Exchanged: A Dragon TF - Chapter 1


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“Nathaniel, the bell rang.”

I pulled out one of my headphones and looked up from my poor excuse for a drawing of a dragon. The classroom was already filling with students from the next class period, “Oh, thanks Mrs. Fluegel.” I scooped my belongings up and deposited them into my backpack, glad that this was my last class of the day. Senior year was great.

I stood up and slung my backpack over my shoulders, “Have a good weekend!”

“You too,” my teacher responded, “Don't forget to do the homework.”

Nodding my head, I walked out of the classroom and down the hallway to my locker. The between-class crowds were already clearing out as the minute-warning bell rang. My calculus book replaced and my laptop retrieved, I took my time heading towards the exit, considering taking a break before heading home and doing a bit of writing.

As I turned a corner, someone slammed into me and I was thrown to the ground, “Oof!”

The hooded jerk just kept running right past me, not even stopping when a set of keys, his I presumed, fell to the floor. I looked down at the keys and then back in the direction that the guy had run off in, but he was gone already. “Must have been late to class,” I muttered as the bell rang.

I picked myself up off the ground, grateful that I had put my computer in my bag. It would have probably been broken if I had been holding it in my hands. I prodded the discarded keys with a toe, noticing that a slip of paper was attached to the key ring.

I picked up the keys examined the paper.


Huh? This paper had my name on it! I flipped it over.


What did this number mean? I looked back down the hall where the keys' owner had disappeared. Maybe it was a locker number? I scanned the lockers that lined the walls; all of which were in the hundreds range. Deciding to investigate, I followed the locker numbers as they increased until I got to locker 239. Rather than the default combination lock that was usually installed on the lockers, this one had a padlock.

After trying only a couple of the keys, one of them turned in the lock. I opened the door.

Another slip of paper with my name on it was lying inside the locker on top of a small, black drawstring bag that looked pretty full of stuff. There were a couple of cans of Coca-Cola that had my name sharpied on them as well. I popped the tab on one and sipped it as I picked up the paper and unfolded it.


After careful consideration, I have decided that you are a prime candidate for the exchange program that I am putting together. I would like to extend to you an invitation to meet with me this Saturday at my office, the address of which is below. I cannot divulge too many details in this letter, but should you choose to meet with me, I can assure you that you will like what you hear.

Exchange program?

In the bag is a gesture of my goodwill, although you might not see it that way just yet. Feel free to wear one of these to our meeting; they play a large role in what I wish to discuss with you. If you do not wish to meet with me, simply replace this letter in locker 239 on Monday, and I will not bother you again.


Doctor Reed

P.S. The effects of the soda will only last for a day, do not be alarmed.

I guzzled the last of the contents of the can just as I came to the post-script. Wait, what effects? I looked the can over; it was just a regular can of Coke! I put the can down in the locker and dumped its contents into the locker.

I froze, staring at a pile of big, blue disposable baby diapers. Diapers? This was a joke. I picked one up and inspected it. It was way bigger than any baby diaper I had ever seen! It was definitely big enough to fit me, and was covered in pictures of dragons.

I stuffed everything, the diapers, the remaining soda, and the letter, back into the bag and closed the locker. Nope; The dragons were cool, but I didn't need diapers. I started walking down the hall to my car.

Why did this Doctor Reed go to so much trouble to give me a bag of diapers? I was potty trained when I was three!

Suddenly my crotch felt a bit warmer...and wetter. I looked down and put on the brakes. A discolored splotch had appeared on my pants and was growing bigger by the second. “Ugh! You've got to be kidding!” I bolted to a nearby bathroom and shut myself in the handicap stall.

I undid my pants as fast as I could and hovered over the toilet while the urine came out uncontrollably. I couldn't stop myself! All my bladder control had suddenly vanished!

Sighing in relief as my bladder finished emptying itself, I stood up from the uncomfortable hovering position and looked down with dread at my soaked underwear. I prepped myself for the long, wet drive home ahead of me. I pulled my pants back on slowly and grimaced, holding my backpack awkwardly in front of my crotch as I shambled out of the bathroom.

Before heading out to my car, my mind went back to the letter in the locker. It had said something about the soda that I had drank having effects of some sort. Did drinking that Coke make me pee my pants? It would explain why there were diapers in the locker. The Doctor had said that the soda's effects would last for a day...which meant that I wouldn't be able to control my bladder for the next day.


I waddled over to locker 239, hating every second that I had to stand there in cold, wet underwear that smelled like urine. The bag was still there, so I grabbed it and hurried to my car in the parking lot.

