Favorite bab show.

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I think winnie the pooh is pretty bab.
Finding nemo is pretty leaky.
Blues clues is pretty bab.

Big bird is kinda like shady though.
Rugrats is always bab especially the first season.

And steve irwin he's alright.

I didn't watch dragon tales much, but a lot of power rangers way back. Gundam was also really really cool it was like the coolest ever!

Wish it was care bears and diaps though xD Glad I got to find my way into a few.


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I have a few go to shows for little time, but I really have to be in the right mood for each of them. Movies don't really do it for me that much, because I am too busy to really sit down for an hour or more and watch them.

Kate and MimMim
My Friends Tigger and Pooh
Paw Patrol
Care bears (Old and new)
Hello Kitty, as there are some pretty nifty fairytale retellings I like

And of course, in any mood - My Little Pony. I've always liked all of them, even before FiM.

Oh, and have you managed to check out the new Irwin show - Crickey, We're the Irwins - or something similar to that? Not quite the same with out him, but his kids are pretty awesome as well. Its more centered around the zoo, so it doesn't have that old Steve feeling to it, but its still pretty amazing.
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