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Northshore now carries the dry 24/7. They also have samples of them that you can get. I got a sample with my order of abena M4's. At first I was reading the sample card for them and it said a medium would only fit a 42 waist. My waist is 37in and the abena's fit good but not a whole lot left and the northshore supremes are to small on me. I was thinking these wasn't going to fit me and the next size they have is large. That waist goes up to a 65 and that would be huge on me. Well I decided to try them out as I have read so much about how well they work. They fit me very good. They was comfortable. The tapes held really well. Now the scary part for me. My wife wanted to go shopping and on Black Friday that means out and about for hours. I have read nothing but good about how well they absorb and keep it in. My wife don't allow me to use the bathroom other then to poop when diapered. I have to use the diaper to pee. I was a little nervous about going out in the Dry 24/7 because I have heard about the plastic backing ripping and the fluff clumping up bad. I didn't experience any troubles with them though. I did have to change after 4 hours because they was starting to sag from being soaked.

I like the fact they are all white with no real marks on them. I like that the tapes are wide and very sticky. I loved the waistband on them cause it seemed to help the diaper stay tight around the waist more then the M4. The leg gathers seemed to really stay up as I could feel them move every now and then. I didn't like how crinkly they was uncovered but covered up they was pretty quiet. They didn't feel any more bulky then the M4's between the legs. The plastic has a rough texture to it but with my gary wear pul I didn't feel it at all. They did absorb a bit better then the M4's but not by that much. Didn't seem to take as long for it to work up the back of the diaper as the M4's. They did swell more then the M4's adding bulk to my crotch and butt.

All in all I would love to buy a case of them but they are so expensive for just a few more options then the M4's have.
The Dry 24/7's I have don't feel rough on the plastic. They feel as smooth as the type of plastic Pampers used in the early 1980's. I guess kids must have had it rough back then.
I am the same way on the M4's as they are cut a bit smaller then the dry 24/7's I now wear the medium 24/7's all he time and I find they feel dryer when a I am wet then the Abena line.

They cost a bit more but I find the Dry 24/7's worth the money and it's a diaper I can trust
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