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I have this wonderful fantasy that I am a 12 year old boy being brought up as a little girl. My mummy is my wife and we live together alone. My bedroom screams little girl, shopping for clothes, being taken out , her girlfriends visiting us and being a part of all of this. What do you think of this fantasy of mine? It just takes control of me.
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Wmv532 said:
IWhat do you think of this fantasy of mine? It just takes control of me.
Fantasies are imaginary, daydream-like scenarios that individuals play out in their heads. Fantasies serve several psychological purposes and are a normal part of most people’s interior world. Indulging in fantasies may seem like a waste of time, but they are far from frivolous. Most fantasies serve a specific purpose: They can be entertaining, distracting, frightening, or, in the case of sexual fantasies, arousing. Fantasizing about specific goals can foster creativity, help someone better understand their wants and needs, and even enable them to plan for the future. When people attempt to turn their fantasies (especially their sexual fantasies) into reality, it’s critical that everyone involved consent to the activity. Other than that, however, most fantasies remain just that—fantasies. Left unspoken, they cannot harm others just by existing in someone’s mind. Everyone daydreams occasionally and covers a wide range of imagined topics. Some prefer to fantasize about their past (“I would have won that argument if I had just said this”) or potential paths for the future (“What if he felt about me like I do about him?”). Others daydream about things that are purely fantastical, like developing superpowers or traveling through time. Though it’s not always clear what specific purpose different types of fantasies serve, some researchers hypothesize that more realistic fantasies—that is, fantasizing about things that could actually happen in the near future—may be the most productive. The human mind is sexual, creative, and exploratory, and fantasizing is one way people satisfy their sexual needs and wants. As a result, most people experience a range of enticing, disturbing, or challenging sexual fantasies. Sexual fantasies are normal for most adults regardless of gender, age, or relationship status. Research shows that even a majority of asexual people fantasize about sex. Having a sexual fantasy does not always, or even usually, mean that someone is planning to, or destined to, pursue it in real life. It should not be alarming, for example, for a lesbian to fantasize about sex with a man, or for a dedicated monogamous partner to dream of group sex. Sexually fantasizing about somebody else while having sex isn’t unusual either, and in most cases, isn’t detrimental to a relationship.



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I don't think it's an unusual fantasy for for a sissy to have, even when i was really young i would wish that some girls would dress me in their clothes and let me play girl games and have a girly sleepover.

Even now i sometime fantasies about winning the lottery and buying a nice house in the middle of the countryside with no neighbors so i could be be a girl 24/7 with a "mummy" who treats me like a girl and have a girly bedroom and only wear girls clothes.
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