads and phones like a baby monitor. If you need anything just let us know." They both give me a kiss on the head and tell me "Good night, sweetie." Paddy turns out the lights because they're too high for me to reach. I have trouble sleeping because I was thinking a lot about what was happening. I grab my iPad and eventually drift off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning just as Maddy was opening the door. "Oh! You're already up. Good morning, honey. Sleep well?" I nod my head. "Great.", she continued, "I've made breakfast." She walks me to kitchen and puts me in the booster seat and sets my breakfast down in front of me. I light up. "Pancakes! Yum!", I exclaim excitedly. She also set down a sippy cup of orange juice and a sippy cup of water to take my first de-aging pill with. As I wolf down my breakfast, Maddy says to me, "Now, the doctor wants you to be totally clean today so, if it's ok with you, I'd like to give you a bath when you're done with breakfast, ok?" With a bite of pancake in my mouth, I mumble, "Mhmm." I'm a little nervous though because no one has given me a bath since I was a toddler. So, after I'm done with breakfast, she walks me into my bathroom, helps me get undressed, and helps me into the tub. The tub slowly starts to fill with warm water, and I'm slowly put at ease while she gently bathes me and washes my hair. After she was done bathing me, she let me sit in the tub for a few more minutes to play. Then, she pulled the drain, pulled me out, wrapped me snugly in a soft, fluffy towel, and sat me on the closed toilet to dry while she went to get me some clothes and underwear. Then she came back and helped me get dressed. I brushed my own teeth though. She told me "Good job, honey." when I was all done.

Maddy and I walked into the living room where Paddy was standing. He was standing right by a drum set that was all for me! What a surprise! Paddy, Maddy, and I jammed all morning.

When lunchtime rolled around, we made our way to the garage to get into the car to get lunch at a restaurant before my appointment. The car was the biggest car I had ever seen. When Paddy opened the car door for me, I saw a car seat with straps like the ones little children use. Since I was too little to sit in the car like an adult, I had to use the car seat to keep me safe. I was ok with that though because I could see out the window. Paddy picked me up and strapped me into the car seat and away we went.

When we got to the restaurant, the hostess showed us to our table and put a booster seat on one of the chairs and placed a kid's menu in front of it. Maddy helped me get up on the chair. I was feeling exceptionally hungry so I ordered a cheeseburger, fries, soda, and a milkshake. I was confused about why I was so hungry, but Paddy explained to me that the pills would increase my metabolism since they're making my body go through so many changes. After we finished lunch, I needed to use the bathroom. To make sure I was keeping myself clean for the doctor, Maddy came with me. I was surprised to find that the bathrooms were gender-neutral and had toilets and sinks just for Earthlings! After I was done, Maddy cleaned me up, and I washed my hands.

As we were walking back to the car, I started to get nervous about the appointment. I started to cry, "Is the hair removal going to hurt?" Paddy knelt down, gave me a hug and a kiss on the head. "Everything is going to be ok, honey. Maddy and Paddy are going to be with you the whole time, ok?" I nodded my head and whimpered, "Ok." Paddy picked me up and strapped me back into my car seat, and we were off to the doctor's.

When we walked in, Maddy checked us in while Paddy and I sat down. Maddy brought back forms that I needed to help her fill out. They were about things like my medical history and allergies. After we were done filling out the forms, I needed to use the bathroom again so Maddy went with me again. Just a couple of minutes after we came back from the bathroom, the nurse whose name was Kelly called for us. Kelly led us to the exam room, and Paddy helped me up onto the table. Kelly explained to me what was going to happen and to get undressed. She left for a few minutes to let me get undressed and to get a razor because she was going to need to give me a clean shave so that my hair would be easier to work with. Feeling even more vulnerable, I started to get nervous again. I reached out my hand for Paddy's, and I felt his grab mine. Kelly came back with a razor and started shaving me. It felt kind of nice when she was done. I felt very breezy. Kelly then left to get the doctor. A couple of minutes later, the doctor came. "Knock knock! There you are! Hi there! I'm Dr. Smith. I'm here to get rid of all that nasty hair on you. How are you doing, buddy?", she said jovially, trying to put me at ease. I shyly said, "I'm good." "Great! Glad to hear it. Now, this is going to sting a little bit, but it should be quick.", she said. I grabbed Paddy's hand even tighter and started to cry a little bit. "It's ok, sweetie. You're going to be ok.", Maddy said. She started rubbing this lotion with medicine in it that was supposed to stop my hair from growing. She was right. It did sting, but it was quick. She left it on just long enough to let it soak in. After she was done, Kelly wiped off the excess and began applying a soothing lotion. I started to feel much better. Kelly told Maddy and Paddy to apply this lotion regularly on me over the next few days to help my body heal. Kelly left so I could get dressed. After I was dressed, we left. The receptionist gave me a lollipop on the way out.

When we got home, Paddy laid me down on the couch and turned on the TV for me. He got me a sippy cup of water and sat down with me while Maddy made dinner. After dinner, Maddy took me to my room to apply the ointment and to help me get dressed. The next few days were uneventful since I was trying to heal from my operation.

Once I was healed, I was able to get off the couch and was able to be more active. One thing I did was explore my room a little more. I peeked inside the cabinets and drawers of the changing table and saw soft, fluffy terry cloth diapers, plastic pants, diaper cream, and baby powder. This excited me a little bit, but it wasn't until the next day that I said anything about it.

When Maddy was helping me get dressed in the morning, she brought back some clothes and some underwear. I saw the underwear and asked, "Could I try on a diaper, please?" "Of course, honey!" Maddy said with a smile. She picked me up and laid me down on the changing table and diapered me up. I could feel her rubbing the diaper cream on me and powdering me up. Since she had to apply the ointment on me for a few days, I was comfortable being so exposed to her now. Then I could feel her lift my butt a little bit and slide the soft terry cloth diaper underneath, pull the diaper between my legs and secure it with diaper pins. I could then feel her pull a pair of plastic pants up between my legs. She then helped me off the changing table and put me in some clothes. This was an odd yet exciting sensation. I had to walk with a little waddle now. "This is why we wanted to get you shaved. We wanted you to stay clean when wearing a diaper. Hair makes you messy." Maddy explained. I still used the toilet that day because I just wanted to get used to wearing a diaper. That was my plan though.

I went to bed like normal, and I didn't expect anything to happen overnight. However, I did end up wetting myself in my sleep. I didn't know about it until that morning when I woke up a little bit wet. I call for Maddy and Paddy. They come running in, worried. I look up at them and say, "I wet myself." They crack a small smile, and Maddy says, "That's ok, sweetie. Good thing you were wearing that diaper, huh?" They help me out of bed and into the kitchen for breakfast. After breakfast, they clean me up and put me in a fresh diaper. I had trouble wetting during the day and used the toilet to poop in because, even when I was on Earth fantasizing about being a baby, pooping in a diaper never appealed to me, but I decided that I wanted to try wearing and wetting diapers 24/7. Maddy and Paddy casually started making sure I had a full sippy cup nearby at all times now so I would start wetting my diapers more.

A week later, after Paddy changed my morning diaper and got me dressed, he left me in my room to play while he and Maddy got things ready to go run errands. I remembered there were some different colored pacifiers in the changing table. I went over a chose a purple one. I stuck it in my mouth and began sucking on it. "This is kind of nice.", I thought to myself while I was playing games on my iPad. I was so engrossed in my iPad and sucking on my pacifier that I didn't notice Maddy and Paddy standing in the doorway smiling at me. I didn't even hear them walk up. "Ready to go, sweetie?", Maddy said. I nod yes. Paddy picks me up, takes me to the car, and straps me safely in my car seat.

A couple of days later, we went out to eat for dinner. Paddy asks me, "Would you like a booster seat, honey?" I, with my pacifier in my mouth, nod yes. Paddy asks the hostess for a booster seat, but it turns out they were all out. Maddy and Paddy exchange glances at each other and then look at me. They only had highchairs. I take out my pacifier and say, "That's ok. I can use a highchair." The hostess leads us to our table and drags over a highchair. Paddy picks me up, puts me in it, and fastens the strap so I don't slide out. I sort of like the highchair and start taking turns with booster seats and highchairs because I like them both.

The next week, after living with Maddy and Paddy for three weeks, when Maddy was putting me into my extra thick night diaper, I said "I think I'd like to try the crib tonight, Maddy." Maddy smiled and said, "Ok, baby." She placed me inside the crib. The rails were so tall they came up to my chin. There was no way I could get out of bed on my own now. "I'll be right back, honey." She and Paddy, who smiled when he saw me, came back with my iPad, a pacifier, and a sippy cup of water. They told me to let me know if I needed anything, tucked me into bed, kissed me good night, and turned the lights off on their way out.

