F-ic is a nightmare sometimes


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So sometimes you just have things happen some of the most inconvenient times so today was one of those days. I'm just venting I suppose. I woke up yesterday morning and did my usual of having a cup of coffee to get things "moving" while still in my overnight diaper so I can shower and be ready for my day.
So I get cleaned up and get a fresh brief on and went and started doing Ubers from the airport well unfortunately my brakes started making noise and upon closer inspection my brake pads on the front we're toast like metal on metal so I take my car home and rented a car for the week because we get a discount on week rentals for Uber so back on the road worked for a few hours and was on my way home when it happened a lady in a dodge charger ran a red light and t boned me. She was going around 50mph
We were both pretty beat up I heard she broke her leg and an ankle. I was in a Ford fusion and it held up amazing but shame on me I wasn't wearing my seat belt ...😐 Now I was right by my house and had just left a restaurant and just ... Well made a stupid mistake.. I suffered a head injury and was knocked out when the ambulance showed up they cut my clothes off...why didn't I wear underwear o something over my diaper... absolutely embarrassing...they strapped me to a board for some reason and took me to the hospital. I'm not sure how long I was strapped to the board but at one point they had like 5 people in my room and was talking to me and my IBS started kicking I immediately begged to be allowed to use a bathroom I was basically almost in tears begging. While they were discussing options time ran out.. I don't think they realized what was happening as they kept talking to me and I just laid there filled with anxiety and embarrassment as I squeaked out too late. And for some reason began to apologize profusely. It was so bad ...not as abhorrently bad as the diaper they changed me into a while later but you get the idea. Anyways they would not change me or let me off the board until they got x-rays or something so I was in my messy brief for almost a hour before they changed me into there horrible excuse for a brief. It was very frustrating but one positive I was quite shocked as one of the police officer's that was on the scene was kind enough to get my phone and my back pack and cane out of the car before it was towed and brought it to the hospital. I really appreciated that. So here I am waiting to be discharged and they still won't let me get out of bed on my own as I'm considered a fall risk .. after breakfast I again had a IBS flare and it's so frustrating I hit the call button and explained but they just can't seem to get in here in less than 15 minutes.. I'm really tired in every sense of the word tired of the accidents the embarrassment and being woke up every 2 hours to be changed I just want to go home and just forget about all of this. Anyways hope your all having a better day than me.. I guess in some ways I did get lucky as I only have a concussion and some bruises and my car is safe in my driveway and it's the rental company that gets to deal with the car. And yes I even had there insurance so I'm good 👍 just hoping to be out of here like really soon as I really don't like being changed by strangers and find it absolutely terrifyingly embarrassing.
Anyways I guess being double incontinent and going to the hospital is just all around not a fun combo as I have been through hospital stays in the past I really do think when you're in diapers they really don't put a rush on getting to you when you beg for a bathroom.
And that's just not fair as It really isn't good on your mental health which should matter..... Ok rant over have a good day everyone and be safe out there🤙 oh and buckle up don't be an idiot like me ....yes I'm absolutely an idiot... I was close to home and just.. yeah you get it...
What a day, indeed! Yes, use your seatbelts. IBS is extremely inconvenient, isn't it. Hope your day improves at this point!