Finally Restocking

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I got a new job in January, one that allowed me to work from home and that involves some travel. Both of these things make it easy to wear diapers far more often than I could before. But there was a problem: my in-laws were building a new home and moved in with us (me and my wife) for a couple months.

Well, the in-laws are finally gone and I finally have my days all to myself. Late on Thursday I ordered a case of my favorites (Tena Super Stretch) from Diaper Buys, believing they'd arrive this coming week. They came yesterday!!! Normally I'd applaud their incredibly fast shipping but I specifically placed the order to ensure my wife wouldn't be around. Yeesh! :sweatdrop:

I managed to intercept the FedEx guy and everything's okay, but that was a close one. But now, right now, I'm sitting here in my favorite diaper and all is right with the world. Oh, and I have some Dry 24/7s on their way too. :smile1:

Cool. Glad everything worked out & you're getting a chance to wear again
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