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Fauvis is coming !

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Hello Adiscers !

I'm a 20 years-old student. I live in France. I'm interested in meeting new people. I can chat in English, but if someone wants to speak in French it will be a pleasure - it is my mother language ^^

I consider myself as "soft-abdl". I can't live without my ABDL side, but it doesn't rule my life :) I'm Adult Baby and Diaper Lover, but i don't have many toys to play. However, I tried many kinds of diapers, like the excellent Snuggies Waddler, bought at ABDL factory. If you want some advises, you can ask me ^^ My favourites are the Drynites !

I'm also an Asexual (that means that I can fall in love, I can be attracted by pretty women like every guy, but i'm disgusted by the sexual act). If you want read more about it : http://www.asexuality.org/home/ .... Or you can ask me, too :)

What about my "normal side" ? (I don't really know if I have one, hehe) I'm a great listener of rock and metal. I also like TV Series, and I recently started reading comics. (You can easily guess that I like TV Series from DC ^^). Oh, and I like video games too !

I don't know if i'll be here 7/7, but if you send me a mail, I'll do my best to answer you :) Ideally, I would like to speak with ABDL Asexuals like me, but I don't reject anyone ^^

Ps : if I do horrible language mistakes bothering you, you can tell it to me, I'll do my best to correct myself :)
Your English is fine! This was a great introduction, by the way!

I, too, try not to allow ABDL to not rule my life. It's a hard lesson I'm trying to learn and solidify about myself. Welcome to ADISC! I'm sure you'll find great places to connect with fellow ABDLs and to practice your written English :)
Greetings Fauvis,
Welcome to the site, I think you will find it very informative and I'm glad your open to discussing your asexual side.

I too am Asexual. I have a theory about this condition and being ABDL. I feel like during a persons adolescence we come to a point of "Impression" a point in our development where we choose our first sexual experience. For some its the (DL side) is first and thus makes a first impression and that becomes the dominate "Impression". I have not searched the forum yet to see if others share this theory but it makes sense to me.

I'm sure you will find the answers your looking for and find a great group of people to chat with.

((bunny huggs))
Sheik, Baba Bunny, thank you for your warm greetings :)

Introductions are not favourite hobby, hehe. I'll do my best to keep speaking correctly !

The ABDL world teached me one thing : everybody can hide great secrets. This helped me to relativize.

Baba : Asexuality and the ABDL way of life may be connected, you are right. (However, I'm not convinced that this is true for me. I'm Asexual by nature and by interests, since many many years. I think I'm ABDL in reaction from my childhood, but I discovered it not long ago. But this is a point of reflexion ! Can you tell me more about your "Theory of impression" ? It reminds me of something I've read in Freud's books.
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