I drove home as fast as I could without going over the speed limit, tapping my foot at every maddening red light. Fortunately, I didn't live far from the school, so it wasn't long until I pulled into my empty driveway. I was so lucky that both my parents and my brother were going to be out of the house for the next few hours.

I dashed into my house with the bags and up the stairs. A quick shower later, I was sitting in my towel on my bed, staring at the black bag. Maybe it was a one-time thing and I didn't actually need to wear a diaper! I could just put on a clean pair of pants and pretend like it didn't happen!

My bladder chose that exact moment to remind me of just how little it wanted to listen to my brain. I swore and ran to the bathroom. Confining myself to the toilet for the next minute, I grumbled.

I returned to my room, throwing my dirty towel into the hamper. I manhandled the bag open and dumped the diapers on my bed.

I shuddered in disbelief at what I was about to do. I tried one more time to convince myself not to, but the hard truth was that I had wet myself two times that day.

I needed to wear diapers again.

The diaper crinkled loudly as I unfolded it on top of my bed. I positioned myself on top of it and brought the front up and over. It took several tries to fasten the tapes correctly; I had to shift the diaper around quite a bit to get it in the right place. Finally, I stood up, wearing my dragon-covered diaper. It fit me perfectly.

It hadn't expected the diaper to be so comfortable. It felt softer and warmer than my undies. The leg gathers and waistband hugged my body closely but gently. The thick padding and snug fit felt a little strange, but not bothersome. I relaxed a bit; this wasn't so bad. I moved my legs around and heard a lot of crinkling, but no tearing.

I returned to the bathroom and gawked at myself in the mirror. There I was, an eighteen-year-old, wearing nothing but a big, baby-style diaper and looking like a toddler again. At least the dragons that were printed on it looked awesome. It really didn't look that bad either. I broke myself away from my reflection and put a clean shirt and pants on over my diaper. I sat back down on my bed and immediately scowled. My tight jeans made wearing the bulky diaper very uncomfortable. I quickly pulled them off and looked down at my diaper. I was going to be home alone for the next five hours at least. I could sit downstairs in just my shirt and diaper and play some video games, and nobody would see me.

I descended the stairs and moved to my living room, locating the Gamepad controller for my Wii U. Smash Bros. would take my mind off of what I was wearing.

The next few hours passed without incident; I just sat on the couch and played my game. The tension I had felt from putting on the unfamiliar diaper had pretty much disappeared. I was starting to get used to how it felt. Just as I watched my character, Shulk, get knocked off the stage by a Falcon Kick, I felt myself begin to pee my diaper. My cheeks flushed with embarrassment despite my being completely alone in the house. I tried to stop myself, but I knew it was hopeless.

I tried to finish the match on the television while I used my diaper, but it was too distracting and I ended up losing badly. Throwing the controller down in disgust, I pulled the waistband outwards and checked it. All the urine had been soaked up, and the inside was tinted yellow. I sighed; time to change myself.

I retrieved a fresh diaper from the pile on my bed and counted how many I had left. Including the one in my hand, I had seven more clean diapers. Carefully I removed the soiled diaper from around my waist and put it aside after wrapping it in itself.

After I finished putting on the clean diaper with much difficulty, I took the dirty diaper out to the trash after hiding it in a grocery bag. How was I going to hide my diapers when my parents got home? Why did I have to drink that stupid soda? Gah, this sucked! Resigning myself to playing more video games, I paid extra attention to listening for the sound of the garage opening. My brother rode his bike home from school around this time every day.

I didn't have to wait long for the low rumbling sound of the garage door to let me know that my brother was home. I jumped up from the couch and bolted upstairs to my room, locking the door behind me.

“Nathaniel, I'm home!” my eleven-year-old brother, Evan, called up, “What are you doing up there?”

I quickly retrieved my laptop from my backpack and stashed the diapers under my mattress,“Just doing some homework!”

“Oh, okay,” he responded.

Phew; that was close. I got in bed, covering myself with a blanket and opening my laptop. Tonight was going to be a long night.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“So far so good, Doc. He's getting used to it.”

“Good, have you prepared what I asked you to?”

“Yeah, everything's ready for him.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My parents arrived home a few hours later, got dressed, then left for date night without bothering me once. I silently praised my luck.

After they left, I realized that I was starving. I didn't want to risk getting caught by my brother, so I pulled my uncomfortable jeans on and wrapped a blanket around myself. Trying to control my embarrassment, I moved down the stairs using the noise of my footsteps and the noise of the TV to disguise the plastic crinkling under my pants.