The next morning, I woke up wet. I was starting to wet myself at night more consistently at this point. Because I couldn't get out of my crib on my own, I had to wait for Maddy or Paddy to come get me. I think they saw that I was awake on their iPads because just a few minutes later, Paddy came in to get me up. He carried me into the kitchen for breakfast. Maddy and Paddy told me at breakfast that all new children, even Earthlings who were out of high school on Earth, must go to school so they said they were going to take me to visit a school that day for Earthlings. Ubrania had a law that required new Earthlings to attend school for at least one year so they could learn about Ubrania. At the end of the year, they will become full citizens of Ubrania. Parents could homeschool their children if they wanted, but Maddy and Paddy thought it was time for me to meet other Earthlings. Also, Maddy and Paddy were going to start going into the studio soon to record a new album with their bands so they needed someone to watch me during the day. After Paddy changed and dressed me, we went to the school. The school was one of the best private schools in the city. Since Maddy and Paddy were rich rockstars, they could afford it. I had seen other Earthlings around town with their parents, but this was the first time in nearly a month that I had seen other Earthlings all in one congregate setting. I liked being around so many other people my size. The school has a really good music and arts program that I can take part of which I'm excited about. After meeting with the admissions counselor, I get to meet with some other Earthlings. I meet a really cute one who is from the same city on Earth that I'm from and start talking with them a lot. I see Maddy and Paddy out of the corner of my eye exchanging glances and smiles. Before I know it, it's time for us to go. Maddy asks me, "How did you like the school?" I say that I like it a lot. Maddy says, "Great! They'd like to start you on Monday next week." I'm excited for school now.

Next week, I start at school. I start learning about the history and laws of Ubrania, and I get to have private drum lessons every day. I start making some friends, including the the student I met when I visited the school. It's their birthday in a couple of weeks, and they've invited me over to their house for their birthday party! Maddy and Paddy say that if I get good grades for the first quarter, they'll let me come with them to the studio one day! Things are looking up for me, but I'm starting to get a little homesick. I miss my friends on Earth, but I know I committed a year here so I decide to stick things out.

A couple of months pass, and my final grades come. All A's and B's. Maddy and Paddy take me to dinner to celebrate, and we make plans for me to go into the studio with them in the morning. By now, I'm mostly urinary incontinent, too. I also drink out of a bottle sometimes. I've also started dating the student I met when I started school. A bonus of the de-aging pills that I still take since I haven't completely de-aged yet is they act as a form of birth control so we're able to have safe sex. They still take their de-aging pills too to maintain their age. My current age is about 10 years old so I'm prepubescent, but we're hoping to get me down to about 2 or 3 years old. My breasts have disappeared, and I no longer have periods. I will have to take these pills for as long as I live on Ubrania and want to stay a child. I want to stay a child for a long time. Also, it's great that they give me such a high metabolism. I can eat whatever I want.

Going into the studio with Maddy and Paddy was fun. Their bands are going on tour together over the summer, and, since it's summer break, I get to go! Maddy and Paddy are lot like Beyonce and Jay Z, and I'm their Blue Ivy. I'm luckiest kid in the world.

Before I know it, it's the week before my first year in Ubrania is over. I'm completely urinary incontinent, but I still insist on using the potty to poop. I'm in a serious relationship with the student from school. We take turns sleeping over at each other's houses on the weekends. Maddy and Paddy will even fly them out to come on tour with me because they don't want me to get lonely. Our parents encourage us to have safe sex. Maddy and Paddy sit me down to ask me if I'd like to go back to Earth at the end of the week. I spit out my pacifier and say, "Nope! This is my home now. I want to be your little baby for a long time." We hug and I say, "I love you, Maddy and Paddy." I really do love them. They gave me a second chance at a happy childhood. The one I had on Earth was filled with pain from parents who don't accept me. Maddy and Paddy love me and accept me.
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Thanks to you both. I'm thinking of writing a more in-depth version or a part 2.


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Part 2

It's a full year after moving from Earth to Ubrania. I'm graduating school next week! Maddy and Paddy have planned a big party to celebrate. All my friends and my partner will be there. I'm really excited.

I'm also nervous. Since I'm not going to school anymore, Maddy and Paddy are getting me a nanny to help watch me when they're on tour or in the studio. I hope the nanny is nice. I also don't know what I'm going to do with my time since I'm used to having a job or being in school.

Next week comes, and I've graduated school! After school, Maddy and Paddy come to the graduation ceremony. They get me dressed in a custom suit and a fresh diaper. "We're so proud of you, sweetie. You've worked really hard, and you've made such good grades. We love you so much." they tell me before I have to go sit with my fellow graduates. I go sit with my partner who gives me a kiss. I'm really happy, and I can't wait for the party.

The party was super fun. Lots of great food, drinks, music, and dancing. My parents, since they're rockstars, performed and invited some of their famous friends too. Ubranians know that the Earthlings who come to Ubrania did adult things on Earth so adult things are available to us too. We drink alcohol and have adult parties too. This is when wearing diapers really comes in handy. When you're drunk, you don't have to worry about wetting yourself because you've got a diaper on already! I wore an extra thick diaper because my parents knew I was gonna drink a lot, and my new nanny, whose name is Jamie, was there to change me so my parents could host the party and have fun themselves.

The day after the party, I woke up in my crib really hungover. I don't remember being put to bed, but Jamie must have put me in my crib instead of my bed to make sure I was safe while I slept since I was so drunk. I was also really wet. I popped my pacifier in my mouth and waited for my parents to get me. Paddy noticed I was awake from the baby monitor on his phone and came in to get me. He seemed a little hungover too. As he was pulling me out of my crib, he said with a chuckle, "That was one hell of a party, right, little buddy?" I, with my pacifier in my mouth, nodded my head and said "Mmhmm." He said, "We're gonna make some waffles and bacon and just chill today so we can sober up, alright?" Paddy takes me into the bathroom to clean me up while Maddy cooks breakfast. Afterwards, Paddy diapers me up and puts me back in pajamas since we're just going to relax today. We head into the kitchen for breakfast. "There's our little school graduate. How are you feeling, honey?", asks Maddy. I tell her how hungover I feel. "Well let's sober you up with these waffles and bacon." Paddy puts me in my highchair, and Maddy sets down a big stack of waffles drenched in syrup and super crispy, greasy bacon and a sippy cup of orange juice. They also give me a sippy cup of water, an ibuprofen, and my daily de-aging pill.

After breakfast, we all sit in the living room watching TV for most of the day. Later that day, when we're all not hungover anymore, we talk about what I'm going to do now that I'm done with school. They talk about me coming on tour and into the studio with the nanny to help out. Other than that, I can do whatever I want as long as I'm safe. I'm not used to having so much free time so I'm a bit nervous, but it also excites me. Before coming to Ubrania, my life was so stressful, and I was working a lot just to survive so I didn't get much free time.

I've also been thinking a lot about the life I left on Earth. I miss my friends, and I wish I could go back to visit them. I can't though. I can't let them see me in a diaper, and I look so different now with my flat chest. When I left Earth, my life there was put on pause magically. They don't know I've been gone for even a minute so it would be shocking to them for me to appear and suddenly have a flat chest and be wearing a diaper. If I were to go back, I would need to be re-potty trained and go through puberty again which I don't want to do. I like wearing diapers and being a baby, and I don't want my breasts and periods to come back. It will also take a long time. I still have a few more months to go until I'm done de-aging to begin with. The high metabolism I get from the de-aging pills is a nice perk too. I've lost so much weight, and I still get to eat a lot.

Even though I miss my life on Earth a lot, I love my life in Ubrania a lot too so I'm staying for a while longer. If I were to go back to Earth, I would miss my partner and family in Ubrania too. My parents have been so supportive through all this though. They know how much I miss Earth. They're going to let me pop back to Earth undercover just long enough so I can grab some pictures of my friends. I'm looking forward to it.

My visit to Earth is coming up in Part 3.
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I was just waiting for when she would wet herself. She went to the toilet alot and I was thinking will they be a part where she has not made it and Maddy and Paddy will have to put her back in diapers.
It went a diffrent way though. And she wet the bed instead :sweatdrop:

I hope at some point to read part 2.
I was kind of hoping that the school had a kinder garden/primery school lay out with adult baby changing facilities at would treat pupils like babies.


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I was just waiting for when she would wet herself. She went to the toilet alot and I was thinking will they be a part where she has not made it and Maddy and Paddy will have to put her back in diapers.
It went a diffrent way though. And she wet the bed instead :sweatdrop:

I hope at some point to read part 2.
I was kind of hoping that the school had a kinder garden/primery school lay out with adult baby changing facilities at would treat pupils like babies.
In my own, personal ABDL fantasy, I want to be physically and emotionally treated like a baby: wearing diapers, using pacifiers/bottles/sippy cups, sleeping in cribs/toddler beds, being bathed, wearing baby-ish clothes, and sitting in booster seats/highchairs/car seats, but I want to be intellectually treated like an adult: having complex, adult conversations and learning about complex things like how a new planet works. I also want to maintain some amount of autonomy and control and be able to make decisions for myself with the support and guidance of my parents. For me, I am a literal Adult Baby. I'm part adult, part baby, and I want both to be equally respected.

