Fantastic looking brand!

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  1. Diaper Lover
Anyone seen these Mydiapers on SaveExpress?! They look beyond-brilliant, plastic-backing that looks like it could give quite a nostalgia hit! I've not tried them but they look similiar to a foreign brand I tried called Ancare - from Thailand - said brand were pretty cool infact very Tena-ish or a good mixture of Tena and Cuddlz but for the genuine-incontinence-sufferer market. I suffered a major computer burn-out recently and the full ancare review (not that kind of full! Ha Ha!) was one of the things that was lost and I'm not to driven to re-doing it but we'll see. Returning focus to Mydiapers...has anyone out there (on here/Adisc) tried them? If you have it'd be great to hear from you. bringmesunshine
Yes, their night time version with front taping panel are very good. Good plastic and excellent features and absorbency. I really like them, especially for the price. The old day version were total rubbish though, stay well clear of those.
I was just looking at those a little more closely... it appears that they have a hard shell all over, not just at the tape panel area?


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