Fake Confession


Diaper Lover, Little

I am twenty-two years old, a barista and part time model. I am in to RnB music and enjoy dancing and cooking, traditional southern Cajun being my favorite. To most I am an ordinary young black woman with hopes and ambitions, but there is one part of my life that goes on unbeknownst to even my most intimate friends. Throughout most people's young lives, the most desired expectation is to grow up and become a strong, independent adult, a desire I too wished to accomplish and have largely succeeded in achieving if I do say so myself. But one aspect of me and of who I am is that of Infantile Regression, or as a less familiar person may point it out as being Baby Play. At home on my own adult time, I bask in the comfort of a soft diaper (bare with me now) with my cuddly blanket in hand and a pacifier, yes one of those, in my mouth. It may seem strange or even inappropriate to some for some adult woman of my stature to be dressing like a baby, eating, playing, crying, and yes, on occasion, wetting myself, (a lot of people do kinky and dirty things in private without the world coming to an end), not to mention I don't do it in public around other people out of respect for their sensitivities and concerns. But to me, part of being an adult is being free and nothing sets me free like doing what makes me happy, and that sometimes involves wearing diapers. Large cushy ones with cute little prints on them. Life as a mature adult woman with all its responsibilities can be great, fantastic even, though often extremely taxing and alienating from who I see myself as at times. Nothing arouses me more and comforts me so than to see the independent grown, strong woman I see in the mirror let go and regress to such a peaceful and carefree state of playing with dolls, drinking milk from a bottle and rubber nipple, sucking on a pacifier, and soiling myself and needing someone to change this beautiful young woman's diaper.


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Little, Incontinent
You have a potentially interesting character here; can you come up with a plot to put her into?