The school treated the students like how I would want to be treated. They had all the baby things: changing tables, diapers, etc., but the students were allowed to act whatever age they wanted.

BTW, myself/the character in this story uses they/them/their pronouns, not she/her/hers pronouns.


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Part 3: Preparing to Visit Earth

Maddy and Paddy and I start making plans for me to make my quick, undercover trip to Earth in a few days. First, we have to get permission from the government to go because any interplanetary travel has to be approved by the government first so we all head down to the office the next day to fill out the forms and do the required interviews.

It's the morning of the next day, and Maddy comes in to wake me up. I slept in my toddler bed this time. "Morning, sweetheart.", she says as she rubs my back, "Time to wake up." I roll over and say groggily, "Morning, Maddy." and pop my pacifier that was lying by my pillow back in my mouth since it fell out while I was sleeping. "Are you ready for the interview today?", she asked me. I nod yes since my paci was in my mouth. "Great, but we should do one last practice today before we go, ok?", she says. She then picks me up and takes me into the kitchen for breakfast. This morning it was cereal and fruit.

After breakfast, Paddy takes me to the bathroom to clean me up and ready for the day. He gently scrubs down my body and washes my hair. Then, he rinses me off, pulls the plug of the bathtub, and pulls me out of the tub. He wraps me in a soft, fluffy towel and dries me off. Then, he takes me over to the changing table and puts a clean diaper on me. "You know, honey, some parents get tired of changing their baby's diapers and want their child to start potty training as soon as possible, but I haven't. This is one of my favorite things to do with you. I love making sure you're healthy and clean. I know it took you a while to trust me and Maddy to take care of you like this, and we're so proud of how you've let us take care of you.", he said before he tickled my belly and kissed my forehead. I get happy butterflies in my belly and smile back at him and start sucking on my pacifier again. He starts dressing me in a onesie that has a collar like a polo shirt and pair of nice pants with nice shoes. I need to look good for the interview today.

He then takes me downstairs into the living room where Maddy is filling out all the forms for the government. Paddy puts me in my new bouncy swing, a graduation gift from them, while he helps Maddy finish the forms. After they're done filling out the forms, Maddy picks me up and sits me down on the couch to start practicing for the interview.

After we get done practicing, Maddy and Paddy start getting ready to leave. Maddy checks my diaper to make sure I don't need to be changed again, but I'm ok. Paddy picks me up, grabs the forms, the diaper bag, and my iPad for me to play with while we wait at the office. Maddy grabs the stroller they bought me a little while ago and puts it in the car. Paddy puts the forms, diaper bag with a bottle of water in case I get thirsty, and the iPad in the backseat of the car and then straps me into the car seat. Then, we're off.

We arrive at the government office building. It looks a lot like the government office buildings on Earth, worn out and outdated. Nothing impressive, but it is big which is why they brought the stroller. My little legs would get tired if I had to walk through the long maze of hallways. Paddy puts me in my stroller and puts the diaper bag and iPad in the basket underneath. He puts the bottle of water in the cupholder on the stroller. Maddy grabs the forms and locks the car.

We walk into the waiting room and Paddy sits down with me while Maddy turns in the forms and checks us in. Paddy hands me my iPad, and Maddy comes back and says we have about a 30 minute wait. Government bureaucracy at its finest. I look around the room and see other parents with their Earth children. I recognize one as a classmate from school and wave hello and start playing on my iPad. About 20 minutes pass, and Maddy checks my diaper again. The whole time we've been waiting I've been guzzling the water so I'm wet. Maddy takes me to the bathroom and changes me. We come back just in time to hear our name called.

We follow the office worker to the office where we'll have the interview. There are three chairs, one with a booster seat, on one side of the desk. We all sit down in our respective seats. The person who will be interviewing us walks in and greets us. "Hi. Thank you so much for your patience. I'm Jane. I'll be conducting the interview today. Before we begin, please indulge me. I'm a big fan of your music." Maddy and Paddy smile and say thank you. This is a regular occurrence for our family. I've grown used to it at this point. Jane then proceeds with the interview. She asks when we plan to go to Earth, how long we'll be there, why we're going to Earth, how we plan to stay undercover, and what we'll do if something goes wrong. The interview was one hour long. I had a hard time staying awake. Once she was done with the interview, she said she'll get back to us in a couple of days with the agency's decision about our request to go to Earth.

After the interview, we head to a restaurant for lunch. We were all really hungry. We went to an Italian restaurant. I sat in a highchair and ordered chicken parmesan and a caesar salad with a soda. After lunch, Paddy checked my diaper, but I was ok. Then, we went home. When we got home Paddy undressed me from my nice clothes and changed my diaper. I didn't feel like wearing clothes so I just wore my diaper which I do sometimes when I'm feeling really baby-ish. I was also really sleepy so I asked to be tucked into my crib for a nap. Paddy placed a bottle and paci in the crib with me. I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up a couple of hours later wet again, but I had to wait for Maddy or Paddy to see me awake on their phones. I popped my paci in and stood up holding the bar of the crib. Maddy walked in just a few minutes later, got me out of my crib, and changed me into nothing but a diaper. I spent the rest of the day with no clothes, except for when I went to bed. Paddy dressed me in a regular onesie.

The next few days were just a waiting game for us for the news from the government about the approval for the trip to Earth. That will come in Part 4.


Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Little
So, yeah, it's been a while. Here's a new update. This is part 3b if you will.

While waiting for the government's approval for our trip back to Earth, I decide to tell Maddy and Paddy something that I've been thinking about a lot. I'm a transgender boy.

I waddle into the kitchen where Maddy and Paddy are making lunch. I've got butterflies in my stomach, and I can feel myself wetting myself not just from incontinence but also from nervousness.

"Maddy, Paddy, can I tell you guys something?"

Paddy turns around, looks at me, picks up on my nerves, and picks me up holding me tightly.

"Of course, sweetie. What is it?", says Maddy.

"I know I'm your little child, and I love that you don't make me be the girl my parents on Earth tried to make me into, but I really think I'm a boy. Can I be your little boy?"

"Oh, buddy, of course you can!", says Paddy, "We love you no matter what! You can be whoever you want!"

Paddy squeezes me and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I pee a little more.

Lunch is about ready so they strap me into the highchair.

"You know, sweetie, there's something we've wanted to talk about with you for a while.", says Maddy.

"Really?", I mumble through a bite of a sandwich.

"Yes. You know, women in Ubrania have some magical powers. One of those powers is that we can produce breast milk at any time regardless of whether or not we've actually given birth to a baby. Our breast milk also has some healing powers for minor conditions for Earthlings too. It can heal you of depression, anxiety, imperfect vision, allergies, you name it. Would you be interested in nursing, baby boy?", says Maddy.

I pause for a moment. "Can I think about it?", I ask.

"Absolutely, sweetie.", she says.

We all finish our lunch, and Paddy takes me upstairs to change me. I go through lots of diapers!

"I love you so much, son.", he says as he pins on my terry cloth diaper and kisses me on my tummy. "Love you too, Paddy.", I say squirming a little bit. "It's going to take a few weeks to hear back from the government about our trip to Earth, but, what do you say we have a boy's night out - your first boy's night out?", he asked sliding on some crinkly plastic pants. "That sounds awesome!", I say squirming more. He chuckles. "You're really squirmy today. You must be excited that you know you're loved, huh?", he said snapping the closures of my onesie. I nod yes. He lifts me up and takes me back downstairs to watch TV while he and Maddy pay bills and take care of paperwork for a tour they have coming up.

As I'm watching TV, I think more about nursing. No more depression, anxiety, allergies? But what would it be like to suck on a boob without it being sexual? A few hours go by, and I start to get a little hungry. I slide down off the couch and waddle into the kitchen where Maddy and Paddy are working. I lift my arms up to Maddy to indicate that I want to picked up and held. "Hi, baby.", she says softly kissing me on the forehead. I look up at her and ask, "Maddy, I'm hungry. Can I try nursing?" She says, "Of course! I didn't expect you to decide so soon!" She begins unbuttoning her shirt and taking off her bra. I see her boob, and I begin to have a huge urge to want it in my mouth. Not sexually though. She gently pushes my head onto her boob, and I can feel it slowly going into my mouth. It's soft. Her lotion smells nice. I start sucking. At first, nothing comes out. Then a few more sucks later, I can feel and taste her milk in my mouth. It tastes like something I've never tasted before. It's mildly sweet. I feel a tingling sensation going through my whole body. I can feel so much more calmer and happier. My blurry vision is becoming clearer. I keep sucking until I'm full.

I pull my head back and look up at Maddy. She's beaming. She pulls me in for a hug and kisses me on the cheek. "Love you, my precious baby boy." Paddy looks at me, gives me a thumbs up, and says, "Atta boy." I waddle back into the living room and watch more TV until dinner.

After that, I do a mixture of breastfeeding and eating real food.

