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i have seen somewhat similiar threads but nothing to the same degree...

so, i have really been exploring the feelings diapers give me. and more and more it lessens as a sexual thing, altough that remains. but i find myself more and more becoming an AB and with it new feelings. a tight diaper switches from an arousal tool and i no longer become sexually excited when diapering myself and becomes a secure thing. where i become a different person.

for a side note on this issue, see a roleplaying thread i will start soon. it will explore this in our roleplaying. but anyways . . .

so i want to explore this and i might as well learn from those further along in this proccess, although i have been in diapers as an adult since the early dpf days in the late ninetes. but not so much in the ab field. so please help me by sharing your feelings so i can find new ones to explore within myself.

like i feel nurtured, cared for though alone in diaper play, safe, complete, childlike, not childish. um, i dunno. i want to feel these things deeper. anyone know how?

and thanks for your time. anyways. yeah....


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A lot of us make the transition from dl to ab simply because the first few times you put on a diaper, your brain goes haywire and all sorts of body parts start tingling, and before you know it you've made a mess.

Eventually, once the excitement wears off to a point, you start exploring the role of a person in diapers. For some it remains a sexual thing, for others you start feeling like a baby.

I think that was exactly the way it went for me. I now act out and enjoy the baby role, where before it was a completely sexual thing for me.

The best way to explore those feelings is to completely drop all your inhibitions and throw yourself into the baby role. Stop talking, stop being able to do things the right way, get angry and scowl at things you don't understand...pout. lol

The cessation of responsibilities is a huge draw for me in this lifestyle. I'm smart and capable as a person, so the idea of being sweet (or sometimes cranky) and perhaps mildly retarded appeals to me a great deal.


I felt the exact same way once i was starting out when i was younger. For me it started out as purely sexual, then eventually phased into the warm feeling you get from being loved and nurtured. It's only natural. For some, it stays sexual, almost grotesquely so. But there's nothing wrong with either one :D Where in texas do you live if i may be so bold to ask as I am a texan myself?


'A lot of us make the transition from dl to ab simply because the first few times you put on a diaper, your brain goes haywire and all sorts of body parts start tingling, and before you know it you've made a mess'. - balancedchaos

Thanks balancedchaos, I thought that was useful. I have a similar story whereby when I began using adult pull-ups I found it strangely sexual and to be honest I was confused and a little uncomfortable with it. In time though, the sexual element began to taper off and I began to relish the comfort and security I felt while wearing nappies. I have felt some resolving of past childhood hurts as I have embraced my own childhood as an adult, when appropriate. It's been kind-of therapeutic.

People are understandably concerned about what they find sexual, but maybe we seperate the sexual from the emotional too much. Personally I think the sexual, emotional, psychological, spiritual etc are closely linked. Feeling deeply secure, relaxed, fullfilled, satisfied, complete etc are related to both the sexual and the emotional. I guess it's understandable if what makes us feel secure also has a sexual element.


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There's always a sexual element I find, but it's far less so now. Mostly it's a way of relaxing and feeling secure for me. However I have an association developed now with a feeling of needing to pee and wearing diapers. i.e. if I have an urge to pee, I have a desire to wear a diaper at the same time. But there's no sexual desire with it at that stage.

The great thing is I can wear for a long time without the sexual side of it being a distraction, but then again wearing them is a distraction in itself. It's kind of like I just want to relax and not do anything if I'm wearing them. Great, but then I get nothing done.
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