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well the time has come where i am able to order cases from the diaper place i purchase from. so now that i know with out a doubt that my sleep quality is better while padded up ive decided to start the hoard. with rearz re releasing the pink rebel diaper and the new version of lil monsters i’ve got a large order on the way but my one problem is that living with my parents these items will need to be hidden, with only so much space in my room would my stash get affected by storage in my car trunk?
my other thought is that well since i will be diapered nearly every night now i have been thinking that now would be a good time for a new mattress, one that isn’t stained and has a excellent mattress protector on.
what is the best mattress protection out there that one can put on a new bed?
Well the diapers should fair well in the trunk of your car, since they ship across the ocean in non-climate controlled containers. As for a mattress protector, I use a full bed change pad from rearz underneath my fitted sheet