One of the times I had to eat real food was at Paddy and my's boy's night out. I got to invite a friend and his dad to go with us. I invited my friend Mark from school and his dad Jerry. Mark is like me. He's a trans boy too. For the boy's night we went to dinner and a football game. Paddy put me in an extra thick diaper because he knew I was going to want to drink a lot at the game which was right. I got drunk and woke up the next day in my crib in another extra thick diaper that was soaked.

Maddy saw that I was awake because she came in a few minutes later to change me. "I wish your dad wouldn't let you drink so much. I get worried.", she said flustered. She then proceeded to breastfeed me because I was hungry and to heal me from my hangover while she was rocking me in the rocking chair. I fell right back to sleep so she tucked me into my crib. When I woke up, she nursed me and changed me again so we could run errands.

Part 4 is next.


Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Little
Part 4

"Buddy, it's time to get up." Paddy says to me lightly rubbing me on the back with me in my bed. "We need go back to the government building to hear what they decided for you to go back to Earth today." I roll over and rub my eyes. I was sucking on a pacifier so I just nodded. Paddy picked me up and took me downstairs to nurse for my breakfast. "Good morning, baby boy. Sleepy?" I nod yes, pacifier still in mouth. I pop it out to start to nurse while Maddy rubs my back and head. Nursing is one of my favorite parts of the day. I was feeling nervous about the government's decision, but nursing helped me calm down. After I was done, Maddy takes me back to my room to change me out of my pajamas and wet diaper to give me a bath. She gives me my bath and puts me in a fresh diaper and some clean clothes. She takes me downstairs and puts me in the playpen while she and Paddy get things together to go the government building and to run errands.

I'm strapped in the car seat with a bottle, my pacifier clipped to my shirt, and my iPad, and we're off. We pull up to the building, and Paddy get me out of the car seat and puts me into the stroller. We walk into the building and Paddy and I find a place for us to sit while Maddy checks us in while we wait for our appointment. Paddy checks my diaper, but it was dry. A few minutes go by, but it seems like forever. I'm starting to get anxious again because the magic from the nursing is starting to wear off. I want so badly to go back to Earth because I miss my friends. I hear our name called, and Maddy puts me back into the stroller while Paddy gets our things. We go into the office, and Maddy and Paddy sit down in the chairs for adults, but I stay in the stroller. The building is out of booster seats. The agent tells us that we are approved to go back to Earth! She has Maddy and Paddy sign some forms while she tells them all the rules that we have to follow. She turns to me, and says, "Sweetie, when you go back to Earth, you can't tell people where you live now, ok? You also can't leave anything about Ubrania behind so make sure you don't forget anything when you come back, ok?" I nod yes. "You will also go back to the way you were in Earth before you came to Ubrania." I was surprised to hear this. I thought I wouldn't change. Apparently, since I've been nursing, I actually become part-Ubranian for a while. After the agent explains everything to us, we're free to go. Maddy checks my diaper first. I'm wet. The meeting did last a while, and I was excited.

We go to the bathroom where Paddy changes me. "Buddy, you want to go shopping for some more boy clothes today? We were planning on doing that regardless of what the agent said, and we want to make sure you have clothes you like now that you're our little boy!" I get excited and say "Yes! Love you Paddy." "Love you too, son." Paddy finishes diapering me, pops the poppers in the crotch of my pants, and sets me back in the stroller with my paci and bottle. We meet back up with Maddy, and Paddy tells her that I want to go shopping. "So happy, precious baby boy." and rubs my cheek.

We're off to a children's clothing store. It's all high-end. There are amazing button down shirts, polos, clip on ties, onesies, pants and shorts with poppers in the crotch for little boys in diapers like me, and blazers. There's a store associate who grabs everything for us when I tell them what I want and takes it to a fitting room. After I'm done picking everything I want out, we go back to the fitting room. Maddy changes me out of my clothes. The only thing I have on is my diaper. One by one, I try things on. Everything looks great, but some things like the suits needed to be tailored a little bit. We leave the clothes behind that need to be tailored to pick them back up later.

We go off to lunch. I'm in the mood for real food this time. I devour some chicken tenders and fries. At lunch, Maddy and Paddy tell me that, in Ubrania, they have doctors who can grow genitalia, and they ask me if that's something I'd like to do after our trip to Earth. I get excited and say I'd love to! I could have a real penis. They tell me to think about it more. It would be permanent, and, if I ever decide to go back to Earth permanently, I would have to get it surgically removed. They want me to think about what my feelings about Earth are like when I come back to Ubrania. That makes sense to me. Still a little hungry, I ask to nurse. Ubrania is very progressive so women nursing in public isn't a big deal. I feel calm and a little sleepy. Maddy checked my diaper which is always wet after a meal, especially nursing. It was wet again so she changes it. "Boy, you go through diapers quick." she says with a little tickle on my tummy. That wakes me up a little bit. She finishes up, and says, "Let's go get your new boy clothes, ok?" I nod with the paci in my mouth. I love my pacis.

We start to head home and get my clothes on the way while running other errands. I get excited for our trip next week! When we get home, Maddy and Paddy put my new clothes away. We eat dinner and settle down for the night. Paddy turns on a movie. I cuddle up with Paddy while we watch. He kisses me on the head, and says, "I love you, son." "Love you too, Paddy" I fall asleep halfway through the movie, and Maddy puts me in my extra thick night diaper and new pajamas and places me in my crib. "Good night, my precious baby boy. Maddy loves you." she whispers and kisses me on the head.

- - - Updated - - -

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Part 5

So it's the day of our trip to Earth. Maddy and Paddy are scurrying around packing everything up, and I'm safely sitting in my playpen playing. It seems like Maddy and Paddy are almost done. Paddy comes over to give me one last diaper check before we head out. I'm a little wet so he takes me back to my room to change me. I might really lose my bladder in the commute from Ubrania back to Earth because it can be an overwhelming process apparating like wizards in Harry Potter. "Are you excited for the trip, buddy?" he asks. I nod yes with my pacifier in my mouth. "I bet you're a little nervous too, huh?" I nod yes again. "It's going to be ok. Maddy and I will be there with you." He tickles my tummy and puts me back into my clothes. He carries me downstairs where Maddy is waiting for us. Since Ubranians travel to Earth by apparating, it's hard to carry all of your things so there is a service that ships your luggage to Earth for you. The service must have came because all the luggage was gone. Since I have to be a big boy when we go to Earth, we're not taking the stroller, car seat, or booster seat. We were only approved for 72 hours so we're only taking clothes. I can only use my pacifier, sippy cups, and bottles in the privacy of our hotel room. "Ready to go, sweetie?" Maddy asks. "Yes." I say. We go outside, I take my pacifier out of my mouth and put it in my pocket, and grab Maddy and Paddy's hands. Before I know it, we're whisked away going at light speed to Earth. Within seconds, we land. I see Maddy and Paddy start to shrink to my size like they did when they came to pick me up. We landed right outside my apartment. It's exactly how I left it. When I left Earth to come to Ubrania, I locked up my apartment and took the keys with me even though life on Earth was paused. When I got to Ubrania, Maddy and Paddy made sure my apartment keys were safely stored in a safe. They remembered to get them before coming back to Earth. We walked up to the door, and I unlocked it. I remembered that my roommate went away on a trip so she wasn't there. It felt weird to be somewhere that was my size. I could stand at the kitchen counter like a normal adult. I grabbed a few things like photos and other sentimental items. It was very emotional. I sat down in my apartment living room crying. "It's a lot to take in, huh, sweetheart?" Maddy asks gently rubbing my back. I nod yes. "Oh, baby boy." she says pulling me closer to her. "It's going to be ok. Shh shh shh."

After we wrapped up at my apartment, we go to other places of significance to me like my job and my church all the while making sure no one I knew sees us. We head to a restaurant I loved. Instead of sitting in a high chair or booster seat, I sit on a normal chair - eye level with my parents. It was all so surreal. After dinner, we head to our hotel to unwind. It's been an emotional day for all of us. I can't nurse because, when Maddy and Paddy shrink, their Ubranian magic is limited. Thankfully, Maddy pumped and stored some of her breastmilk so I drink it from a bottle in our hotel room. After I'm done, Maddy changes me for the night, and I curl up in bed with them. I slowly fall asleep.


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Part 6

It's the second day of our 3 day trip to Earth. I wake up in bed with my parents. It weirds me out that my parents and I are the same size. "Good morning, buddy." Paddy said with a yawn rubbing me on the top of my head. "Good morning, Paddy." Maddy was already up, and she went downstairs to bring up some breakfast for us from the lobby. We eat our breakfast, and I have a bottle of Maddy's milk. After breakfast, Paddy gives me a bath and changes my diaper. Then, away we go.

Today, we decided to go to a history museum because my parents also want to learn more about my home planet. As we stroll through each of the exhibits, I think about how I would feel leaving Ubrania forever and living on Earth again. I miss my friends on Earth a lot, but I feel so much safer and loved in Ubrania. I have good memories of Earth, but I also have bad memories like my Earth parents disowning me and being bullied in school.

