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I posted some of my experience in another thread about wearing in public but I wanted to hear about other people's experiences about their urgency afterwards

Yesterday was my first time wearing all day in public. It was both exhilarating and nerve wracking. I purposefully drank as much coffee and water as I could to enjoy the experience. I flooded the first time because it was my first elimination and for the remainder of the day I went everytime I had an urge no matter how small the void so I probably dribbled the rest of the day. The two things I liked about this that I didn't know beforehand

1. I changed in a mall bathroom with several stalls. I actually enjoyed the sense of being nervous about people hearing the tapes and crinkleness and "getting outed"

2. After I changed into my underwear, my first visit to the bathroom was very urgent. I almost had a real accident. I don't have urgency problems normally and it wasn't a large void. This urgency was different than when you have a full bladder. The urgency due to a full bladder feels like your bladder is extended to the max and its painful. This urgency that I experienced yesterday was almost like urge incontinence because my bladder wasn't full, I didn't experience significant distention and yet I started dribbling a little bit by the time I got to the toilet. I just "couldn't hold it".

Anybody else experience urgency when wearing all the time even if its only for one day?
Longest I have gone is 7-8 days wearing.. I did feel awkward afterwards, as I grew accustomed to wearing, but nothing to the point where I had any accidents.

Mind you, this was a while ago, and I am now trying to break my own record of wearing longer then that. It really does seem easier to say then do :(

Although, after the first few days, I find, it gets easier, as 1 day turns into 2, and 2 turns into 4, etc...
I like to wear because of anxiety from a past bad experience, so I kinda always have that feeling. But likewise when I'm wearing, I don't have that urgency even when I'm not just letting loose, so I guess I understand where that's coming from =P you just get used to knowing when you gotta go even a bit so you always sense it, thats my theory on it (which is probably why i get anxious, even if i dont really need to go i know its there)
When I wore long term, I would just wet myself when I would have regularly used the bathroom. I don't constantly try to empty myself. I can really hold long enough to start leaking. When holding, I go to the bathroom when I feel uncomfortable. Maybe that is why I've never experienced post-diaper wearing incontinence. I'd like to be able to hold until I have a real wetting accident.
I know what you mean. That's basically the same formula for me. I'll buy a pack of diapers or briefs, put one on and do a bit of a hold resulting in a very full bladder, then will fully release and flood it completely, usually resulting in a leak. If it doesn't leak, I will keep drinking and flood it again.

After my bladder is empty, I'll change into a fresh diaper and keep taking in fluids. But now, I'll consciously try too pee all the time. It won't come naturally by itself, but every 10-15 minutes or so I'll stop what I'm doing and relax, and empty whatever I've built up by then, which isn't much.

If I have the chance to do this all day, or even half a day, I will find that my need to pee becomes much more sudden and urgent for a short while afterwards. All of a sudden I will get what seems like an extreme urge to empty what feels like a full bladder, but in reality is only a small amount.

It has nearly caused a wet bed before too. My bed wetting stopped when I was 11, and apart from a few drunken incidents is now thankfully non existent. But one night I was wearing Depends briefs, which I don't mind, but don't hold a lot. I certainly wouldn't wear one to combat bed wetting anyway. I had done what I have described above, spent the afternoon and evening just happily dribbling and leaking away as soon as I had anything to release. I had drank a lot of tea and water during the day, and had a few beers that evening.

As bed time approached, I kept my "pull up" on, and concentrated on keeping empty. My briefs were at maximum capacity. I went to change before bed. I removed my wet briefs, had a wash, and peed in the toilet, forcing out every drop I could. I then put a clean dry "pull up" on, and got into bed too read. About 20 minutes later I felt the need to go again, so I got up and went to the toilet where I peed out a goodly amount again, but I pulled up my briefs just as I finished, resulting in a small wet patch in the front that I could feel as I got into bed.

During the night I awoke suddenly with an urgent need to pee. I'm not sure if I had had a peeing dream or not, but I was at the absolute brink of losing it. I gasped as I clenched on with my bladder muscles, and jumped out of bed, clamping a hand to my crotch. I had forgotten what I was wearing, and was momentarily surprised by the feel of my briefs, but had no time to think as I hobbled into the toilet. I pulled them down as I spun around to sit down. I only just managed to sit down and get everything pointed before I exploded.

As I sat there I looked at my briefs. They were still quite wet in the front. Surely I hadn't dribbled that much into them before bed? And they were still warm and wet in a large spot in the front as well.

