Experimenting with regressing to different age groups. What's your story?

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I've made mention quite a few times how my little side is a bit older than most others. I like to be around 9-12, more of a "middle" I guess.

But on the weekend, I had some time alone, and felt like being a lot younger for a change.

I think it was a combination of three things that bought this on. First, I bought a pair of flannel pyjamas. I haven't wore pyjamas since I was a teenager. I've always been a boxer shorts to bed guy. My new grey PJs made me feel really little when I put them on, particularly when I added some Depends briefs and a pair of white ankle socks. I know the Depends aren't great, but they do remind me of a kids pull up or Goodnight when I wear them. I just need to allow for the fact that they'll leak.

Secondly, I bought a rubber backed rug. It's not a play rug with patterns or anything, just a big, soft, thick rug that's light blue, but rubber backed. I bought this solely for the purpose of being able to wet on it, then hang it on the line to dry.

The third thing was Lego. My housemate has a bucket of Lego in the cupboard for when his kids come over.

I knew that I had the house to myself all weekend, and I had planned a lot of little time, hence my purchase of the Depends. I went shopping on Saturday morning and bought the pyjamas on a whim while I got groceries and my pull ups.

I had planned to spend most of the day being an 11 year old boy who needed to wear a pull up because he has accidents. I normally play outside while I do this, and generally just muck around until I have an accident and my pull up gets wet.

But when I got home, I put the shopping away, then went to diaper up. I put my pull up on, then decided to try my new pyjamas on. They were very thick and warm, and so comfortable as well. When I looked in the mirror, I suddenly felt much, much younger, more like 4-6, instead of 11.

I decided to go with that for a change.

I put a sheet of plastic and an old blanket on the lounge room floor, and put my new 6 foot x 4 foot rug down. I switched on the cartoons, and dug out the Legos.

From there, I sat and played very happily for a while. I generally have a lot of trouble keeping a little frame of mind going. I think that's why I'm usually older. I find it easier pretending to be a big kid.

But this time, sitting there in my pull up and pyjamas, playing Lego and watching a Rugrats cartoon, I had no problems at all being a little kid for a change. In my mindset I was around 5 years old, and had gotten ready for bed. I was playing quietly and trying not to draw attention to myself so I could stay up a bit later.

After a while, little me needed to pee, but I knew if I did, I'd be sent to bed. I ended up desperate, and decided I'd use my pull up and hopefully no one would notice.

I sat there with my legs outstretched, and slowly wet my pull up. But of course it leaked, and I ended up with a big wet spot sticking out on the blue rug around my butt. My new pyjamas were soaked front and back as well.

This helped me to maintain my little mindset. Now, I wanted to stay seated there so nobody would see my pyjamas and the rug were all wet. I sat there for perhaps 20 minute before I imagined myself being discovered, told off, and sent for a shower.

Afterwards, I got changed and spent a long time being 10 years old again.

This was one of those rare times that I was able to regress successfully to a different age bracket. The last time it happened I was playing with the hose as I watered the garden, and I found myself playing in the mud.

Who else plays at different ages, and how do you do it? Do you need props like toys and stuff, or can you just switch ages whenever you want too?

I've also been a teenager before, but didn't find that much fun.

Tell your regression secrets!


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Thank you for sharing.

I not really sure of my age but I think I am 5. For me it is a state of being. It's hard to describe it. Like I need my pacifier but I don't know why just do.

I really love regression and really don't do group up that well. Little me is right there ready to play or ask why?, yes but why?

I think little me help big me just deal with work and life in general.

Play on the swing with someone that as the same out look was just great in a public place. I had so much energy the next day. It was like saying this is me so deal with it. Ok we did not rub it in any ones face, that not what its about.

It about be free to be the person that you are on the inside.

What did scared me though was waking up in an baby mind set and finding I was not comming out of it that well

Any way I love being a little, and my Son like being a Middle about 13. Hee, hee I am his little Daddy.



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For me I don't "go into little space", it's more of a constant state of being, sure I adult when I have to but even then I get away with being a little because people treat me that way.. my age doesn't change, I'm 2 or 3 I haven't decided which but I just say 3 if I have to give a age..
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