"Are you ok, sweetheart?", Maddy asked concerned, "You've been awfully quiet." "I'm just thinking.", I reply. She rubs me on the back. "Want to talk later?", she asked. "Yeah.", I reply. I fidget with my pacifier that I have hidden in my pocket. I want to suck on it, but I can't do that in public.

After spending the day at the museum and sight seeing, we head back to the hotel for the night. As soon as we get back to the room, I stick my paci in my mouth while Maddy gets me my bottle. I suck on the bottle very quickly. I was hungry and anxious. After I finish my bottle, Paddy changes me. "Paddy? Can I ask you something?", I ask. "Of course, little dude.", he replies ruffling my hair. "If I were to get a penis in Ubrania, what would that be like?", I ask. "Well, first the doctor would need to get a small sample of your skin so they can start growing the penis in the lab. That takes a couple of months. Then, they'll remove your entire female reproductive system and replace it with the male reproductive system, including the penis and testicles. After that, you'll need to stay in the hospital for a week or so so they can monitor you.", he replied. "That seems like a lot. How big would my penis be?", I ask. "Oh, it would be pretty small because you're just a baby, but, if you decide to grow up and go through puberty, it would grow.", he replied. "Oh.", I replied thinking about what it would be like to have a penis. Paddy is done diapering me, and I get changed into my pajamas. Tonight is the last night on Earth. Maddy reads me a story, and I drift off to sleep hearing Maddy say, "Goodnight, my precious little boy. I love you."

- - - Updated - - -

Part 7

I wake up the same way I usually do with the usual routine except this time, Maddy and Paddy are packing up our things. Today, we have to go back to Ubrania, and the shipping service Ubranians use to transport their things to and from other planets is coming to pick up our things. After handing our things over the shipping service and getting breakfast, we head out to go back to my apartment. My roommate is still gone on her trip so it's the only truly private space we have. This is where we apparate back to Ubrania. I take one last look around to see if there's anything else I want to take back. There isn't so I hold on tight to Maddy and Paddy's hands and whoosh. We're whisked back to Ubrania.

The second we land, Maddy and Paddy grow back to their usual size, and I feel little (and safe) again. Paddy picks me up, and we walk back inside our house. "Home sweet home!", he exclaims. Apparating really takes it out of me so I'm starving. I ask to nurse, and Maddy excitedly obliges. It felt so good to nurse again. The milk tasted so fresh, and I felt truly calm again. "Love you, baby boy." she says kissing me on the head and holding me tight. "You've had a busy past couple of days. We all have. Are you sleepy, baby?" I nod yes with my paci in my mouth again. "Ok. Let's all take a nap." Maddy takes me up to my room where she changes me into a fresh diaper. Then, she sits down in the rocking chair and rocks me to sleep before laying me down in my crib.

I wake up a couple of hours later a little groggy. Maddy walks in a little groggy herself and picks me up and checks my diaper. Not too wet though she changes me anyway. She knows I love getting my diaper changed.

We spent the rest of the day just lounging around the house recovering from our trip. It felt so good to be back at home again.


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Part 8

A few days after our trip to Earth, I waddle into the living room where my parents are. I crawl up onto the couch and sit in between them.

"Hi, baby boy. What's up?" Maddy asks.

I pop my paci out.

"Maddy...Paddy, I liked going to Earth, but I don't think I want to live there again. I'm sure I want to live in Ubrania forever. I want to get a penis. I want to be the boy I am, and I feel safe doing that here." I say before popping my paci back in.

"Ok, sweetheart! Thanks for talking about this with us. I'll make an appointment with your pediatrician." Maddy says.

"Good boy!" Paddy says ruffling my hair. "Wanna go hiking tomorrow, buddy? Just us boys? I don't have anything to do."

I smile and nod yes.

I sit for a little while. I pop out my paci again. "There's something else I want to talk to you about."

"What's that, sport?" asks Paddy.

"Can I call you both Mommy and Daddy instead? I want you to be like other parents." I ask.

"Of course!" says Daddy.

I pop my paci back in and snuggle up with Daddy. Daddy rubs my back and pats my bottom. We hang out until dinner.

Before dinner, Daddy takes me to my room to change my diaper. I'm squirmy. I'm always squirmy when I get excited. "Excited about getting your penis, huh?" I nod yes. I have a paci in my mouth most of the time now. I feel Daddy slowly pull down my pants. Then, I hear him undo the snaps on my onesie. Then, he undoes my diaper, wraps it up, and throws it away in the diaper pail. I feel the air around my crotch. Daddy wipes me down with a cold, wet baby wipe. Then he rubs on some baby lotion and diaper powder, lifts up my butt, slides a new diaper underneath, brings it up between my legs, and tapes me up. Snug and secure. He redoes the snaps on my onesie and pulls my pants back up. I hear the crinkle of the diaper. The pattern on this diaper was baby blue "Baby Boy" baby-ish text with pacifiers and rattles. It's one of my favorite patterned diapers.

"Love you, Daddy." I say through my paci.

"Love you too, son." Daddy says kissing my forehead. "Dinner's not ready yet. Wanna pick out your clothes for our hike tomorrow?"

I nod yes.

Daddy shows me some clothes. I pick out a pair of jeans with poppers in the crotch, a t-shirt that says "Daddy's boy", and my hiking boots.

Daddy takes me back downstairs to the kitchen where he straps me into my highchair where Mommy had a bottle of juice ready for me. Mommy is almost done cooking dinner, and Daddy goes to help her finish.


Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Little
Part 10

It's hike day with Daddy!

Mommy wakes me up from my toddler bed. "Good morning, little one." Mommy says gently rubbing my back. "Good morning, Mommy." I say as I roll over. My extra thick double terry cloth diaper is nearly soaked as usual. Mommy picks me up and takes me downstairs. I can smell the delicious breakfast: pancakes with bacon. "We need to get you boys your energy for the day." she says with a smile as she straps me into my highchair. She gives me two bottles: one with orange juice and one with water to take my de-aging pill with. I take those just once a week now. I've de-aged enough so it's just to keep me from growing up. I'm a perpetual 2-year old.

"Excited for our boy's hike, buddy?" Daddy asks excitedly.

"Yep, Daddy! Can't wait!" I say with food in my mouth.

After I finished eating the real food, I asked to nurse. Mommy always makes sure to give me enough food to mostly fill me up so I still have some room to nurse when I want. "In just a minute, sweetie." she says, "Let me finish cleaning up. Then, I'll take you to your nursery to nurse you." I love it when she nurses me in the rocking chair. It relaxes me even more.

After she's done cleaning up, she takes me out of the highchair and carries me upstairs to my nursery. She sits down in the rocking chair and unbuttons her shirt and bra. She then gently pushes my head to her breast, and I nurse. She checks my diaper while I'm nursing. "You're almost soaked, baby. After you're done, I'll give you a bath and change you, ok?" After a few minutes of nursing, I can feel my diaper getting fuller, but I don't worry about it because I know Mommy will change me soon. "I'm happy you and Daddy are getting some special time together, but I want a little more time with you before you go on your hike too, ok? I want to read you a story." she says sticking my paci in my mouth. "This story is about a little boy like you who is trying to be the best little boy he can be." We sit in the rocking chair while she reads to me. After she finishes the story, my diaper is completely full almost leaking. She checks it, and says, "Just in time! Let's get you cleaned up!" She runs the bath while she changes me out of my diaper. "You're such a good little boy. You know that, sweetheart? You don't put up a fuss, and I know you love me and Daddy a lot." I nod and say, "Yes, Mommy. I love you so much." through my paci.

She cleans me up and lets me play with my bath toys for a few minutes. After that, she takes me out, dries me off, and puts me in a new diaper. This one had teddy bears in diapers on it.

"Now, Daddy says you two picked out clothes last night. Let's see. Ah! Yes. Here they are." she says looking around.

She puts me in my jeans with poppers, the "Daddy's boy" t-shirt, and hiking boots. "Don't you look adorable, my little adventurer." She picks me up and takes me back downstairs where Daddy was getting things ready. He has a baby carrier and a diaper bag.

"Ready to go, little buddy?" he asks picking me up to take me to car.

"Yep, Daddy! Bye bye, Mommy! Love you!" I say waving to Mommy.

"Bye bye, sweetie! Love you too." she says.

"Honey, be careful. I know you boys like to have too much fun." she says in a slightly firm voice to Daddy.

"We'll be fine! Boys will be boys." he says high-fiveing me chuckling.

"Boys..." she says with a sigh.

He carries me to the car and straps me into my car seat with Mommy trailing behind with the baby carrier and diaper bag. Then, we're off.

Daddy and I arrive to the trail in the nearby state park. I want to try to hike it too so I hold Daddy's hand while we hike. Daddy points out different trees, plants, and animals and tells me what they are. Plants and animals are a little different here than the ones on Earth. After a while, my little legs get tired so he puts me in the baby carrier on his back and carries me the rest of the way up. When we get to the top of the mountain we're climbing, Daddy takes off the baby carrier and takes me out of it. He pulls out some snacks and a bottle for me and a regular adult water bottle for him. There are other people on the trail.

