Embrace Ultimate Briefs

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I've not tried those, though they look pretty similar to the Presto diapers I ordered from diaperbuys.com some time ago. Not good, and certainly not worth the money. I needed to add a booster just to make them usable.

I don't believe there is any such thing as a cheap but superior-performing diaper, but there are some that are a good value. My favorite is the Tena Super Stretch, which are typically about a dollar per diaper. If you're looking for something even less expensive than that, the best "cheap" diaper I've found is the Dignity PM. A high-capacity overnight diaper they aren't but they offer very good coverage in front and back, and they hold more than you'd expect for the money.

I bought some less than a year ago and I didnt think they were worth a darn they were thin, leaky and generally uncomfortable I think I used 2 or 3 of them and gave them to a friend who is is fecal incontinent only and he didnt care for them either. The only cheap AND good diapers I know of besides the tena super and stretch super are the tranquility ATN and the Medline comfort-aire PM extended wear, Both of these give excellent bang for your buck so to speak!
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