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Hey guys,

Today a famous photographer named Cheryl Dunn posted a picture of a man wearing a diaper at an old music festival as a part of her "Festivals are Good" art project. My fiancé showed it to me at breakfast. It doesn't seem like a gag, what do you think? Just thought I'd share.


Well... I think I'd prefer the diaper over the Porta-Potties probably offered at that festival. Why wait in line to use a dirty plastic box when you can wear your toilet and go whenever? :D
Everybody who was taking a dump when Jimi played with his teeth swore they would get diapers, for next year they are still waiting and wearing, we all evolved from them. LOL

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Reminds me of something you might see at a Burning Man event.
oh yes i did just that at burning man in 2001.
That was a long time ago anned,maybe its time to return,just dont get to much sand in your diaper.

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From the "No F*cks Given" category:

I'm...going to go bleach my eye sockets now.

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