Finally received my ABUs

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Received my sample package of Simples and Spaces. Yay! Got 1 medium (simple) and 1 large (space) to figure out which size would work best. Being right at the 36" waist border for the two sizes, the both fit, though I like the way the large fits better. Biggest consideration is probably that the larges go up higher on the waist for me than the mediums (I'm assuming that the simple would be the same waist height in a large). As much as I thought I was going to prefer the look of the simples, there is something about the space that I really like. I'll probably go with that for my next order =).

I'm kind of embarrassed how excited I was. My hubby was teasing me about it today and even my kids noticed how excited I was.

Now once my new cloth diaper arrives, I'll be in heaven. If only I didn't have to wait until the long weekend was over for it to be delivered.
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