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I am slowly noticing that I am having more trouble feeding myself. Checked with my doctor, he just thinks it's is progression of my cp. the agency that provides my staff is not happy because I need more help
Wow man that sucks. A friend of mine along with myself have CP due to Hydrocephalus but I've been the lucky one. There was talk of leg braces when i was a kid because my left foot would always turn in and while it's improved a lot it still turns in from time to time. The worst part for me is the muscles in my legs and feet can cramp easily. My friend on the other hand walks with a limp, uses a wheelchair on occasion and has had to learn to walk at least three times. Hopefully your eating troubles are temporary.
I now wear a bib at meals. Using a fork or spoon is shaky and I spill easyily. my aides are going through feeding training to help me.
Has your doctor become involved in this and if so, what does he/she think?
I have been wearing a bib for years,no loss of dignity if it saves us from wearing it and staining our street clothes. My righ arm is contracted 40 degrees at the elbow and my hand oonly opens and closes a little ( yes a baby could take candy from me) my left is contracted 10 degrees, i started wearing a bib when i was in physical rehab the staff would come around and tie one on you like it or not,so my diaper hung out the back of my gown and the front hsd a bib,i was justvwaiting for somebody to stick a bottle in my mouth.problems eating suck,what sucks more is my friend says ger left leg ways more than me because i'm kinda stuck at 114 pounds not the ideal weight for a 5'7" 47 year old,but is sure better than the 82 pounds i weighed in 2013.
I want to extend my sincerest condelence, and let you know that I went through a long period of not being able to feed myself. I was born without any issues, but I got Epilepsy at the tender age of 5 years old. I could not walk anymore, I babbled like a toddler trying to form her first words, and I probably drooled. Even though I do not remember drooling, it is very likely I did. I was very upset, even angry at my body for failing me.

I was confused, and being mad at the world did not help. I was damaged goods in my young eyes. When I woke up in the hospital I needed to use the bathroom. I got off the bed just fine, but my landing was less than graceful. At that moment is when it hit me that I could no longer walk. I wanted no help because I was mad, and determined. I eventually relented, and asked for a little help. If I could go back to that moment in my life, I would have crawled all the way there on my own if I had to.

I just want you to know that you can keep going, and work to towards being more independent. I know that CP is progressive, and a bit different from my condition. I survived a horrible disease that would have me on my knees begging for an escape from it, but I have thrived because I fought for my existence to mean something. I believe you can get through this tough trying time, and if anyone treats you bad as a result of your illness. Then there not worthy of being in the presence of a true heroic individual.
No shame in the bib. I've been using one for a while

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there is no shame in a bib few years back i was dating a vietnam vet. he took me to a dinner at the post he belong too. it was a big outing for me because he asked me to tone down my baby side and many dress a little older, i did hated but thing we do for someone. back to bibs we sat a table with some older vets and their wifes and 4 of them had bib to eat. didn't slow them down one bit. it was like it was no big deal. all i keep thinking was i wish i brought my.
CPDude said:
I now wear a bib at meals. Using a fork or spoon is shaky and I spill easyily. my aides are going through feeding training to help me.

A lot of times I now wear a bib too.
I am a bit messier in my eating the last few years.
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