Exploring little space after a rough part of life


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Hey everyone,
Ive recently been getting into little space more. This love started out with just diapers, I remember my first adult diaper being a rearz Dino rawr 3 years ago. I started exploring my AB side more last summer. I noticed it was more frequent after stressful periods. Sadly at the end of last year something traumatic happened to me (SA), and I wore for the next 9-10 days 24/7, during this time I experimented with little space a lot more. now a few months later, it’s really helping out with stress and my overall mental wellbeing. It almost treated the issues lingering in my mind and just helped me relax, it’s great! I’ve bought my first patterned onesie/romper, I’m embracing baby prints more. And because my mom (whom I live with) found out about my diaper wearing, as well as finding my paci, (then I proceeded to tell her everything), I’m no longer stressed whilst wearing. I can fully relax and unwind with respected privacy. She’s not really supportive or understanding, she doesn’t really speak to me about it but she just lets me crack on with it and no longer enters my room without knocking etc. The next onesie I’d love to get is a littleforbig seepytime front snap onesie bodysuit. They’re really cute!
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