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The more i regress the more i want to stay in that mode. Does anyone dream and desperatly want to be a baby full time? And i mean to fullest extent where ur dressed, changed, fed, punished in public or infront of others? And the more u think bout the more u want?
I didn't even feel little when I was little and not just because I was big for my age. I hated being treated like a kid. I hated having no rights and no freedoms. In short my answer in an absolute NO
I understand this feeling as well. I personally have grown to hate being an adult. It's toxic Especially if you believe that I do. That the world is meant for fun and excitement.
I think it's nice to fantasise about being little full time, but there are too many things I would miss. It makes things more complicated, but I would like to be able to switch between being a capable and cool adult and an adorable baby girl.
I went through a nostalgic period of desiring to be young again but now I absolutely love being an adult. I'm stronger, smarter, more aware and have so much more freedom. The idea of being a kid is cool, but the reality was that I was an emotionally unstable brat with hardly any friends and some cruel older brothers.

I'll stick with being a young adult, I love my life.
Being "little" is a frame of mind for me, not a state of being.
So while it would be an interesting experience to be in that frame of mind for a long period of time (3-4 days) where all I would act like is a toddler with diapers and all. I would definitely not want to stay that way all the time. For that, and for the fact that being little is personal. Personally, I would not like to be babied full-time by someone else, since it would wear away the fun and relaxation that comes from the state of mind.
tewks7979 said:
The more i regress the more i want to stay in that mode. Does anyone dream and desperatly want to be a baby full time? And i mean to fullest extent where ur dressed, changed, fed, punished in public or infront of others? And the more u think bout the more u want?

Hi tewks7979

Yes I do. As i have said in other posting if I could be classified as a little. And Society accepted me as such.

I don't think this is to much of a big step, when you look at the homosexual Society. 30 years ago. It was illegal. And they had to live their lives in secret.

And now Society as a whole except them and there community, so I can not see why we should not be accepted for who we are.

Last Saturday I was just supporting someone to buy their fish and chips, while standing in the queue there was a small child, was happily sucking away on his pacifier, with him muther holding his hand, no was paying him much attention.

I was so jealous that he was able to suck his Pacifier openly in the chippy, if i had got mine out to have a suck I don't think people would treat me the same. I become the frick.
And that's not fair.

Any way it not going to happen any time soon, so for now I will just cary on pretending to be an adult when I really have to.

But my need to have some one to be there for me to care for me, to love me, to discipline me when I am a naughty, to give me praise when I am good and to give me guidance when I'm not sure about things. Is all part of who I am,

I am so luck to have my Paddy, I am able to wear and suck my pacifier openly in front of him, I have my toys and he tell me about toy he sees that he thinks I would like.

I know a lot of us don't have this and they have to keep it all secret, even from their families.

Which is very sad.

I was just thinking a similar thing yesterday, while doing some regression play. My little is older than most, between 9-12 years old, and I'm not really into "baby" stuff.

But I was in little mode, hanging around outside "playing" with the hose as I watered the lawn. Little 9 year old me had wanted to go potty, but wet his pants instead, and I was just enjoying the experience and thinking about how nice it would be to be an actual kid again.
But it dawned on me that it probably wouldn't be so great. I really don't think I'd like to experience my whole childhood again. Not because it was terrible, but just because I wouldn't want to have to be completely reliant on others to take care of me and tell me what to do all the time.
As I was walking around in my wet pants, I was thinking about the accidents I used to have back then, as well as other, non accident related things, like playing with my friends.

I decided that I don't actually miss my childhood, just certain aspects of it. I miss making plans with my friends, then carrying them out. When your a kid, that's as far as you think ahead. What, when and how your next adventure is going to be. While you're playing, you're not even thinking ahead about school tomorrow or anything, you're just living in the moment.
Nowadays, as a grown up, I'm free to travel and holiday as much as my budget can allow, but I can never just live in the moment like I did as a kid. I can be overseas, in a nice villa,sitting around my private pool, drinking a cocktail and relaxing. But I'm always thinking in the back of my mind about grown up problems. What's happening at work, have I budgeted enough money, how much time do I need to get to the airport?
There's always something to worry about, even if it's minor. Kids don't. They just exist for the moment. That's what I miss.

With the wetting side, I miss being told that it's okay when I've had an accident. I miss being diapered before going to bed, and then being asked the next day if I'm wet or not, and just being accepted regardless of the answer. I miss being told that it's okay to wee in my underpants while I play with the hose. Or being told not to pee in the pool, but to get out and pee in my shorts on the lawn instead.

