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I have a couple of “go to” modifications that I use for certain diapers, diaper combinations, and for differing reasons. I am curious to see what else everybody likes to do to either improve their padding’s performance or enhance their wearing experience.

Depend + Goodnites TRU-FIT insert:

For this one, I start with a plastic backed Depend Protection With Tabs (S/M for me) and a TRU-FIT insert (L/XL). This modification will only work as described with the plastic backed version so this mod is going to be going away for me soon. Sadface.

I start by opening the Goodnite insert, shaking it a bit to fluff it up, and then folding it in half lengthwise to ensure it has the proper shape in the receiving diaper. I set that aside and begin working on the Depend next.

This step is essential to ensure a well fitting and useful diaper. Unfold the Depend and stretch it out a bit all the way around, ensuring the standing leak guards are in fact standing. Then take the back of the diaper at the elastic and stretch it as far as it will go. You’ll notice that the plastic backing, green elastic, and inner cloth liner will have separated in places along the elastic.

Start peeling the plastic backing away from the green elastic (I’ve found this more effective for some reason as opposed to peeling the plastic and elastic away from the inner liner). Work a bit slowly and you will see that the plastic shell will separate from the inner cloth liner rather easily. It should separate side to side (leak guard to leak guard) and all the way down to the padding.

Once you reach the top of the padding, the inner cloth liner will open right up and separate from the padding completely back to front (they aren’t attached). Take your Goodnite insert and carefully work it into the cavity you’ve created. Place your Goodnite wherever you’d like, I like to put it all the way up to the very front.

You’ll see that the Goodnite insert fits beautifully like it should just be manufactured into the Depend. This combination will boost the effectiveness of the Depend by massively increasing the absorbency, increasing the resistance to “press out”, and yet maintains the full functionality of the standing leak guards.

(Diapers that have smaller leak guards are almost completely neutralized by inserts as they are usually taller than the leak guards themselves, especially once they’ve been used.)

I find this combo to be exceptionally effective, comfortable, durable, easily obtained, and almost premium levels of performance. Well, maybe they’re not THAT good, but they are pretty damned good compared to stock store bought diaper performance.

Tranquility SlimLine Breathable, Double Trouble! (Guys only! NO GIRLS ALLOWED!)

This is my preferred method of “double diapering”. In general, I do not really care for double diapering as you either have to completely compromise the structural integrity of one diaper, or the combination does not net an overall effect of doubling your diapers effectiveness.

First off, if you haven’t tried Tranquility’s SlimLine Breathable you should really give it a look. I know mainliners are already screaming “Plastic Backed are bester-est!”, and I usually agree. However, I absolutely LOVE these clothbacked diapers, and to date they are the ONLY colth backed diapers that I have found that have effective taping, useability, and resistance to wicking to the outer cover. They are EXTREMELY comfortable to wear, and in standard form provide an extremely good fit (without tons of excess material), great leakage barriers, above average absorbency and resistance to press out, and the color is even interesting too. Not to mention it has some of the best odor neutralization in the diaper world. I regard them as one of the best kept secrets in Diaperdom, ESPECIALLY at their price point. It is worthwile to note that the padding will separate and clump a bit on these with prolonged wearing and heavy use though.

Strangely enough, I absolutely HATE the plastic backed version of them. They are absolutely horrid.

Enough rambling, on to the modifications!

Find the point where your "member" makes contact and make one incision large enough to slip through, a tighter fit is best. Put your diaper with the slit on inside out starting with the bottom tapes (padding facing out). Pull through the slit in the diaper making sure you extend all the way through so the diaper sits really close to the body. Finish taping on the inside out diaper (made really easy by twisting the tapes 180° and fastening as normal. They’ll stick since they are Velcro style tapes). Fasten on the second diaper as normal ensuring you are pulled completely trough and point down. You'll end up with your "piece" completely encased in padding with no direct skin contact other than it.

This combo drastically increases absorbency, rate of absorption, and no negative impacts to structural integrity. This also has the benefit of keeping you REALLY dry. I've never experienced a leak with this combo that wasn't user error. It can be hard to ascertain how saturated you are with this combo. It's really comfortable, VERY secure feeling, and useable for night, day, or out and about. I highly recommend you guys try this out.


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Wow I never thought of doing that, I've got some cloth backs that I don't like wearing, maybe it's worth to experiment with a few
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