Finding a daddy in another country

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So I have just moved home to Spain (I only just got my internet back!) And I was thinking.. it's going to be so hard finding a daddy here I think, I found it easy in England but it's more of a culture there than here..

Anyone else struggling or think it will be hard to find a Dom in their country?


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Oh I know I live in the US and trying to find his little is proving to be very hard at least for me I know it's not the same but I wish you luck on finding him and if you would like I'm always open to talk :)


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Hi there LittleBelle. Although I am in Australia, I have found it so so hard to find a girl who identifies as a little in Australia. Those who do, are either married (and their husband doesn't know), or they are not interested in finding a caring, loving Daddy like me :(
I have thought also about seeking an overseas little, but the pain of not being able to physically connect would be horrendous for me, I think...


Be glad that you don't live in NZ. Whether you're an AB, a DL or a Little, it's hell. And to find a daddy or mommy that don't just want a girl, forget about it.

Sure something will turn up for you, check Fetlife or something...


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You're right, abdl seems to be more widespread in places like the UK or the USA.

I live in the country next to Spain, and the one who is more similar in terms of culture and language, Portugal.

There are few differences between both, apart from history the major one would be the language, but even then, a Portuguese and a Spanish person can hold a conversation speaking in their own languages. That's how similar both languages are. All in all both our cultures and societies are so similar that we sometimes call the Spanish 'nuestros hermanos', that is Spanish for 'our brothers'.

From my experience, it's not impossible but I think it's going to be more difficult finding people with this lifestyle here in the Iberian peninsula.

Also I don't know how good your Spanish is and that can be a barrier too in the first months.

The good news is that a lot of English people, and from other European countries too but especially from the UK, enjoy visiting or moving out to Portugal or Spain.
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