Feminine vs. gender neutral

Are you Feminine or gender neutral?

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I am wondering what all you guys consider is your comfort zone. Where do you plug yourselves in?

I think mine is just gender neutral. In my spiritual terms I consider myself a "Real man," but when people get their pants in a twist I just call myself gender neutral. I found that dresses and women's cloths would be completely uncomfortable and that conflicts with why I am AB/DL so I don't force myself to change anything even in my own private moments.

I am still sewing and still trying to perfect my ability to work with details in my projects. Needless to say I am still working on being able to sew my own gender neutral cloths. I love women's fashion and a some men's fashion as well. I just would like to have more room for expression than just heavy fabrics and dark colors. I love pastel colors and with pink being my favorite I find myself fit the description gender neutral. There is more to why this is where I plug myself in but I won't bore you with all of it.
I dressed a lot when I was in high school. I found several things to be comfortable and didn't mind putting up with things that were less so (bras took some getting used to). I left that behind, and don't really have any issue with it.

Even with that, I'm mostly male, but don't let gender/sex define my life. Heck, I lost my testicles to medical issues several years ago and haven't let that bother me.
Question obviously not aimed for me, as a female, but I see myself as feminine. I do incorporate a lot of stereotypically masculine things into my play all the time. Being a super hero is one of my most favorite things. I don't really think of my enjoyment of them as masculine though. Like, what's really the difference between pretending I'm a princess? Half the time I'm both.

I feel pretty strictly feminine.
I identify as a straight male... but I want to be the guy that can just as well rock "female" attire... as long as I get to look damn adorable!!! I have a healthy kick for Hello Kitty and some other pretty "feminine" things and I fail to see the problem as long as I can still be recognized as a straight male to potentially compatible women ya know???
I am quite comfy with my "feminine" being of whom is quite accepting of her male counterpart
My looks are still like a man, but I feel like a girl:sissy::blushie:
BabyAngela said:
My looks are still like a man, but I feel like a girl:sissy::blushie:

This is so true, but still a very good feeling because my girl feelings always have the upper hand
I identify as trans and I identify as pretty much in the middle... I have some feminine traits and some masculine ones but a lot of what I do is pretty gender neutral. When I'm in little mode I like to be super girly though, as I wasn't as a child and missed out on a lot of the fun princessy stuff.
This a really difficult but important subject with many different levels of what i would call sissyhood as i don't have a better word. Yes i do want to dress as feminized as i can with out making people uncomfortable being near me. Pink and lace make me feel wonderfully whole inside and i do believe, i will always feel this way. Slowly but surely, i have pushed my envelope to wearing pink and with long hair because i need to express myself more and more. One thing i would like to add, passing for a male is no problem.
Can't say I'm neutral, because I dress in masculine clothing sometimes, in feminine clothing sometimes, and "neutral" the rest. If you took an average, you'd see me somewhere in between, of course. Probably more to the masculine side, because my "regular wardrobe" is bigger than my [formerly] "secret wardrobe".
I'm also a trans-girl and I'm pretty dang feminine lol. Like I used to be much more masculine but I stopped worrying about it and let my girl shine though.

Its kinda funny, when my only option is to be feminine, I want it less than when I have a choice.
Nothing wrong with gender neutral
I also classify as a straight male, but I feel so much more comfortable with girly items and the colors as well. There is just something about the material in girls clothing that just is soo much better than a guys. I think I like the girls clothes more because it stretches and fits to my form, where when I buy guy clothes it just doesn't "hug" me. So I guess I could qualify more a feminine at times.
I'm a male but my attention is to be a female
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