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I've recently moved into my first home and have recently been enjoying sitting on the screened porch while listening to the rain. Today I decided to try something new and sit outside while padded. I typically smoke cigars so I'm currently about to fire one up but this is actually really relaxing. I have no neighbors nearby and my clothes cover up any inkling of what could be costrued as a diaper. So all and all this is pretty neat. Just had to share.

Super neat :) It's raining right now where I live too. Hope ya' have a great padded Saturday!
Yeah, it rained all day here, but it also was chilly. We have a sun room, but it looks on to a somewhat busy road. I wished I lived out in the country.
I'm not a smoker but I have to say that sounds fun!
I really love the feeling of sitting outside while diapered, so I can completely understand you.
Next time try it with out covering up!
That actually sounds fun to do and I really want to try it but I don't have that luxury.
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