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Normally the first thing I do when I slip into my diaper (as soon as the wife is off to work...) is to wet it as much as possible. I love the feeling of a really well soaked diaper. And I would also have to confess that I also enjoy a nice #2 on frequent occasion. Today I am going to try wearing only, not wetting or messing. It is actually a rather pleasant sensation. Quite different from the wet and soggy scenario. We will see how it goes.
personally I like to change shortly after my second or third wetting (third especially If I'm wearing a premium ABDL diaper) and wear as long as I can try, and only wet when I need to.
Well, I went all morning from around 8:30am in a dry diaper. Used the potty like a big boy. Shot a couple rounds of trap with my daughter and son-in-law. Finally got home around 12:30. Then I decided to wet my diaper. Strangely enough, while the diaper was dry it started feeling clammy and sweaty. Once I wet it, then it felt very nice and comfortable. I managed to wet it two more times before I had to go back to big boy underwear before the wife got home from work. Although in general I liked the feel of the dry diaper, I would have to lean in the direction of enjoying the wet one much better.
I enjoy a fully wet diaper, it's more reactive to movements, and feels squishy and very soft. I don't mind the wetness. If I didnt stink so much with #2 I would do that more often as well.
Waiting until you really have to pee and let go is probably the best part, especially if your member is crammed and it comes out nice and slow.
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