So I guess I miss the lack of care and responsibilities I had as a child, but I wouldn't want to go through the whole dependency side of things again.
I also had a tantrum yesterday cause i changed a part on a car n i had said if the motor was a northstar i was going to have probs n it was but also said that i wanted to help clean garage n was unable to wich pissed off that person which caused my tantrum
I have it rough. Basicly i didnt have the greast childhood. Story in a nutshell my parents divorced when i was 3 and my mom worked 2 jobs to support us, so in that aspect she did good, but they fought all the time and when caught with diapers i had to go thru counseling just because i wasnt what sociaty deemed norm. That was when i was 12. Now because of that i didnt get enough love and nuturing. Ok with that my ab age is 18 months to 2 years old. And just because we little doesnt mean we are not strong people. To some of us it is a way to releive stress others want it for security and nurturing, also those who want full time may hate thier life or thats how we feel inside, and prob others. And sociaty is cruel and even they make fun of us or belittle us because they dont understand. So if my statement os correct or u wanna add anything to or even share your story i should would like to hear what others think.
I wrote an entire novel about what it's like to be a kid. Of course it was how I lived as a kid, to a large degree though I also borrowed from the kids I was teaching, and my own kids.

When I get up in the morning, I'm usually in a wet diaper and I want to stay that way all day, that and being regressed. But reality sets in and there are so many things I have to do, so that takes over and it's okay, because everything is in balance. There is a time and place for everything, a time to throw stones, a time to pick up stones, a time to play with toys, and time to put them away, a time to play with adults, a time to kill and murder adults....opps, I mean.... well you get the picture.

Today I had to do a number of chores and I still managed to get in 3 hours of practicing on the piano. Everything I did was an adult thing and that was okay. I tolerated the chores and loved the piano playing some of which went well. There will be time to be little on Saturday and that's okay as well. A time to plant and a time to reap. A time to plant and build and a time to blow it all up to hell with a hydrogen bomb...hahahahaha..... Oops again. Sorry.
Temporarily, yes. I'd be down.
Regressing to babyhood for me is comforting.
But, it is only temporary.
I still have to be an adult, even though I do not like the adult world.
One still has to face reality.
Cherish the times when one can be yourself and be a little baby again.
To add to my previous statement. We should always do our best; whether ur little or dl or how ever u see urself, we should always be our selves tho sociaty may shun us for we are in charge of our own happyness. For me i am a wee little. And i do hide that from sociaty but the dl side of me (talking adult and now i need diapers) opening up and not caring of what people think has made me so much happier. But i still get down and upset and even cranky. But thats ok...we should still be proud of who we are regaurdless of what sociaty says.

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Good point and tru
I definitely would not want to be little permanently. There are way too many aspects of my life that I really like and enjoy, and would miss so much. Plus, little space isn't nearly as deep for me as for other littles. I never fully lose adulthood, no matter how deep into little space I am. I can be in a wet diaper, sucking a paci, and just having a good time, and yeah. I'm acting like a kid. But I can very quickly snap out of it, and act pretty much how I always act. I have absolutely no desire to actually recreate my real childhood since that was pretty much just a depressing confusing mess where I had no control over my life and I have absolutely no desire to go back to that sort of state. I have no desire to give up adulthood since I can cherry pick all the childlike things and aspects of being a little I enjoy, such as diapers and just being carefree, while leaving out all the stuff that sucked, plus I can throw in a lot of benefits of being an adult, whereas I can't do that if I'm stuck as a little permanently.
If I could I would be a full time little in a heartbeat. I remember the time when the biggest worry that I had was whether I was going to get in trouble for the head popping off of my new Barbie doll. A time when everything that I did was planned for me so I didn't have to think about it. Trips to the amusement park or a vacation was kept a secret from us kids so we didn't find out about it until the day of or the day before. I miss that feeling of elation that something super fun was coming. I miss having boundaries and as a lifestyle little I try to self-impose rules and such but there are no consequences if those are broken.

I would give anything to have someone to hold me and rock me when things aren't going well, I want to go to school again and do fun themes and art projects and write letters and numbers, (when I d this now I use my right hand, I'm left handed, using my right gives me less control over the writing utensil.) I was never really social but it would be nice to play with others once in a while especially in a school setting. I want field trips again where you get a coloring book about where you were.

There are so many things about being a kid again full-time would do to make me happy that I couldn't list it all. I can honestly say there are only two things about adulthood that I would miss and I've thought long and hard about this, those things are coffee and the walking dead and honestly I could live without those too.
Also to let everyone know here. I have 3 kids. And i want to be little with them and run arround in a diaper and tshirt but i dont. My ex says used to change my diaper but only when kiddos was in bed. It would be super great if i could show my little side all the time. But just cause i am little doesnt mean i cant parent. My kids are great. Well behaved for thier age. If any of us little have kids can u please share if u have shown or even let ur kids stay littles even tho thier age is alot older. Btw yall are a great and interesting community here on adisc. Love yall huggles
Today was very frustrating for me at work. I found my self starting to suck on my tounge as is i had my binki. It calmed me down enought to get thru the night. Has anyone else while in adult mode sucked on ur tougne for comfort
I don't tend to suck on anything but I do take a 7" teddy bear with me wherever I go, so if I get stressed I do hold him and stroke his fur to get me through the rougher times at work. It's hard to play adult.
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