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Equalline Diapers

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ok, i could of sworn that i posted this yesterday, but i cant find it! :eek:
well if u guys find it plz let me know.. (it was like 3am when i posted... lol)

but anyways.. i went to my local jewel osco (albertsons for some of ya) and i was lookin to see if they carried a different variety then whay im usually get (depends, & tena) so i was looking and all i really saw was their store brand (Equalline) which i wasnt to crazy abuut but i figured that for 8.99 it cost like half of what depends do and if they are atleast half as good, then it wouldnt be that bad of a loss. so i got the overnight briefs, and they acually were better then depends so about mid-week i went to get their overnight pullups (i am a pullups person, like the style better, but there are some times that i want real diapers...lol). when i got the pullups i must say, they were by far the best thing ive ever had since i was in huggies pull-ups when i was little. they jsuy had more of a goodnites feel, and are way better then any depend!

so, what do u guys think... ever tried em?

if not, ever have a REALLY good expierence with a store brand? lemmie know!
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