Ever been caught?


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Have you ever been caught wearing diapers or has someone vanilla seen your stash before?
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My mom once went into my room when I was a teen looking for some laundry baskets. It was early and I was still sleeping on the bed and I sort of woke when she entered. She was looking at me sort of funny but left once she got the basket. I didnt realize but my blanket had slid of part way and was showing my makeshift diaper I had on. I had made a diaper out of layered paper towels and a white plastic bag taped into a nice diaper shape. I didnt realize at first but when I realized the blanket was partly off it made me know why she was looking sort of funny. I was embarrassed and dreading going down to the kitchen for breakfast. I wasnt sure if she would bring it up or ask what I was wearing. Suprisingly she didnt bring it up at all and I was deep down kind of relieved .She didnt even bring it up in the future either.
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All the time, but I have certified incontinence and thus nothing bad really happens just because random people see my diapers.
Never directly caught wearing that I was confronted about, and many many near misses. My hearts pounding just remembering those moments.
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I once did same day delivery on plastic backed depend maximums through Amazon. The major issue is that they put a delivery sticker on the outside of the pack and delivered to my house. No bag, no box, plain as day said depend maximum protection. My roommate was home and answered the door. Awkward! I explained they were for my brother in laws diaper party, as a joke, since typically you bring baby diapers for the new child and he knew I hated him. I have no idea if he really bought it or told any of our mutual friends 🤦‍♂️
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I got caught as a teen just once - I had taken too long to dispose of a used diy diaper and it got found.
I feel like I was able to explain it away, since the topic of diapers never came up. The incident came up but never referenced diapers.
Never caught. For now...
Based on things I've overheard, as a teen my parents found wet makeshift diapers in my room (towels).
It disturbed my dad greatly but he never asked me about it.

Also when moving once, I had all my plastic pants, cloth diapers, and ABDL clothes in a single suitcase. My parents weren't sure who the suitcase belonged to or what was in it, so they opened it up.
I only found out about it later when I overheard one parent tell my dad that the suitcase had "embarrassing clothing" in it.
I don't know what or how much they saw before closing the case up, but at least it wasn't my dad that saw it.

I have no idea what they think about any of this/me, they never asked me.
It could be worse, they could have confronted me and told me that I can't do or have ABDL stuff.
Ive never been called out while wearing them, but ive been caught plenty of times by my parents when I was a kid. I was terrible at hiding my stash and they were always finding diapers. I am positive a group of girls saw my diaper once at the college library. I didn’t go to any great lengths to be discreet and there was one time I was wearing an abena m4 under a pretty tight pair of jeans. I was grabbing for a book and the girls got really quiet then I could hear one of them whisper “is that a diaper” then they all giggled under their breath. It was an exciting but nerve wrecking experience. Ive also had to get a private pat down because of my diaper at the airport which ive written about in another post. As ive gotten older my fears of being caught have lessened.
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Had my stash found but never caught in a diaper. Back in high school I tried to get caught on purpose by my mom. Note she did already know about my diaper fetish. Never did happen though.
I had someone find some of my baby things once when I’d put them out to dry in the spare bedroom.

She came round unexpectedly, and I’d usually make an excuse to go and lock that bedroom door, but I just forgot.

When she went to use the bathroom she opened the wrong door, and there they were.

No way of just pretending they were something else, as there were plastic pants, frilly baby knickers, tights, a onesie, the lot.

I just had to confess.
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I'm pretty positive I've been caught at least once after hooking up with someone - I think they saw my stash when they were getting dressed the next morning. (Sorry for the graphic details! But also, it's a pretty funny image.) I tried teasing it out of them throughout the day, but they either weren't saying anything or they didn't actually see anything.
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My ex wife found a used disposable in the footwell of my car (I was putting the evidence in a bin away from out house) and I had to reveal my ‘kink’ to her after being together 20+ years
Twice! Once just recently by my wife and many moons ago by my mom.
My mom had found a used diaper in the bin out side. I used to put them in the bathroom trash and take it out immediately. She was suspicious as i was a lazy teen that didnt help with chores unless asked too many times. Long story short she thought i was on drugs that would make me lose control. 🤷‍♂️In her defense she had recently found my weed stash (I know, so extreme).
The the second time i still get cold sweats thinking about. For some reason unknown to me, i left a used wet cloth insert in the bathroom sink. Thank the powers above she found it before the kids, and that she already knew about my little side. She was so sweet too. She came shyly into my office and asked if i wanted her to clean it for me. I was like "GOD NO!!WHAT!?" and flew like the Flash up the stairs to retrieve it. Still cant believe i did that.
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Many times as a kid by my parents, my ideas for a good hiding place were probably not as good as I thought. My father was pretty strictly against it so I tried to be as creative as I could with finding new places, once even ended up accidentally breaking my wardrobe in the process 😂

After moving on my own I can think of only one instance when I was caught. Couple of years ago while moving out of my apartment one of my friends dropped by for a coffee. We were walking around the apartment and stopped near the bedroom door, when I realized that I had left a stack of ABDL diapers on the corner of the chest near my bed along with few other items. Nothing was said about that then or afterwards, but I'm certain that they saw and knew what they were as the mood of the conversation kind of changed after that and they left quite soon 😳
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Yes. Once had a roommate go in my room to get something. And at the time I just kept my diapers next to my bed in the package. He saw them. A few days later when we were drinking he asked me about them. At that point I figured, why try to lie, and was just honest about my bedwetting. He ended up being pretty decent about it. He asked me some questions about my situation and we had a discussion. Nothing more came of it and from then on, if I ever had a diaper on under shorts or anything he never said anything
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I know that The ekg tech saw the waistband of my diapers. I had thpought my ekg was still good when I went for pre lab tests.
Never got caught. Thankfully my fascination with diapers started after I moved out of my parents place.
Had a couple occasions of my parents discovering some used diapers that I was to throw away and they brutally confronting me about diapers and threatening to forcing me from their home. They also read through my journal where I described my fetish. Glad to have my own place so much after that BS, keeping in mind they are the rule makers 😒
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I think several times but sure if they're able to piece it out though.
My mom and little sister found my make-shift diaper on my bag I hid behind my clothes cabinet. I was stunned when I got home from my part-time job and they're folding my clothes and they ask about the diaper. I forgot what excuse I told them nor if they believe it as I was clearly flustered.

Next is when Goodnites was sending out free samples, I signed up and have one delivered to my house. I did sign up for other random freebies for them not to get wind of it. But my sister kept bringing up the free diaper that was sent to our house.

Last one if when I first tried a proper ABDL diaper (I think it was Cushies) and tried peeing on it for the first time (I never pee on my diaper) while I was playing a game. My brother then entered my room to get this coat. I was standing and try to make my pee go a bit slower, I overestimated how much the diaper can hold and I can feel a bit of leakage running along my legs. I was in pajamas so I'm not sure if my brother noticed. He has sitting in the bed besides me, it was sus when he stayed a bit, trying to start a convo while I'm weirdly standing, trying to hold my pee and my legs are a bit shaking. He probably knows or at least suspected something is off. He never mentioned about it.

Finally, my gf caught me trying to groom a girl into wearing a diaper. She did caught me several times but she thought I just like seeing girls in diaper, never suspected me of wearing one until she saw the picture I send the girl of me in diapers and confessing to her about my dl side. She wasn't upset about the diaper but on the fact that I have to talk to other girls about it. Confessed about everything and she's cool with it, I get to wear diaper in the house when ever I like now but I feel like its lost its charm to me. I haven't felt that "zap/tingle" you feel when you wear diaper, and I've been trying to chase that feeling ever since.