first time wearing around the family

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got brave t wear my dependeco cloth AIO under my pants for the first time around my faminy,parents rather.and my diaper gets that indent in the back that makes it feel like a wedgie XD. wearing the pants over the diaper, no undies over, was 99% quiet. so, how was your first experience?
To much risk to wear around my family. Not enough reward, almost none.
I wear my cloth diapers 24/7 and I find on one even notes that I'm wearing a diaper. I wear loser clothing so it cover up my diapers well.
if you don't draw attention to your diapers I don't think most people would even know, and beside people are not looking to see what your wearing one.
I always wear around my family. Hehe. Unless its silent in the house you cant hear the crinkling under my pants. And the plastic pants I just bought reduced the crinkling even more.
I wear all the time (OAB issue) no one has ever mentioned ever noticing my diapers and if they due oh well I need to wear and after a year of wearing I am way more comfortable in talking about diapers.

Just don't make it obvious that you are wearing just be your self and no one will probably notice.
During the summer, I would wear them around the house. One time when I was gaming in the basement, my sister came down stairs and I had to bolt to grab my pants and put them on. Luckily she just thought I either liked to sit around nude or was doing 'that.' She said she understands and left it at that. The next time she went down there and I was wearing them, covered up, I was so tempted to tell her the truth; seeing as she is a nurse and got me wearing diapers when I was 7.
I tend not to wear around friends and family, or even out in public. I'm more of a "diaper soloist." :) That said, when I was in college, I did wear diapers to class on a number of occasions. I found it pretty distracting! Not only was I semi-aroused much of the time, but the powdery scent of Pampers (what I was wearing) was a bit difficult to conceal, and made me wonder what the students around me were thinking. (I suppose it's quite unlikely that any of them thought "diapers!" Rather, if they thought anything at all, they probably thought I was wearing women's deodorant or something--which, after spending the night at my girlfriend's apartment, I sometimes was.)
So I'm going to be spending a week many miles away with family this christmas. It's a long walk from the guest room to the bathroom, past the parents' open bedroom. Getting a bit older, I make frequent use of my diaper overnight, and always wake up soaked to some degree or other. Last year that meant 2-3 trips to the bathroom overnight since I didn't want to deal with wet diapers. (day OR night) I did end up using on my last night though, and that was soooo much better. But I could seal the used diaper and take that in my suitcase. I would probably have odor problems trying to pull that off for more than 2 days, and disposal would be difficult considering how I'll never have the house to myself while I'm there.

I wouldn't mind some advice on this front either. I may just take a more extensive diaper packing system with me. I always gallon-ziplock them, but they can still stink up the garbage can after 3-4 days. Maybe try putting those in a thick drum liner bag, to keep in any escaped odor.... (they will only be wet)
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