Finally able to buy AB things

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After finishing my first semester in college my mom finally let me take the car to my college campus and she gave the title to me, because of this I've finally starting buying more than just a few depends now and then. :smile:

So far i bought some depends which I've been using 24/7 since Tuesday (except at a party last night), baby powder (had a rash developing since yesterday), a pacifier, and some plastic pants. Before this i had never even spent a full day in diapers so I have really been wanting to try 24/7 for a while and having all this other stuff for the first time is amazing.

Because i started to run low on the depends i bought some Abena x-plus diapers and the abena bodystockings(basically a onesie with no legs or sleeves and with buttons at the crotch). I'm so ecstatic waiting for the abena's to arrive as i have never worn anything but depends so far and am looking forward to a "high quality" diaper.

I don't plan on staying 24/7, I just wanted to try it and see what it is like. So far it has been really interesting but i don't think i would want to do it again after i stop this time. My dorm roommate still hasn't seemed to have noticed anything at all and the dorm consists of 1 room so it's very close quarters.

For all you who cant buy all the ab stuff you want, just wait till you move out, its amazing :smile:


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I'm kind of in the same boat. Last semester was my first away from home, so I was finally able to order things online (which has been great)! Over the past several months, I have bought vintage goodnites, ABU cushies, tranqulity atns, a nice sleeper, and a couple of other things that I could never have ordered while living with my parents.


Cool! I'll be looking foreword to when I leave house and can get diapers. Good luck!
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