Exciting times for me!

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I seem to be finally able to wet my nappy while sitting and lying after wearing 24/7 for about 13 years. Until recently I have only managed wet standing up.

The last couple of months I have been practising at every opportunity relaxing my bladder when sitting and lying and been having great success, for the past 6 weeks I have wet EVERY morning when waking up and still in bed.

Even more exiting is for the past two mornings I have woken in an already wet nappy and had no recollection of wetting consciously during the night (I always go to bed in a dry nappy). Hopefully this is a sign of things to come and think it might be because I have been becoming adept at wetting while lying.

I see lots of posts about people wanting to wet when lying or sitting which has prompted me to write this, I thought after 13 years that it would never come but was determined to make it happen. I would advise to anyone who wants similar is to firstly keep telling yourself that you can do it and set the time aside to keep practising. Also I found it particularly helpful at the start to have something to read. Lastly, I avoid wetting while standing at the moment to take every opportunity. I think that if I managed to succeed then anyone can!

Hopefully there will be lots more sleep wettings to come for me!
Congratulations on your training success. I think for some people the ability to wet while sitting and lying down is harder for some than for others. Looking back, actually, the first time that I ever wet a diaper post-potty training was laying down. Not sure how I was able to do it (given my then inexperience with the whole diaper thing) but I was able to. If I think about the position I'm sitting in it will make it harder for me to wet, so for me its just all about letting the mind wander and wet regardless of what position I'm in...but again this is easier for some than for others.

Again, congrats - glad your training has paid off for you.
Thanks Shibapaws - Training, which it is or put another way undoing the training which I recieved as a child!
just not having to get out of bed 2-4x a night is reward enough :)
I like the idea of not having to get out of bed to use the bathroom at night when you are wearing a diaper and I do have nighttime accidents from time to time but I personally would not like to be wetting nightly though. But if you want to do it go ahead more power to you and congrats on being able to wet in multiple positions!
I like the idea of not having to get out of bed to use the bathroom at night when you are wearing a diaper and I do have nighttime accidents from time to time but I personally would not like to be wetting nightly though.

I put away a large-size mcd meal last night including the large drink, and had more to drink before bed. Somehow never had to go before I changed for bed. So figuring on the need I would be having, I treated myself to a Crinklz. And now it's morning and I'm still wearing it, had to have saved me five trips to the bathroom last night. Another good night's sleep, and somehow it's STILL not wet anywhere near the back line. Gotta love these for their incredible capacity, fast wicking, (every one was a flood) and very good protection against leaks. :)
Congrats on your success!! I completely agree with you that the "relaxed training" aspect is not easy to achieve, and as you have so aptly pointed out, rather time consuming.

But definitely worth the time and effort. I myself have only this year been able to have total freedom to enjoy my DL pleasures and as such wetting while laying is still not very successful at all. Sitting while wetting has certainly improved and only recently has wetting while standing become a 100% success factor. But the way I look at it it is more than worth all the effort to retrain yourself for wetting pleasures as each time it happens, it brings you that one little step closer to pure diaper bliss.
Unfortunately no more wetting whilst asleep the last few nights.

Also one major drawback of not having to get out of bed is that I tend to oversleep anyway and this is not helping! Although having worn at night for many, many years it has been a problem for some time except I used to get out of bed, wet and then get back in before going back to sleep.
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