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I'm looking for immersive events where I can get to be a baby. I'm in the UK, but I would travel abroad for good ones.
Is there a place where all these kinds of events are listed? Abdlevents is always empty and FL search is bad.
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Its a little late to get tickets now, just barely, but CAP Con in Chicago is the big big one. It's a hotel takeover, sounds like exactly what you are looking for.
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I’m sure there are events that take place in Edinburgh.
Hopefully more events will start back up again after the last few years.
Fetlife is generally the place to look if you can get used to the search terms.

I'm UK too I can tell you there is the NGM Preprep in hampshire which is awesome and possibly one of our biggest and most well known, there is also the Birmingham Bizzare Bazzar used to host a "littles lounge" during the afterparty for littles and ABDL's apparently it's taking a break this year but may be back, there are also other people trying to organise a meet up at the event. There are others and have been many more in the past (covid killed a lot here).

I might be able to help you find other events around the country at some point, feel free to message me when you are able if you want me to have a deeper look.
Details of abdl meet in Edinburgh on 29th January plus other dates.
Search ABDL Edinburgh, there’s a YouTube showing the venue.
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