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Finally joined an ABDL forum!

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I finally decided to join after lurking around ABDL forums for years. I've been ABDL since I was 4, but I've never discussed it with anyone. I just turned 40 and its motivated me to do more and embrace things that make me happy while I still have time. I'm going to wear diapers more often for the simple reason that I like to and I CAN.:smile:
Welcome! I'm new as well and was a lurker for years and finally took the plunge!
Hi and welcome to the site. Those birthdays that end in 0's are always a little mind blowing. I'm having one come up in a year and a few months. When I turned 30 I decided on a complete job change and that was a few decades ago. When I turned 60 I joined this site, three months later.
Welcome to the website
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