While we take our break, a few of Mommy and Daddy's fans come up to say hi. This is a regular occurrence in our family, but Mommy and Daddy are always gracious with their fans. Sometimes, the fans want to talk to me. "Hi, cutie. I like your t-shirt. Your daddy is a nice man, huh?" I shyly nod yes. They ask to take a selfie with me and Daddy which we do. Daddy then signals to them that they need to move on. "Thank you, ladies. It was nice to meet you." They say their goodbyes and walk away.

Daddy and I wrap up our break. "Think you can walk down the mountain some, buddy? It's a lot easier to walk down a hill than up a hill." He asks. I nod yes. He packs up the baby carrier back up, grabs my hand, and takes us back down the mountain. I went far, but I got tired so he put me back into the baby carrier.

We get back to the car. He holds me while he packs the car back up. Before he closes the trunk of the car where he put the baby carrier and the diaper bag, he checks my diaper. It was wet. "Time for you to be changed!" He grabs a blanket from the diaper bag and lays it out on the lowered hatch of the SUV to make a makeshift changing table. He lays me down on it. He pops open my jeans and takes off my wet diaper, exposing me to the public. It's a busy parking lot and people are walking by. I'm not ashamed though. I'm used to it at this point. He changes me into a dry diaper. This one is a crinkly one with dinosaurs. He hears my tummy grumble. "What do you say we go get some ice cream, kiddo? We worked up quite an appetite!" he says. I say, "Yes, please, Daddy! With whipped cream and a cherry on top!" I say excitedly. Daddy chuckles as he picks me up and straps me back into my car seat.

We stop by an ice cream place where I get a chocolate sundae and Daddy gets an ice cream cone. I get a little messy and some of it gets on my shirt. Daddy tries to clean me up in the bathroom, but he's not able to get everything. We head home.

We pull into the garage. Mommy must have heard the garage door open because she came to car help Daddy unpack. She got me out of the car seat. "Hi, my little adventurer! Did you have fun on your hike?" she asks me. I pop out my paci and say, "Yes, Mommy! We saw lots of animals and got ice cream on the way back!" "You did? You got ice cream?" she asks with disapproving voice and glance towards Daddy who acted like he didn't hear. As she carried me back into the house, she says in Daddy's direction, "Someone is doing the dishes after dinner tonight!" Mommy and Daddy are so silly sometimes.

Mommy changed me out of my dirty clothes and diaper and gave me another bath because I was filthy too before she diapered me back up again and put me into a sleeper so I could take a nap. I was sleepy from the hike. She tucked me into my crib where she placed a bottle, my paci, and a toy. She turned on the mobile above the crib that plays soft music, and I was fast sleep.

I was asleep for about a couple of hours before I woke back up again. I drank from my bottle and played with my toy while I waited for Mommy or Daddy to get me from my crib. Shortly after that, one of them saw I was awake on the baby monitor and came in to get me. Daddy picked me up and did a diaper check. It wasn't too wet so he took me to the rocking chair to read me a story so I could wake up a little more. "I love being with you, Daddy." I say. "I love being with you too, son.", he says hugging me. My tummy grumbled again. "Let's go see if dinner is ready." He picked me up and took me into the kitchen where Mommy was cooking dinner. He put me into my highchair and placed my bottle in front of me. Dinner was just about ready.

We finished dinner, and, while Daddy did the dishes (teehee!), Mommy took me into the living room where she nursed me. She had me pick out a movie to watch before bed. I picked one and Mommy got it ready. It was an adult movie this time. Even though I'm a baby in Ubrania, I still haven't stopped appreciating adult things too which Mommy and Daddy understand. Daddy seemed to know I was feeling like doing some adult things tonight so he brought me a beer. "Here ya go, dude. Good job on the hike today. You hiked a lot!" We settled into the movie, and I cuddled with Mommy and Daddy. I wasn't tired yet so we watched another movie. This time it was a kids one.

I was sleepy after the second movie so Daddy took me to bed. He put me in my nightly diaper. This time it was extra thick with a booster in addition to the usual double thick terry cloth. I did have a lot to drink before bed. He put me into a cozy sleeper and tucked me into my toddler bed with my bottle, pacifier, and toy. "Good night, little buddy. Love you." he said kissing me on the head and turning out the lights. I fell peacefully asleep.


Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Little
Part 11: Becoming the Baby Boy I Really Am

It's the day of my big operation! I'm getting my penis today! A couple of months ago, we gave the doctors a sample of my skin, and it's supposed to have grown enough that they can make a small penis out of it and it will grow as I grow.

I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything until after the operation, and I had to begin fasting last night.

"Good morning, baby boy." Mommy says gently rubbing my back as she does every morning. I roll over and say good morning. Since I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything, Mommy picks me up and takes me the bathroom to give me a bath instead of to the kitchen for breakfast. "How do you feel today, sweetie? It's a big day." she asks. "I'm nervous and excited. Is it ok that I'm doing this, Mommy?" I say. "Of course it is, baby. Daddy and Mommy love you for who you are: are sweet, loving baby boy. We want you to be happy. If having a body that is like other boys is going to make you happy, we want to help you do that!" I nod and say, "Ok, Mommy. I love you." and go back to playing with my bath toys and sucking on my paci.

After I'm done with my bath, Mommy dries me off and puts me into a fresh diaper. This one has the words "Baby Boy" in alphabet blocks on it. My tummy grumbles. "I'm hungry and thirsty, Mommy. Can I please nurse?" I ask. "No, baby. The doctor said you can't eat or drink anything until after the operation." I start to cry. "I know, sweetie. You'll be ok." she said in a soothing voice as she finishes diapering me and putting me in clothes. I'm still crying. She takes me over to the rocking chair and rocks me while rubbing my back and telling me I'm going to be ok soon. Slowly, my cries turn into whimpers, and I eventually stop and fall back to sleep.

Next thing I know, I'm in my car seat in the car on the way to the children's hospital. Daddy sees that I've woken up. "How's my brave little boy?" he asks. "I'm ok, Daddy." I say before popping my paci back in. "You're going to do great today, buddy!" he says. I nod. The rest of the car ride I'm pretty quiet. I just look out the window.

After what seemed like the longest car ride ever, we finally pull up the hospital. We walk into the hospital with Daddy carrying me. I hold onto him a little tighter than usual. He rubs my back, kisses me on the cheek, and tells me "I love you." Mommy checks us in and Daddy finds us a place we can sit together. There are lots of other little children here. Some of them are playing with toys, some are crying, and some of them are just sitting with their parents. I stay with Daddy and cuddle with him until the nurse comes to get us.

We hear my name being called. I hold onto Daddy tight and begin to whimper again. "It's ok, buddy. I got you." he says squeezing me. We're led into an exam room where the nurse takes my vitals. All is normal. After that, we're led into the operating room to wait for the doctor. The nurse instructs Daddy to lay me down on the bed so they can hook up the IV, catheter, anesthetic and other things. I begin to whimper again as Daddy pulls me off him. "It's ok, little boy. Mommy and I are right here." He let me hold onto his hand. The nurse takes off my diaper and hooks up the catheter.

After everything is all set, we then wait for a few minutes until the doctor comes. It feels strange to be laying in the bed with only a hospital gown on and no diaper. The breeze feels nice.

The doctor comes in. "Hiya, sport! You doing ok?" he says ruffling my hair. I nod with my pacifier in my mouth. "That's great! This is going to be over quicker than you know." He then turns over to Mommy and Daddy and says they can stay until the anesthetic takes hold, then they'll have to go into the observation room. I squeeze Daddy's hand. Mommy and Daddy kiss me on the forehead and say they love me.

"Ok. Let's get started shall we? Ok, buddy. On the count of 3 the nurse is going to start the anesthetic. When that happens, I'll tell you to count backwards from 20." Mommy takes my paci. I won't need it when I'm asleep. "Ok, 1...2...3...go! Start counting backwards from 20."

"20...19...18...17...six...teen....fif....teen...four..." I couldn't get to 14 until I drifted off to sleep.

The next thing I knew, I woke up in a hospital room - not the operating room. "Mommy?" I quietly say. Mommy looked up, "I'm right here, sweetie." she said as she quickly rushed to me. She gently rubs my face. "You did a great job, baby. Daddy and Mommy are so proud of you." she says. "Is it done? Can I see it?" I ask. "It's all done, but you need to rest first. We'll ask the doctor if you can see it when he comes back to check on you, ok? He'll be back later." I nod. "Can I have my paci? When can I have something to eat?" I ask. "Sure, sweetie. Here you go. We'll get some baby food from the cafeteria soon when the doctor gives the clear." I nod with my paci in my mouth. I can feel that I don't have a diaper on still so I must still have the catheter on, but my crotch does feel different. I'm still sleepy so I drift back to sleep.