My brother looked up from his show as I walked into the room, “Hey Nathaniel, wanna play some Smash Bros?”

“Nah, I'm still doing homework,” I lied, “I just came down for food.”

He turned back to the TV and I was free to raid the pantry. I grabbed a couple of granola bars and quickly scarfed them down, preferring to get back to the safety of my room as soon as possible.

I spent the rest of the night in bed with my blanket over my diaper, watching youtube on my laptop and chatting. I only had one more accident that night, which I changed right before I fell asleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was early when I opened my eyes; light was only just coming in through the blinds. I yawned and sat up with a stretch. What was I going to do with my day? I pulled my blanket off and sat up, catching a glimpse of...oh yeah...

I was wearing a diaper still, and it looked like I had peed myself as I slept. I sneered at the yellow-tinted, swollen diaper and took it off. I wrapped it in a grocery bag and set it aside.

I took a long shower, after which I dried off and diapered myself again. The dry diaper felt a lot better than the wet one. After putting a pair of jeans on, I took the bag with my used diaper out to the trash can outside.

I left a note on the counter that informed my parents that I was going to meet with a new friend to play basketball, then got in my car with the black drawstring bag full of diapers and the letter. It took only a few minutes to drive to the address on the letter using the GPS on my phone, and I was surprised to see that this “doctor's” office looked an awful lot like a large mansion.

I parked my car and came to the door with the bag and letter, pressing the doorbell and knocking. It wasn't long before a youthful man in a t-shirt and jeans opened the door, “Hey, sorry. We don't accept solicitations.”

I held up the letter, “I'm here to speak to Doctor Reed.”

“Oh! Nathaniel, right? We didn't expect you to come so early!” he held out a hand for a handshake, “I'm Jonas.”

I accepted the handshake, “Can she see me right now?”

“Sorry, she's out right now. I guess she should have put a time on the letter,” he laughed, “She's kind of a scatterbrain sometimes, sorry. Would you like to come in?” he opened the door wider and stepped out of the way.

I crossed the threshold and looked around. The interior of the mansion was beautiful; someone had put a lot of time into it.

"How are you liking the diapers?" Jonas asked very bluntly.

"It's embarrassing," I replied with a grimace.

"Yeah, but if you could wear them without anyone judging you, would you?"

"No," I lied and sat down on one of the couches and winced as I realized that I had wet myself again.

“Do you need a change?” Jonas asked with a grin.

I glowered at him, “You're enjoying this aren't you?”

“No, I was just asking. There's a changing room just down the hall,” he pointed.

I stood up begrudgingly and walked into the room that Jonas had pointed to. It was a fancy bathroom; there was an artistic basin for washing up and a large jacuzzi. Strangely, there was no toilet, just some weird panel with a touch-screen computer monitor on the wall. I touched the monitor and stepped back as a long table slid out of the wall.

The monitor flashed, Unrecognized user. Register?

I touched the flashing button that said, Yes.

Enter name.

I entered in Nathaniel using the touchscreen's keyboard.

Enter species.

Um...what? I typed in Human. Why was it asking for my species?

Please remove all clothing.

I stripped down and unstrapped the used diaper from around my waist, throwing it in the trash can next to the sink. I clicked Continue.

Lie down on the table and place your arms and legs in the designated spots.

I clambered onto the table and lay on my back, putting my arms and legs on the markers that were meant for them. The screen pivoted outwards so I could read it.

Scanning, please hold still.

A mechanical arm unfolded from the panel and passed up and down my naked body, the scanner on the end of it making little beeping sounds. When it was finished, the scanner arm retracted into the wall and the screen's message changed.

Data successfully recorded. Hair removal recommended. Remove hair?

No, I was only going to be wearing diapers for a little while longer. I didn't need to get rid of my pubic hair.

Proceed with diapering?

I hesitated before confirming.

Please select your diaper.

On the screen, a large selection of diaper types appeared. Each appeared to be constructed differently; some were thicker, some had higher waistbands, some had multiple tapes. Not really knowing which to choose, I closed my eyes and tapped the screen. The display changed to ask me what design I wanted on the front. I selected a grey and red design that had the black silhouette of a dragon on the front. It actually looked pretty cool, despite being a diaper.

After selecting the design, a quiet whirring sound came from the panel beside me and another prompt appeared on the display.

What would you like to wear over your diaper?

