First Diaper in 3 years

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Hey guys, long time no chat. The last time I was on here was three years ago, which also was the last time I wore some diapers. Unfortunately, I still lived with family at the time and due to several circumstances, I wasn't able to fully enjoy all the diapers I bought and had to throw out the remainder of my stash before I got caught.

Fast forward to today, I just moved out and I'm currently wearing some Molicare super plus in bed. I really missed wearing these and I'm sure they're gonna make me feel a lot better (especially when wet, lol). Ive been waiting for this day for a long long time. To finally be dependant and to wear diapers at home almost whenever you want is very liberating. Alas, I still have to worry about my roommate finding out but I've known him for a while and he's pretty cool.

Does anyone have any advice on disposing diapers in a apartment/roommate situation? To make things less complicated, I'm only doing number one. Messing, while very pleasurable, doesn't justify the clean up and smell afterwards, IMO.

I'm still super excited that I'm wearing a diaper right now. Such a good feeling. ^_^
Hooray and congrats on being independent!

No advice sorry except roll up your used diaper, tie it up in a diaper bag and carry it out in a used grocery bag to the bin on your way out the next morning.
Facing a very similar situation roommate wise. About to move in with my female co-worker and been trying to think of a way that i could dispose of them without getting caught.
i put my garbage in a big dumpster at work.
I have a separate garbage can at home and I use black garbage bags, I also put every used diaper in a plastic shopping bag, tie it up then put it in the black garbage bag, I've been doing this for many years and had no problems or close calls. I generally go through (2) bags a week, ones a diaper bag the other is house hold garbage
There is always opening the window and bombs away pick it when you have the chance, unlike the do of us who threw hundreds of used diapers away on the back roads of whatever state it was I saw it on you tube and the cops are pretty pissed ( no puns intended), always be cleaning behind yourself even when using the window.

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I recall using a random grocery store's dumpster out back one time when I was about to leave town and had forgotten to take out the wet ones on trash day.
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