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This page summarizes what types of email we send, and how you can control what email you get from us.

Email Preferences
Adjust your email settings on this page. It has almost all of your email settings.
All of your opt-in/opt-out settings are on that page, except for the ability to disable email notifications for existing watched forum threads (which is covered below).

Email Type: Account Service Emails
These include "please verify your email address" emails, "forgot password" emails, and other emails that are necessary for your account to function.
While you cannot opt out of these, they're generally only sent when you request them, or we have to inform you about an account change that directly affects you.

Email Type: News and Update Emails
These include news/announcement emails written by our admin and sent to a subset of members who have this option enabled.
They are quite rare. We might only send one of these per year.
You can opt-in or opt-out of these on your settings page.

Email Type: Activity Summary Emails
These are summaries of recent activity on the site, sent to people with the option enabled who have recently become inactive.
Typically you get one of these after being inactive for 14 days, and then one more once per month until you've been inactive for 3 months. At that point you won't receive any more unless you return to the site, are active for awhile, and then become inactive again.
You can opt-in or opt-out of these on your settings page.

Email Type: New Conversation Message
These are emails to alert you that you're received a new conversation message from another member.
You can opt-in or opt-out of these on your settings page.

Email Type: Watched Content
These emails notify you that people are replying to content you are watching.
You can see the list of threads you are watching at watched threads. You can also disable email notifications for all existing threads you are watching by clicking 'manage watched threads' in the top right of that page, and selecting 'disable email notification'.
The settings on your preferences page determine whether you will start watching new threads you create, or have replied to. You can choose not to watch them, to watch them without receiving emails, or to watch them with email notifications.
If you want to stop receiving watched content emails, you will need to change both settings. That is, you will need to both disable notifications on the existing threads you watch, and also change your preference so you stop watching new threads with email notification.
Email notifications about content you are watching do have a quick 'stop all emails' link at the bottom, but it is not usually a good idea to use that, as it may turn off ALL your email options, including ones you'd really rather keep enabled, like being notified of new direct conversation messages sent to you by other members.
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