EverQuest Project 1999

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EverQuest is the one game I always come back to period. And it's free to play, now this is the not exactly legit server, but it's the way the game was meant to be played.

I wondered if anyone played or would be willing to play with me?

I will totally hook you up.

Level 60 cleric and a level 59 necromancer....


I really am looking for some AB/DL friends to play with and I will level up with you, maybe even make a guild and stream it like I have in the past.

That game is awesome, you're right. I used to be a cleric and a mage. I wish I could play, but those mmorpgs are wayyyyy too addicting for my personality. I can't be trusted, haha. But good luck. People who love mmo's and/or classic games check this out. Also, you totally DO want to have a high level cleric like mitchy on your side in this game.
On live Everquest I fell super behind cause I quit but I play on VOX as Terethian. Oh, I can keep any tank group alive unless it's impossible cause they aren't up to the challenge.

Level 89
High Elf Cleric - Vox Server
Journeyman 5 merc.
House of Thule Tier 2 geared working on tier 3.


Because that is the first thing that came up that I liked when I played Everquest in 1999.

It has since them became my automatic thought when I think:

ELF.... Priest / Healer... = Terethian. It's ME!!!!!

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Dora? Nah...
Use to play Everquest 10 years ago. Then WoW launched and did everything right that Everquest did wrong in my opinion. Everquest was fun... If you had friends to play with. The endless grind though... Oh man, that grind was terrible just to get a high level toon. Granted I was a bit young (14 years old when I stopped playing). Wow has been my off and on addiction since the launch of vanilla. For the Horde!
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