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Why, do you think, some companies require a prescription for an external catheter?
More and more places want one. I did find a place online that does not though. I think it’s seniors.com
over here the ones without the ballon u can just simply walk into pharmacy like store and pick them up by the unit/ or box or whatever,
If you notice most of the places that ask for a script are the ones that can and will take insurance. I think that has something to do with. Of course their are lots of places that you can buy foley catheters from. I get my straight catheters from liberator and the insurance pays for them. Below us where I buy my external. I don't use them as much as I was but every now and again they are nice to have on hand. Like after hip surgery they helped a lot. I mean a lot. I always put a diaper on over just incase they leak, that and I am bowel incontinent too. It getting much worse is one of the reasons I do not use these as often. But this brand is amazing they have a secondary barrier to prevent leaks. I also use a good skin prep first. Wipe down the area the catheter attaches too and it makes the skin tacky so it will stay down over 24 hours.

This is the prep if anyone is using external catheters and having issues with them staying down. Also If you use a tens unit for pain I found that wiping the pads with one of these pads make them like new. I have electrodes I have used over 50 times by using these every 3 to 4 times I apply them.

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