To this day I am unsure if I had leaked in my sleep or not. Maybe wearing a slightly wet pull up nearly triggered a real sleep mishap, or maybe I leaked as I got up, or perhaps I was still just a bit wet from before going to sleep, I never found out.
Wore all day again today. Went through 4 tranquility atn (awesome diaper, very soft and comfortable). I drank water all day interspersed with coffee; the coffee really gets the pee going.
So I am at a cafe and I'm on my 3rd tranquility. I've been soaking it consistently and its lunchtime. The wetness is beginning to creep up my back and I feel some dampness in the legs. I am sitting but I feel like my bladder is pretty full and only a trickle of pee wets my diaper because of the sitting position. I'm worried its gonna leak so I get up to get changed. Of course the mens bathroom is occupied. I wait and wait. Now that I am standing for some time, I feel I have to go. I can either hold it or just wet. Well, I figure that today is my "incontinent day". I decide to wet but not flood. I try hard to just let squirts out so as not to have a major accident but if I have a accident then so be it. I release about 1/4 of my bladder in squirts (which is actually hard to control) and the bathroom door opens. Luckily it did, because my diaper started leaking in the right leg enough to show but my jeans are dark. This is the closest to a true public accident since I can remember. I guess these are the anxieties of truly incontinence people but to a lesser degree.
That is one of the dangers of wearing diapers regularly. You're of the mindset to let go in your diaper, where beforehand you're trained to hold it in. Diaper training? You bet! ;)
aaronbabywolf said:
That is one of the dangers of wearing diapers regularly. You're of the mindset to let go in your diaper, where beforehand you're trained to hold it in. Diaper training? You bet! ;)

Only if that's how you wear. Since I prefer to hold and release, it's no different to my bladder whether I'm wearing or not.
Well, just giving word of warning. :)
I wear everyday expect at work and depending on weekend plans I go sometimes 24/7, I love the feeling of just letting go in the daytime, when I'm not wearing at work a very rarely have that urge feeling, but I sometimes don't totally empty out and I have a slight wet spot develop, but I think that's me just rushing while in the bathroom
Does anybody enjoy the urgency sensation? I am beginning to
It is slightly stressful
scaifester said:
Does anybody enjoy the urgency sensation? I am beginning to

If I am not wearing diapers and I want to wet my pants, then I like to wait till I have an urgent need to pee. This makes the wetting of my pants feel more 'babyish'. If I am wearing a diaper, I prefer to pee as soon as I can so that I don't flood the diaper and cause leaks.
I let go as soon as I feel the need when wearing, so for about a day or two after I'll be caught by surprise with a urge to pee right that moment. I did wet my pants once or twice recently by accident. But it was at home late at night, playing on computer till late, then urge hits as soon as I stand up.
To un-stress myself after a busy period (business stuff, ya know tha thing… :sweatdrop: ) my method is to start to wear diapers just before dinner time. When I do it, then, I am wearing the whole night until next day, right into the evening. (Of course I change regularly to avoid problems and diaper overflow :biggrin: ) There is always a 'relaxing moment' here and there to let go. So basically, my bladder is emptied often. I think lots of folks around here recognize this feeling: You feel empty with a rather wet diaper around you, still able to wet from time to time :thumbsup: This is part of the great excitement, as I experience it, and it helps to let the diaper absorb pee properly (small bursts) together with the stress, it all flows out. At the end of the evening the best is to go to the swimming pool. There I change and release myself from the (often soaked) diaper, jump in my swimming trunks, shower myself quickly and then swim for an hour to do some physical training. When it is cold there in the swimming pool place it is very very hard to hold it when you walk to the pool. Strange feeling. And if I dribble a bit, I am wet anyway due to the shower right before. I cannot tell if this is really the case, but it feels that way. But after swimming I feel that 'the muscle' retrained itself to hold pee again and the dribbling feeling has gone. Strange but true… I am strange, I know… :biggrin:
If you wear diapers its no big deal unless you are showing it off. Then it might offend someone. The thing to remember is don't bring attention to yourself.
No one is really looking at your butt and if they are in their view it's a medical condition . BE YOUR SELF , ACT NATURAL and nine times out ten no one will notice.
i agree that there is something pleasurable with dribbling all day
I am finding it very difficult to hold it in when I'm wearing. When I'm not wearing, I'm fine. Which is how I like it.
I like to wet myself all day sometimes so I will be more likely to wet the bed. Other times like in the evening I like to hold for a few hours so I am more likely to need to go after I fall asleep.
I try to not wear 24/7 for too long because I have sensitive skin, so sometimes it needs breaks. The longest I've worn without any sort of breaks barring the obvious like to shower is three to fourish weeks, I think? My skin hated me because of that lol
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