I woke up sometime later. Daddy notices. "Hi, sleepyhead." he said ruffling my hair. "Just in time. The nurse said the doctor should be here any minute." I nod. Sure enough, the doctor came by just a couple minutes later. "There's the little trooper!" he says. "You were such a brave little boy. Good job." I smile and nod, still sleepy. He turns to Mommy and Daddy. "So, Mom and Dad, his vitals are stabilizing, but I still want to keep him overnight. He can eat a little bit...think several small snacks instead of big meals and drink as much water as he wants until he goes home tomorrow. When he goes home tomorrow, he can go back to his usual diet. He shouldn't touch his penis for the next couple of weeks or until the stitches fall out. When you diaper and bathe him, be very gentle and avoid scented lotions and powders. He should avoid rigorous activity for the next couple of weeks. Here's a packet with all this information." he says. "Thank you, doctor. He was asking earlier if he can see it?" Daddy asks. "Yes, he can look but not touch." the doctor said. He then turned back to me, and said, "Did you hear that, sport? You can look at your peepee but not touch, ok?" I nod. "Good boy. I'll be back to check on you later, but, first, I have a little surprise." He digs into his coat pocket and pulls out a little teddy bear. "Good little patients deserve presents! Will you promise to be a good little boy and not touch your peepee for two weeks?" I nod yes sucking on my paci. "Good boy!" he said ruffling my hair again and giving me the teddy bear. I hold onto the bear. "I'll be back later." he said as he left.

Mommy and Daddy come over. "He's such a nice doctor, isn't he, sweetheart?" Mommy asks. I nod yes. "Want to see your peepee?" I nod yes. Daddy helps me sit up while Mommy pulls back the blankets and pulls up my hospital gown. There it is. Two small testicles and the small penis with the catheter. There are scars and stitches, but it looks amazing to me. "I love it." I quietly say. "Can I have something to eat now? I'm hungry." I ask. "Sure, but just a little bit. We'll get some baby food from the cafeteria." Mommy says. She reaches for the phone by the bed to place an order. "It'll be here soon." she says. I nod with my tummy growling. They already have a bottle with water, and they give it to me. I suck on that like there's no tomorrow. I was so thirsty. I went through two full bottles by the time my food came. Mommy fed me a small jar of carrot flavored baby food. It was ok, but it calmed my tummy down a little bit. I fell back to sleep. I woke up only to eat and drink.

- - - Updated - - -

Part 12

I woke up the next morning to a nurse poking and prodding me. "Oh, you're awake! Good morning, sugar. I'm the nurse who will be taking care of you today." I nod, rubbing my eyes. I feel a little better today.

"Hi, baby boy." Mommy says. "Hi, Mommy. Can I have something to eat and a bottle?" I ask. "Of course." she says. She feeds me another jar of baby food and gives me another bottle of water. It feels really weird to not have a diaper on. Having some air around my crotch is nice, but I miss my diapers. I feel more secure with them. "Where's Daddy?" I ask. "Oh, he just went to the cafeteria to eat his breakfast. He'll be back soon." I nod ok finishing off the baby food. I wish I could have more, but I know I have to eat little bits at a time.

Since I'm more alert today, I watch TV to pass the time. I watch children's cartoons. The doctor came by just as Daddy was coming back from the cafeteria. The doctor inspects me. With a frown, he turns to my parents and say that my stitches aren't healing as quickly as he hoped but he'll be back in the afternoon to check again. If they heal enough, I could go home tonight. If not, I'll have to stay another night. I hope they heal enough. I want to be able to wear my diapers again and sleep in my own bed and eat real food.

The doctor leaves, and I spend the next several hours watching TV. Like most little boys, I like to be active. I want to get up and go play, but Mommy and Daddy have to keep reminding me that I need to stay in bed.

The doctor comes by again. "Hiya, sport! Are you being a good little boy and following the rules?" I nod, "Yes, sir." I say. "Good boy. I'm going to take a look at your peepee again." He pulls up the gown and take a look at it. He has his frown again. I know what that means. "I'm sorry, buddy, but you need to stay another night. Can you be a good little boy for another night?" I start to cry. "I want to go home!" Mommy rushes over to calm me down. "It's ok, sweetie. You can do this." she says rubbing my head and giving me a hug. "O...kay" I say in between sobs. "I'm sorry, buddy. I know it sucks, but this is to keep you safe and healthy." the doctor said in a reassuring tone. "You can have a little bit of ice cream if you want." he said. That made me feel a little better. "Ok." I say resignedly. "Good boy. Thank you for being a brave good little boy." he said before leaving.

Daddy orders a small vanilla ice cream and turns the TV back on. I just spend the rest of the day watching TV to distract me and to keep me being a good boy for the doctor.

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Part 13

It's the next morning, and I wake right up. "Good morning, buddy." Daddy says. "The doctor will be here soon." I nod. "Let's get you something to eat." Daddy orders more baby food and gives me a bottle of water.

After I eat, the doctor comes. "Good morning, little guy! Have you been a good little boy?" I nod yes squeezing the teddy bear he gave me. "Good boy. I'm going to have a look at your peepee again." He took a look, and looked at me with a smile. "You have been a good little boy! It's a lot better! If it looks better this afternoon, you could go home tonight! How does that sound, buddy?" I get a big smile, and say, "That sounds good!" He chuckles, "Atta boy!" giving me a high five before leaving.

Several hours pass before he comes again and checks on me. "I have good news! Because you've been a good little boy, you can go home tonight!" he says to me. I shout, "Yay!" He gives me another high five and turns to talk to Mommy and Daddy. "Ok, so before you can go home, I'm going to have the nurse come in and show you how to bathe him, give him his medicine, and, right before you go, how to change him. We'll get you all out of here in time for dinner." he said.

The nurse came in and showed Mommy and Daddy how to bathe me in a sink tub. I can't take baths in a bathtub for a while. I have to take baths in the sink. There's too much water in a bathtub. She later shows Mommy and Daddy how to mix my medicine with water so I can drink it from a bottle or sippy cup.

Then, the last and final thing we have to do, is they have to show Mommy and Daddy how to change me. They have to be very gentle with my penis and allow for more room in the crotch. Since they can't put it on as snug as usual, they say to make sure I wear a onesie to keep the diaper in place so it doesn't leak. It felt so good to wear a diaper again.

After Mommy and Daddy gather all our things, we check out of the hospital and go home. Mommy straps me into my car seat very gently. The strap that goes in between my legs can't be too tight so that it doesn't apply pressure to my crotch.

When we get home, Daddy orders a pizza for dinner since it's one of my favorite foods. I still have to be calm and can't run around and play yet, but I can play with my toys on the floor which is what I do while waiting for the pizza.

The pizza finally came, and I'm carefully strapped into my highchair. I devour my pizza. We ate all the pizza, but I was still hungry. Good thing though because it meant I could nurse again! Mommy took me up to the nursery to nurse me. Mommy sat down in the rocker, took off her shirt and bra, and put my mouth on her breast. I sucked away. I felt so happy and peaceful. Daddy came in shortly after. I was getting sleepy and they wanted to put me to bed early. "We're so proud of you, baby boy. I know it was hard to be at the hospital, but you were such a good baby. We love you so much." Mommy said. "That's right, buddy. Mommy and Daddy love you more than you'll ever know. Don't ever forget that." Daddy said. Mommy gave me a kiss and a gentle hug and handed me over to Daddy very carefully for him to change me into my night diaper and pajamas. He gently laid me down on the changing table, unpopped the poppers of my onesie and took it off, undid the tape of the wet disposable day diaper, slid it off, wrapped it up and threw it away in the diaper pail, slid a doubled up terry cloth diaper with a booster under me, gently rubbed on some unscented diaper lotion and powder, carefully pulled the diaper in between my legs, fastened the diaper pins, slipped on some plastic pants, and put me into a soft, fluffly sleeper. He picked me up, gently laid me down into the crib, tucked me in, and stuck my paci back into my mouth and set a bottle next to me. "Good night my baby boy. Daddy loves you." he said as he was leaning down to kiss me goodnight. I feel happy, content, and loved as I drift off to sleep.


Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Little
Part 14

It's been several days since my operation. As the scarring heals more and more and the pain subsides, I can feel my penis becoming more a part of me. I'm still getting used to sitting and walking with it. I have to be careful with how I lean forward, and I walk with slightly more of a waddle despite already walking with a waddle because of the thick diapers I wear. I'm still not allowed to touch it though I really really want to, but I'm being a good boy. Mommy and Daddy say that if I don't touch it for the whole two weeks, I'll get to go to the water park with a friend!

Mommy and Daddy have been making me sleep in my crib every night so that I don't get out of bed and run around too much which I don't mind. I love my crib and toddler bed equally.

Because I have to drink more water due to my medicine making me get thirsty easier, I've been going through a lot of diapers. I don't mind that though! It means extra changes which means I can look at my penis more!

