Finally ordered some premium diapers! SOO EXCITED FOR THEM TO ARRIVE!

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So, I have ordered my first shipment of quality diapers, from Rearz. (BTW, the staff there is AMAZINGLY helpful, and they took their time to answer all my questions, as well as made recommendations that I didn't even think about)

I got 2 packs (24 diapers total) of tranquility ATN's, as I had a sample of those before, and it was quite comfy, and I got 2 sample packs. (2x CONFIDRY 24/7 briefs, and 2x Abri-Form Original Plastic - AbenaM4/L4)

I am quite excited for them to arrive. I actually have never bought so many diapers, so I am really excited for them to arrive (hopefully will be here Tuesday next week)

It will be quite nice to use something other then depends briefs! the sample I had of the ATN just blew me away with how much it could hold. Actually I wore it for 14 hrs, and I couldn't even put the entire thing to use!

Also planning to go 24/7 as long as I can; not sure how long I will last tho, as RL does get in the way sometimes. Especially with College starting soon.. (thankfully I have my own apartment, don't have to share a room)

So yea! Quite excited! I can't wait!
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The more you wear the more you will realize that wearing 24/7 really does not cause to many changes in your daily life. I wear 24/7 for an OAB and I go and do every thing I use to except now I wear a diaper every where. The only thing that has really changed is swimming it's been years be fore I started to wear that I was last in a pool so really my life has not changed since starting to wear 9'months ago.

You will like the dry 24's they are comfortable and absorbant they are my choice for my diapers
enjoy them :) wish I had the money for diapers of any kind
I get my ATNs from Amazon but I sure would like to get my hands ona Spoiled from Rearz. All my cloth and plastic came from Rearz. Too bad there is extra shipping to USA or i'd be all over that website all the time.
Yea I was happy with the shipping fees - As I live in Canada, they did not need to do the international shipping rates.

For what I ordered, (the 2 full packs, + the 4 sample diapers) I paid a grand total of $15 CAD for expedited 3 day shipping.. (apparently Rearz has a shipping plan in place where expedited rates are cheaper then standard.. I would have had to pay about $3.50 MORE for regular shipping. So obviously I took the cheapest option. (really I'm in no rush, I can wait a couple days more to save a few bucks.. But hell.. If you wanna send it to me faster, for less, ill be all over that!)

But if you order $125 or more in product, the shipping is free for anywhere in north America. So it might pay to bulk order. They do seem to have fair pricing on all their non-specialty products, however their specialty stuff does seem quite expensive. Although I am quite curious to try the different stuff in the future, as it looks pretty cool!
So they arrived yesterday, in very discreet packaging. I mean VERY discreet. Blank brown box with a shipping paper on it, without even company logo/name for return.

When I opened it, I found everything I ordered, with even another sample thrown in of the Inspire type diaper (Haven't tried it yet, but I looked at it, and I was amazed with how soft the interior is!!! It makes the Abena's and Tranquility insides feel like sandpaper in comparison, and they too are a huge improvement over store-brand Depends!

But yea.. Overall, I am very impressed! One thing that caught me by surprise was that the Tranquility ATN's were plastic-backed, as a sample I ordered before was cloth backed, and I figured that is all there was; just the cloth backing.. Otherwise it fits the same as the sample, but just with the plastic backing.. Not that I mind plastic backing tho :p It prolly works better then the cloth anyway!

Will definitely buy again from Rearz.. I was hesitant at first, mostly due to shipping fees, but now that I have tried, I can truly say they are a bargain when compared to the price of brands like depends.. They are much more comfortable to wear, they last twice as long, and depend designers should be taking notes!
Thanks for telling me about the shipping. I am sure I ordered over $100 a year ago and no discount was offered. They had the canadian discount for free shipping but not to USA.
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