Fedex, No tracking number updates? Getting worried

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I'm not sure if there is the correct area to post this if not feel free to move it.

I ordered my diapers for the first time online. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. Ordered from XP medical, it shipped from Michigan to Texas and it left the carrier and says its in transit but its supposed to arrive today and there have been no more updates on where the package is at. From people who have ordered online for a while is this normal? I did end up requesting it be held at a near by fedex shipping facility but i dont see how that would effect it. Could it have gotten lost while being shipped? Why would i not be receiving shipping updates. Never had this issue in the past ordering from fedex.
It is probably in Transit. This means it is still on the truck and has not been moved off that truck. I order from XP all the time and recently got stuff the other week. If you have the shipping updates set it will inform you of any changes. :D
FedEx only handles a very small amount of my shipping and I can't quite remember how there tracking system is set up. I do remember, however, that I was tracking a package that seemed to stop tracking about half way through and it only updated after it was delivered. I thought it was rather annoying. :)


If it's any consolation, I ordered a case that I detoured to a local UPS pickup point yesterday with an estimated delivery of today. I got 2 status updates this morning alone. the first being 'on vehicle for delivery' and the next simply emailing telling me it's 'not delivered yet'...
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I got a shipping notification from XP Medical overnight. My case of diapers will be delivered Friday on Fed Ex Ground.
The truck will leave Chicago today and arrive in Dallas tomorrow and I'll get it Friday.
FedEx has been by far the best shipping service I have used over the years. I have never had a package lost with them or damaged. Granted, there are instances where it happens, there will always be individuals that behave badly, it happens.

As for the lack of tracking updates, it usually means that the box is still on the truck; drivers are only allowed a certain amount of time to drive daily so it can take multiple days for a truck to get to the destination where packages get unloaded and distributed.
I wouldn't worry about it. Like others have said it could still be on the truck. I've had a fair amount shipped with FedEx. Some of it was personal, but at a previous job I was shipping things with them almost daily and have never had any issue. Everything has always arrived at the time they said it would and in the condition it was shipped in. Sure things can still happen, but I trust them more than the USPS.
Sometimes fedex takes a while to activate your tracking number, I've had several orders from Amazon where it's taken a day or two before I can finally track my package. XP seems to be a very reputable company within our community and medical supplies, shouldn't have to worry about them
I finally got an update on the tracking number. Should be arriving tomorrow. :D feeling really freaking excited now.
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