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It might be tacky to make yet another youtube oriented thread. I somewhat wish there was an embed option and it wouldn't be so bad, but...*shrug*

When I say music videos, I mean like official promo videos for the band. They could be just the band playing around and you just like the song, or it could be something awesome and artsy. I'm a bigger fan of the latter...

Oceansize - Catalyst - This video is gorgeous. Eye-candy all around, and the song is great too.

Porcupine Tree - Piano Lessons An okay song, but the video is both ironic and goofy, pointing out all the points in the song used to "market" them, so to speak.

Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight - An old Favorite from when I was a kid. Always loved this video, even if it was cheap. >:)

Sneaker Pimps - Loretta Young Silks - Odd video, but I love the song.

Steven Wilson - Harmony Korine Inspired by surrealist films. Its a really odd video, but again, its a really good song. :)

I can't find a few of the ones I wanted to post, like Collective soul and STP...hahaha...but, this'll do for now. If I find them, I'll edit. :)
Post your favorites!
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