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  1. Diaper Lover
ey everyone, kind of a closet tdl here. I've been interested in diapers off and on for awhile now (bedwetter until 12ish) and then around 15 or 16 started getting interested in diapers. Anyways, I've always kind of been interested in diapers and fantasized about wearing and using them (would read stories as much as I could, etc). It's really started to kind of pick up now over the past year or so since I finally got a car (two years with a license but no car) and I've been able to get store bought diapers like goodnites, depends (wish they were the tabs instead of pullups) and some baby diapers. Even now though, I have to be really careful and only get to use when I'm home alone. For the most part I've been pretty good about concealing them (in a compartment and bag in my room that nobody ever goes in and I never use anymore, except my dad found out while I was out of state recently and confronted me about it, and asked me if there was a problem. I just kind of played it off and told him if there was a problem I'd tell him and not to worry, and that was that (hopefully). Now that I'm in college with a roommate, I'm thinking I may have to put my interests on hold (or maybe sneak a few with me) since I'll have a roommate and need to feel that situation out (not likely he'll want to partake in my adventures, I'm sure).
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Depends with tabs used to be readily available in stores but over the last few years, many stores stopped carrying Depends with tabs.
Yup the stores near me just stopped carrying depends with tabs. Going to have to finally start buying diapers online now. :(
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