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Finally...the new guy

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Hello everyone,

after lurking around for a long long time, reading about your thoughts
and experiences, i finally decided (with a little help from Mr.Moo ;-) )
to become a more active (-ly-ish...no promises) member of this community.

By participating in this community i hope to get to know and maybe even
understand a little bit more about myself and my DL (and a little AB) side,
which i tow around and at other times cherish now seriously as long as i can
And maybe finally one day i might accept that this is a part of me.

Even though i am still a young guy i think i can say that i have my share of
experience, both in"real life" and with our "hobby" that brings us together here.

So i think after settling in a bit i might have the one or other experience to
share as well.
Maybe just for your all amusement or maybe something usefull that can
actually help someone like me to live a healthier and happier life despite or
even because of the "thing" we share. (not so sure yet myself)

Thats the plan, please dont judge if i fall back to lurking.
(positive encouragement is always welcome :))

I work as a marketing and sales executive but deep down i am more of a handy
man so that might change somewhen in the future
I love the outdoors, tech and diy but dont give it enough time because of the
job, some volunteer work and all the other things life brings.

Please excuse my maybe not so good english but it is not my native language.

All the best


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big welcome. I have finally accepted that this is part of me and I am looking forward to finding new ways to explore it in safety.
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