First Public Nappy Wearing

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Hi All

Just had my first experience of being in public in a nappy. Something I've wanted to try for ages.

I only went into town for a small bit but the hardest pat is:


Even in a dry nappy i could only waddle uncontrollably. After quite a while i got the confidence to slink down a side street and wet but then i had to REALLY try not to waddle. Is it just me or is there a technique because people were definitely drawn to me.

The answer to that depends on what you were wearing, and how you were wearing it. If you were wearing something like the Comficare, or Rearz spoiled which are quite wide and thick, then you're going to have an issue, especially if you're wearing them "flat", rather than creasing the nappy and "cupping" them around your genitals. You'll also have a problem if the nappy is a bit too large for you.

Personally, I've only ever worn SAP-heavy designs like the Tena Maxi and Snuggies Waddler Overnight out and about, since they start off quite thin, and contour to your body better when wet.
After a while you will get use to the extra padding I wear Dry 24/7's all the time with no issue just make sure you have a proper fitting diaper and you should be ok.

As for people noticing your diaper most times its out own mind that makes us think every one is looking when their not. you could try a thinner diaper at first until you get the confidence to wear a thicker premium diaper just make sure it's the correct size for you.

I've been wearing a cuddlz nappy (bambino classico) and if anything it's a little too small for me. When wet i can't see at all how you could look remotely normal whilst trying to walk.
cuddlzfan said:

I've been wearing a cuddlz nappy (bambino classico) and if anything it's a little too small for me. When wet i can't see at all how you could look remotely normal whilst trying to walk.

Practise. Even in a correctly fitting nappy, it will take a bit of time for you to adjust your gait.

I have the advantage of being naturally slightly bow-legged anyway, but it still took a while to compensate.
Maybe your diaper was just too thick for easy walking. I wear 24/7, and I don't wear really thick diapers outside very often - those are for overnight. I usually go with something about 50% thickness for daytime. My personal favorite is Snuggies Waddler (regular). They're a fair thickness, nice smooth plastic shell, fairly quiet, and very comfortable thanks to stretchy plastic shell and front/rear elastic. (they also happen to have a good amount of sap in case they happen to get wet...)

You really need to think about what you're going to wear if you want to be comfortable. It's no different than wearing a shirt or pants that don't fit right. You're not wearing it wrong, it's just not well suited for the role. You don't wear pajamas to work, you don't sleep in jeans. You don't wear a really thick diaper in public. (unless you really need the capacity)
I think personally .. if you are out of town, and there is zero chance of anyone recognizing you.. you get the thickest most waddle-making diaper out there on there and make a point of waddling as much as possible! I dream of being able to wear nothing but a diaper and t-shirt out in public .. and never will, but in that circumstance i would make darn sure my diaper was as bulky and obvious possible under my clothes
Maybe instead of trying to wet in public, try wearing to town once or twice a week till you get use to it, then try wetting and public changing, baby steps might make it easier. I can go out with friends all night and most of them never know I'm diapered. Good Luck cuddlzfan :)
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