Below the question, there were several pictures of different types of clothing that looked a bit unusual. Just for the heck of it, I closed my eyes and pressed another random button.

Processing, please place your arms back in the designated areas

I did so, jumping slightly as restraints closed around my wrists and ankles.


First, a robot arm carefully wiped A panel underneath my hips slid open and my posterior lowered onto a warm, dry diaper. The table then dispensed a powder over my crotch and efficiently taped the diaper closed.

Diapering complete.

Applying clothing.

The whirring sound intensified as the table pushed me up to a sitting position. My arms were pushed through the sleeves of a shirt, and it was pulled over my head. The table lowered me again and I heard a snapping sound.

The restraints released and the display changed once again, Finished

I pushed myself off the table and went to look in the mirror. I gasped, the machine had put me in one of those snap-crotch onesies that babies wore. My hairy legs were completely exposed. What was it with this weird house and baby clothes? I looked myself over; the onesie was black and had a red stripe going up the middle. I could see the leg gathers of my diaper poking out from under it. It was actually really comfortable, and it really didn't look all that bad. Was I starting to like being dressed this way?

After admiring myself for the next few minutes, I picked up my jeans and T-shirt and walked back to the lounge. Jonas had left the room, so I sat on the couch and put my clothes into the black bag. I sighed, that doctor was going to have to meet with me soon or I might convince myself that I liked diapers.

“She's ready to see you, Nathaniel.” Jonas poked his head into the room, “Nice outfit!” He sounded serious, not sarcastic. This guy was weird...

I didn't respond and instead stood and followed him. He led me to a translucent glass door that had Doctor Reed engraved in it, and rapped softly.

“Come on in!” came an enthusiastic female voice.

Jonas stepped back and I opened the door. A dainty blond woman of mid-twenties was lounging in a swivel chair with her feet up on her desk. I stepped inside hesitantly, blushing heavily because of what I was wearing, “Doctor Reed?”

“The one and only! Come, sit down!” Doctor Reed smiled contagiously.

I sat down in the proffered chair and stared at my naked thighs with reddened cheeks, “Why did you invite me here?”

“To offer you a life-changing opportunity, Nathaniel!”

I looked up at her and frowned, she was acting like forcing me to wear diapers like a baby was a good thing. I was having a hard time getting mad enough at this enthusiastic lady to tell her off though. “What do you mean?” I prompted.

She took her feet off the desk and leaned forwards, “I would like to offer you the chance to become a part of something awesome. I am in charge of a foreign exchange student program of sorts, and I would like to offer you a place in it!”

“Okay...what does making me have to wear diapers have to do with that?”

“Quite a lot, actually. Let's start with the beginning, Jonas and I are not from your dimension.”

I scoffed, “Now I know you're crazy.”

“Let me finish before you start calling me crazy, okay? In my dimension, diapers are not considered baby-exclusive. A large majority of people there use diapers and clothes like the ones you're wearing all the time, including Jonas and myself!” she still had that silly grin on her face. I resisted the urge to smile along with her.

I eyed her, she was wearing slacks and a t-shirt, but there was no bulge of a diaper, “Why aren't you wearing one right now then?”

“I am, but you can't tell, thanks to this,” she stood and displayed a sleek-looking watch that was strapped to her wrist, “I'll show you, but brace yourself; I'm not human.”

I watched as she pressed a few buttons on the watch.

I screamed, tipping over my chair, scrambling for the door, and peeing myself a bit. Where Doctor Reed had been standing, a vicious-looking beast had appeared...wearing a diaper and a blue T-shirt.

“Whoa, Nathaniel! It's okay! I'm not a monster.”

I stopped scrambling for the door and took a deep breath, “Wha...What are you?”

She laughed, a strange, animal sound, “I'm a hyena! Relax, I'm just as much of a person as you are.”

Doctor Reed, now a bipedal hyena, was wearing just a t-shirt and a diaper with a circuit-board pattern. Spotted fur covered her entire body and her legs were differently shaped than a humans. A black-tipped tail poked out of the back of her diaper. I swallowed, pushing the fear away and getting off the ground, “Is Jonas a hyena-thing too?”

She giggled, an action that looked very strange coming from a humanoid animal, “No, he's actually a finch.”

She sat back down in the chair that I now saw was specially made for someone with a tail and grinned, “What are considered wild animals in your world are people in mine. We call ourselves anthros.” She took on a ponderous expression, “It's funny how your internet cult that practically worships us calls us the same thing. What do they call themselves? Furries?”

