Ever been outed while wearing discreetly?

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As I was walking around the office today with a bulging, increasingly urine filled diaper I was wondering if anyone noticed and how I would react if they said something. Would they even think to say something, or just dismiss it as my own personal issue? I'm generally under the impression that the vast majority of the time people aren't staring at my crotch looking for signs of a diaper. It seems that most people don't go around looking for people to wear diapers, and if they notice they probably keep it quiet. I know I would. I imagine that for someone to openly react and say something to the wearer, the diaper would have to be pretty blatant.

I know that when I wear diapers in public I try to be discreet about it, and nobody has said a thing to me even if they did happen to notice. The only time someone maybe acknowledged that I had a diaper happened as I was leaving the handicapped stall (only stall available when I walked in) in a restroom, a gentleman in a wheelchair that was waiting for me to vacate the stall changed his expression from annoyance at seeing a healthy guy walk out of the handicapped stall to a more understanding look as I carried the wet diaper to the trash; but he never said anything (not like I was going to hang around long enough to have a conversation about my choice of undergarments anyways).

Have any of you ever had someone comment on your diapers while wearing discreetly? What do you feel would be the most appropriate way to react? I know I would react differently to a complete stranger compared to someone that I see on a regular or semi-regular basis. Since I don't wear to work super often, I'd probably say something the the effect of "occasionally I have trouble with continence, and after investigating different options this is the way that I feel is best to deal with it." Which is all true, but also vague and final. They don't need to know that I just really like wearing diapers, nor do I need to make up some like about urge incontinence after a back injury or whatever.

Anyways, enough rambling from me. Thoughts? Experiences? I really just want to get more posts under my belt :p
Only once that I can remember it was when I first started to wear taped diapers and I use to change after every wetting as it only happened once or twice a day I was in Bestbuy's washroom after changing a sales rep that I have dealt with a few times came in just as I was exiting the stall with my used diaper. Nothing was said as I disposed of the diaper in the trash and washed my hands and left.

I was always worried at first now I don't care how many people are around when I change.
I had an incident once in a gym locker room. Albeit I was younger and probable being a little exhibitionist about it...

As for wearing discretely, never had a direct encounter or confrontation. If anyone has ever noticed, they've not said a thing to me.
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