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Hello everybody!
As few might recognise, I posted few months ago and asked your help with getting diapers in Berlin. Well, I have just returned from Berlin yesterday and I have a quite sad story. A year ago I have been to Greece, where I saw Tena slips on the supermarket shelves. I thought that it would be the same in Germany, but I was disappointed to discover the opposite. Through many supermarkets I went and pharmacies as well, and there was not a single diaper. Few of you told me that I should ask the at the desks in the pharmacies, but I wasn't brave enough, childish me, heehee.
Anyway Berlin was beautiful and I had great time in there, but if you're looking for diapers there you should know that it's impossible not to ask.
I just wanted to say thanks to the great community in here and to the people that helped me even though it didn't come out as we hoped.
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