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Anyone else with IBS and painful bladder OAB and pelvic floor disorder get covid and have things just go nuts ? I mean seriously I had kind of got in a rhythm with things and the I got COVID Dec 17 and it was bad since then my issues have gone crazy my incontinence and the kidney,bladder,testicle pain has gone crazy I couldn't keep a diaper clean and dry for 15 minutes if my life depended on it and fecal retention... Dream on ... Been straight diarrhea since I got COVID. My IBS was sort of manageable before now it strikes at random the most annoying of it all is I am messing in my sleep several times a night .... Sometimes I wake up to painful cramps and gas and can't even stand up before the battle is lost ... Most times I wake up and realize something stinks and then I recognize the familiar feeling in the backside of my diaper. But all the acidic diarrhea is wrecking my skin. I kind of had things figured out for the most part but now it's nuts ...and the pain involved with everything has gone crazy as well.... I feel like it has set me back as now I'm nervous as hell to go anywhere or do anything thing again. What a pain in the ass.... Sorry just venting.... Anyone else notice similar issues?
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So I had Corona last fall and I also had diarrhea. With me it was fortunately only a few days, but they were really bad, because I can not hold liquid stool. For me that was actually the worst part of Corona - compared to the diarrhea, the cough and the little bit of increased temperature was completely unimportant.

I did not notice any consequences. The cough was gone after about 12 days - the diarrhea fortunately lasted only 3 days.
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When I had covid I had the least amount of IC I've ever had
Maybe because I was sweating my fluids out with the fever vs it going to my bladder but even after the temp went down it took 2 weeks for my IC to go back to my normal levels
Covid affected my guts as well, it was along the lines of what happens with antibiotics. Watery stool, and frequent. Farting was not possible without ruining underwear. 😳
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I had a lot of diarrhea but it was not clear if that was directly related to covid, or whether I ate something I shouldn't.
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I had some issues with diarrhea after it and actually still battling long covid/haulers for the diarrhea in particular I started to take probiotics per my doc and it cleared up. What screwed up my if was I still retaining fluid and take a diuretic which makes me pee more often and I went from maybe once every few months leak to having to wear pocket diapers all the time while out because I never know.
slimjiminy said:
I had a lot of diarrhea but it was not clear
I see what you did there!
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