First 24 hours with first paci

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You all are bad influences, lol.... That said, its all good. /hug

So I bought a 2 pack of Nuk pacifiers from Walmart yesterday, and started using them as soon as I got home.

Sucking on it on and off throughout the day. It was fun, intense and I loved it. Even took a shower with one, lol.

I even fell asleep sucking on one, with a wet diaper (already cleaned up and not wearing for a few hours).

Although the paci is small for me, I love it.

Once I can I'll be ordering a larger one, either a Nuk 5 or a Nuk 6, I'm not sure which one though.

I've read reviews on the Nuk 6 has a rough texture, is this true? What does it feel like?

I can't afford both the Nuk 5 & 6, so I'm asking for opinions, again, please.

Which one would you suggest me order, Nuk 5 or Nuke 6?

Btw, you're not bad influences :p
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