First time ordering online, feeling nervous

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So i've been buying depends with tabs from the stores for the longest time and walmart removing them from their shelf in my area has forced me to finally purchase my diapers online and decided XP medical would be my best bet price wise. I considered a P.O box but after looking at the prices i felt it was going to cost too much as well as the fact that the boxs you can rent are pretty small and am unsure if they will be able to fix a case. So i'm having to mail them to my house and feeling very paranoid about my mom or brother finding out. my mom kind of already knows but doesnt know i still actively wear diapers. How discreet is XP medical, Do they do tracking numbers so i can be notified when it arrives? Just wanting some reassurance, really nervous that my mom or brother will get to the package first and wonder what i am ordering and google the name on the box.
Yes I've looked. pharmacy's here only sell very cheap diapers and none are plastic cover. And as far as medical supply stores i've looked a little bit didnt really find too much in my area, may need to look into that a little more.
I placed a couple orders with XP Medical recently. They both were FedEx with tracking number supplied when shipped. The boxes were plain cardboard. Return address on label was Gary Evans, XP. In my opinion the shipments were totally discreet.
Since XPMedical uses FedEx, you can use the tracking number to have it redirected to a local FedEx store free of charge. You can even do this after it has been shipped, before it gets to your house, obviously. Then you can pick it up at your leisure.
Good information so far. Also, if you have any specific questions, don't be afraid to e-mail Gary at XP Medical. They are very helpful, professional, and a class act.
I really appreciate all the responses. It has helped put alot of my worries to rest.
Don't worry about the size of P.O. Boxes. If you receive any mail that is too big to fit in the box, the postal employee will put a notification slip in your box. You then just take to slip to the counter and they will retrieve your package.
Decided to have it shipped to my house, since it seems pretty dang discreet, we will see how it goes. Hopefully it will come early in the day so i can grab it first. (I work an overnight shift so i sleep in the afternoon) Looking forward to my first high quality diapers, and again thanks for all the help and suggestions. :)
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