Embarrassing moment at work


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So, backstory here is that I typically wear pull-up style diapers (Tena men, Depend Fit Flex, etc.) to work at my job in a small office (about 20 or so employees), and will often change in the men's room throughout the day.

I had wet quite a bit after lunch and decided it was time to change into a fresh pullup. So I discreetly grabbed a fresh-pullup, put it in my jacket pocket, etc. All of the normal things I do when I change during the day.

For whatever reason, during the change itself, I was distracted (most likely by my phone) and I guess I left the stall without throwing away the pullup. A fact that I realized when I went to the bathroom before leaving for the day around 6 p.m. and saw the (very) wet pullup still sitting on the ground in the stall. Who knows how many people saw it. Eeeep.
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Oh my.. I have done similar, not in a work place but here at home. sometimes you just forget things...lol
Ha ha! Oof. And then somebody walks in just as you're about to pick it up and you have to pretend to be horrified that somebody else would leave a diaper in there, heh.

I haven't done anything like that myself, but I suppose it's only a matter of time when you're frequently wearing diapers out of the house.
Oh my word 😬 I have to admit I just about did that with a soaked pair of Luvs I was wearing today. Thankfully I remembered while I was washing my hands after!