One thing about being completely de-aged is that I don't get hormonal urges as much anymore so I haven't experienced an erection yet, but the doctor said that I only get to experience that when I decide to grow up and become a teenager. When I do that, I'll have to start taking testosterone and medicine that will turn my human body into a completely Ubranian one which means I will literally grow up. I'll be as big and tall as Mommy and Daddy. I'll also have to potty-trained again. I'm not even remotely thinking about that yet though. I've been in Ubrania for 7 years now, and so I've been a baby for 7 years. I love it. I love being totally and completely cared for. I don't have to worry about a thing. I just watch TV, play with my toys and friends, and nap all day.

These are just my thoughts I'm thinking about while I wait for Mommy and Daddy to come check on me in the morning. I can feel that my diaper has gotten really full, and I'm hungry. But I trust that they'll check on me soon. They're never away from the baby monitors for too long.

Sure enough, Mommy has come to check on me.

"Good morning, my precious baby boy. So sorry it took me so long to check on you. Daddy and I got caught up talking about the band."

"It's ok, Mommy. I know you love me and wouldn't neglect me." I said slightly muffled through my paci. "I'm hungry."

My tummy grumbled.

"Yes. We do love you. Let's get you some breakfast. I made waffles!"

She picked me up, took me to the kitchen, and strapped me in my highchair. She set down some pre-cut waffles drenched in syrup and a bottle of orange juice.

Daddy walked in.

"Hey, little buddy!" He said with his fist extended for a fist-bump. I set down my fork and made a little fist to fist-bump him back quickly swallowing my bite of waffle.

"Hey, Daddy."

"How do you feel this morning? Does your peepee still hurt?"

"I feel better, Daddy. It doesn't hurt as much. How many days until I can touch it, again?" I ask.

"Just 9 more days. You're being a good little boy though! We're proud of you!"

"Thanks, Daddy. I'm trying really hard."

"Yes! You are. What do you say we go see a movie later this afternoon?"

"Okay, Daddy! That sounds fun."

After I was finished eating, Mommy took me to the nursery to nurse me. Then, Daddy came in to give me a bath and to change/dress me just in time. My diaper was completely full. Daddy put me into some jeans and a onesie that says "Li'l Rockstar." He then picked me up and put me into the playpen in living room so he and Mommy can talk more about the band. I played with my toys or my iPad most of the morning with Mommy or Daddy checking on me periodically.

Lunchtime rolled around and Mommy came to pick me up to check my diaper which was pretty wet.

"Let's eat lunch. Then, I'll nurse and change you, sweetie. Then we can go see the movie and run some errands."

We ate our lunch of sandwiches and fruit. Then Mommy took me to the nursery to nurse and change me. Then, we were off to see the movie and run errands.

The movie we saw was really funny. It was a kid's movie obviously. Then, after a diaper check and change, we ran our errands: going to the bank, post office, and grocery store. The lady at the bank gave me a lollipop!

When we got home, Daddy started cooking dinner while Mommy changed me. At dinner, Mommy and Daddy asked me something. They asked me if I would like a little brother or sister!

"Sweetie, you know we love you and nothing will ever take that love away, but we were wondering. How would you feel if we added someone else - another little boy or girl like you - to the family who we can love and will love us back?" Mommy asked.

"That sounds really good, Mommy and Daddy! But will I have to share my toys and room?" I said.

"No, buddy. We will turn one of our other bedrooms into another nursery and buy different toys for the new child." Daddy said.

"Ok then! Let's do it!" I say excitedly.

"That's great! You're such a good, sweet little boy. You're going to be a great big brother." Mommy said.

I just smiled back.

"Something Mommy and I were talking a lot about this morning was that we want to record one more album and go on one more world tour before we bring another little child into our family. Then, we'll take some time off to focus on you and the new child more." Daddy said.

"That sounds good, but won't your fans be sad?" I asked. I've seen how much the fans love my mommy and daddy.

"Some might be, but we know they'll be happy for us too." Mommy said.

"Ok. When will we get the new child? Will they be from Earth like me?" I ask.

"We don't know exactly when, but we will start the process now because it can take a while. And, yes. They will be from Earth." Daddy said.


I start to get sleepy so Mommy takes me to the nursery to nurse and change me and put me to bed. Daddy comes up so they can both say goodnight.

"Goodnight, baby boy. We love you so much."


Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Little
Part 15

It's finally the day I can touch my penis for the first time!

Daddy wakes me up. "Morning, bud." he says gently tickling my bare foot that was sticking out of my blankies. I giggle and feel myself pee a little bit. "Hi, Daddy." I say reaching for my paci that fell out of my mouth while I was sleeping. "You know what today is, buddy?" he asks excitedly. "Yes, Daddy!" I exclaim. "When I give you your morning bath, you can touch your peepee, ok?" he says. I say, "Ok, Daddy!" He picks me up to take me downstairs for breakfast. I eat my breakfast really fast. I skip nursing because I'm too excited for my bath. Daddy takes of my pajamas and my wet diaper and places me in the warm bathtub. As soon as he does, I touch it. It's exhilarating. It's a little squishy because I don't have enough hormones in me to get an erection, but I'm pretty sure that if I did, I would have one right now.

"You're the boy you've always wanted to be, huh?" says Daddy. I nod yes. "Thank you for loving me as your son, Daddy. I love that you treat me as your baby boy." I say. "Aww. I love you, son." he says kissing me on the forehead. He finishes cleaning me up and lets me play in the tub for a few more minutes before taking me out to dry me off and put me into a new diaper and clothes.

Mommy and Daddy are going to the Earth human adoption agency today, and I'm not allowed to go this time so I'm going to my grandmother's house. I like going to Grandma's house. She lets me have all the cookies I want. Also, she's over 1,000 years old! Ubranians live a very long time.

Mommy and Daddy pack up the car and take me to Grandma's house. Car rides always make me very sleepy so I slept the whole way there and woke up in my pack-n-play crib. "There he is! My grandbaby boy is awake from his nap." I rub my eyes. "Hi, Grandma!" I yell. She picks me up and takes me to her rocking chair. "Are you hungry? Grandma has a bottle and cookies here for you." I nod and she starts feeding me and rocking me. After that, she takes me to the kitchen and straps me into a highchair and gives me crayons and a coloring book.

"Are you excited to have a little brother or sister, pumpkin?"


"It would be nice to have someone like you to play with, huh?"

"Yeah. We can race each other and see who's the fastest!"

She chuckles. "Yes you can!"

"I'm all done coloring, Grandma. Can I go outside to play?"

"Sure. Let's get your shoes on first."

She puts on my shoes and takes me outside. I come to Grandma's house so much, she had a playset installed. I run to play on it. It has a slide, swings, fort, and monkey bars. I climb up the ladder to slide and go down the slide. I do that a few times and ask Grandma to put me into one of the baby swings. She puts me in it and pushes me. "I wanna go real high, Grandma!" After swinging for a while, Grandma said she was getting tired so she told me to go play in the sandbox for a while. After playing for a long time, I was feeling hungry so we went inside for lunch.

She made me a PB&J with fruit and, yes, lots of cookies. After lunch, she checked my diaper. It was wet of course so she laid out a changing mat and changed my diaper. Then, she laid me down for my afternoon nap.

It wasn't too long after I woke up from my nap that Mommy and Daddy were there to pick me up.

"Hi, sweetie." Mommy said picking me up and hugging me. "Did you have fun with Grandma today?" I, with my paci in my mouth, nodded. "That's good."

She turned to Grandma and said, "Thanks for watching him, Mom. Since we've already been approved to have human children because of this one, the social worker said the process for us to get another human child should be a lot quicker! We just have to figure out what kind of child we're looking for and then look at the profiles of eligible children, and we've got contractors coming next week to give us quotes on modifications for one of our spare bedrooms to turn it into another nursery."

"Of course, honey. Have you and Charles talked about the kind of child you'd like? I know you were drawn to Benny's docile, sweet nature when you saw his profile." She asked.

"We're leaning towards a little girl, but I think we want a baby who wants to be deaged a little younger than Benny. We knew Benny wanted to be about 2 or 3 years old, but I think we'd like a little 1-year-old girl. Benny is a very good baby. He rarely causes a fuss, but I think we also want a girl who can shake things up a little bit." Mommy said.

"Well, you've always had a little rebellious streak in you, Jenny. It certainly comes out when you're on-stage at least." Grandma said smiling.

Daddy, who was packing things up, came over and said that everything was all packed up and that we should leave now to beat the traffic home. Grandma gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Bye-bye, Benny! Be a good little boy!" I wave bye-bye to Grandma.

On the way home, I ask Mommy and Daddy, "Mommy, Daddy, what made you pick me when I was still on Earth?"

Mommy was driving so Daddy answered my questions. "Well, Benny, when we saw your profile, we knew you wanted to have parents who loved you for you and that there was something deep down that was making you hurt and confused. We also loved that you wanted to be a good person and that you loved music like we do! We know that Earth is not very nice to transgender people and wanted to give you a safe, loving space here since Ubrania is so progressive."

"Ok, Daddy. I'm very happy you picked me." I said.

"We love you, bud." Daddy said.

When we got home, we had dinner, watched a movie, and then Mommy and Daddy put me to bed after reading me a bedtime story.