I righted my chair and sat again, “So basically, you, a sentient alien hyena, are asking me to go live in another world with diaper-wearing animals while wearing diapers myself? That's insane! I must be going crazy or something.”

“Hang on, I still have more to tell you! If you come to my world, you will be going to live in our equivalent of Great Britain. Everyone there will think that you were born and raised in my world's America, and we'll need you to pretend that you are. It should be easy, as there are a relatively small amount of differences between our parallel worlds. We have practically the same planet. We'll get you the ID's that you need and you should fit in just fine.”

I raised my eyebrows, “How do you figure? I'm not an animal-person like you.”

Her grin did something that I had thought impossible; it got wider, “But you can be.”

“Um...” I thought about that, “Seriously?”

“Yeah! The criteria for joining this program are that you wear diapers and that you transform into an anthro species of your choice; we have the machinery available. If you agree to meet those criteria, we are willing to pay you a substantial amount and can guarantee you any education or career opportunity you want.

I went silent for a long time, thinking about her proposal and feeling the padding of my diaper. “What animals can I choose from?” I inquired softly, the fantasies of my childhood slowly resurfacing.

“There's quite the selection of species, the population of my planet is very diverse, but I think I know which one would suit you the best,” Doctor Reed pulled out a tablet from a drawer in her desk and handed it to me after fiddling with it for a moment.

I gasped and my heart leapt. A list, presumably of all the animals I could choose from, was pulled up on the screen, and one option had been highlighted, Dragon.

I stammered, “ can make...I can...really?”

“Certainly! Dragons are a bit uncommon, but far from extinct in my world,” she took her tablet back.

All the doubts in my mind had been shattered. The opportunity to fulfill my impossible childhood dream was being given to me! This was too incredible to pass up. The need to wear diapers wasn't ideal, but was a minor sacrifice compared to what I would be gaining. Besides, they were starting to grow on me, even if I wasn't brave enough to admit it. I just had one more question, “Why are you asking me to do this?”

Doctor Reed turned back to human after pressing a button on her watch; her grin was less pronounced now, “Ah yes, good question. As I said before, I'm from another dimension. The company that I work for has had the technology to traverse between dimensions for years. My team was given the task of finding a dimension where an experiment could be run; we found your Earth. The experiment was to test the ability of the native sentient beings, as well as our own people, to accept a link between our two dimensions.

“That leads to why we need you, Nathaniel. We have already sent a small number of people from my dimension to live in your world as humans and, so far, results have been positive, but we need some subjects from your Earth to insert into our society. Don't worry, we realize that you are a person and not just data; feel free to decline, but if you'll allow us to study how well you adapt to our culture, we will compensate you handsomely.”

The moment that she had told me that I could be a dragon I had made up my mind, “Yes.”

“You accept?”

I nodded enthusiastically, “If I can be a dragon, then heck yeah!”

The grin was back, “Great!” She produced a contract and a pen, “I need you to sign here and we can start getting you prepared. It's going to take about a month to get everything ready, and you're going to need to go to your parents with the cover story that I came up with. According to this paper, you've been offered to join a foreign exchange program where you'll be attending the Bradford Institute of Technology with full tuition. It's a new college that my people have set up as a front for the operation. If your parents look into it, they'll find that it is a highly rated school that they'll want you to attend. You'll need to tell them that the deadline to accept is in a week and that you only just found out. After you accept and use the next two weeks to say your goodbyes, you'll meet up with us at the airport and we'll come back here.”

I took the contract and pen, scribbling my name, “Okay.”

“Also, you're going to have to wear diapers from now on. We'll take care of the physical dependency, but you need to become mentally dependent on them before we can continue.”

I blushed a bit, “But how will I hide it? I barely managed one afternoon, let alone two weeks!”

She held out a small, open box with a black watch in it, “This watch is exactly like mine; it will disguise you. You can wear nothing but a diaper in public while wearing one of these watches and everyone but you will see, hear, smell, and feel you in your regular clothing. It will also allow you to enter a personal pocket dimension that contains a diaper-changer and a large supply of fresh diapers and clothes.”

“Alright, what about turning me into a dragon? How soon does that happen?”

She chuckled, “Go talk to Jonas. He'll get you your watch and help you with that.”

I stood and shook her hand, “Thank you, Doctor. This is a dream come true!”

“Please, call me Joann”


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I enjoyed the story. I think the idea of Nathaniel being turned into an anthro dragon is really interesting, and I can't wait to see just how it happens.